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23 Jan 2011

Updated May 12, 2010 - Rainbow Show Follows Fire Ceremony; Acts of Compassion Continue - Aborted overseas trip drives home valuable lesson: Live life to the fullest in the present; not the past; nor worry about the future...

Never Go Back and Retrace Your Steps

The longest day of the shortest Hawaii-Japan trip's other revelations: Compassion in Tokyo, indifference in Honolulu; Special Mother's Day message; Grandma Chandra's confirmation of Andean-Hawaiian spirit connection


The longest day of the shortest Hawaii-Japan trip's other revelations: Compassion in Tokyo, indifference in Honolulu

Never Go Back and Retrace Your Steps

Aborted overseas trip drives home valuable lesson: Live life to the fullest in the present; not the past; nor worry about the future

HAIKU, Maui, May 9 - I was supposed to be in Perth, Australia today. Instead, here I am, back at the Rainbow Shower, writing this story.  What happened?  The spirits taught me a valuable lesson for which I paid in pain, blood and gold.  Yet am grateful for it.  For, valuable lessons usually do not come upon easier terms.

It was possibly the world's shortest trip from Hawaii to Japan.  And the second longest day of my life.  I had a medical emergency on the flight from Honolulu to Tokyo.  Nothing life-threatening, but quite painful.  I was treated by a Japanese doctor at the Narita airport.  He patched me up enough to be able to withstand a flight back home.  So I flew right back to Honolulu, instead of going on to Singapore and Australia on a planned two-week trip.

Altogether, I spent only four hours on the ground in Japan.  So it was basically a 24-hr Kahului-Tokyo round trip.  But given the 19-hour time zone difference, it felt more like 31-hour day.  That's one way of avoiding the jet lag, I suppose.  But I would not recommend it.

Still, I was relatively lucky, especially compared to the fate of some Continental Air passengers on another aborted flight - from Newark to Tokyo (see Japan, U.S.: Hydraulic problems cause Tokyo-bound flight to return to Newark Liberty International Airport).

Mine was just a fairly harsh message from the spirits - a well deserved rebuke and reminder not to make any exceptions, nor take any detours from my path to enlightenment.  Here's how I put it to Elizabeth (who is now in Arizona) in a message yesterday (Saturday), just before I went to the Kahului hospital to complete the medical treatment started in Tokyo:

"...And don't worry, mi Chiquitita.  Everything will be fine, as I said.  You know what kind of protection I have.  What happened was a very important message to me, nothing more.  

Technically, the message was: "Don't go back to Australia." But the real underlying advice was something I had already learned, but did not apply in this case:  "Never go back and try to retrace your steps."  The only thing that matters for spiritual advancement and learning is living your life to the fullest right now, right here. So forget the past and don't worry about the future.

There was another underlying message.  The spirits want me here, at the Rainbow Shower, not gallivanting around the world for no good reason.  

"This is where you belong," I heard a voice tell me on my return flight. That's why everything went so smoothly on my return trip despite the physical handicap and hardship.  

I also recall feeling quite sad about leaving the Rainbow Shower before this trip. During the early part of my Honolulu-Tokyo flight, I even teared up a little thinking about Paia and all the crazy and quirky things about it that I have learned to love and embrace.  [tree-huggers' and surfers' culture, akin to the hippies from the 1960s]

I told the spirits that I got their messages.  In spades.  And I thanked them for a valuable albeit expensive lesson.  The reason the lesson was so harsh is that I should have known better.  I had had an experience like this in India over four years ago (The Longest Day - Mumbai (Bombay), Day 1).  I should have learned from that. 

[The first time I was not true to myself was when I sold the Bolt Hole, my former Australian property in 2004.  And yet in Feb 2006, I tried to retrace my steps from the past anyway.  That was the second time I was not true to myself.  And I paid the price.  No wonder that experience ended badly.  

So I should have known better than to try to go back to Australia.  But I do now.  I went around all the Chakana-Apuchetas at the Rainbow Shower today to thank the spirits for the valuable reminder-lesson.]

Besides, never looking back, and living a life of no regrets, is something I had been trying to practice since I was 33.  That was another reason I should have known better.  It was just stupid to think that I could get away with occasional exceptions, such as this trip to Australia."

That was the gist of the message: Treat every new day like a newborn baby with no past memories or care about tomorrow. In other words, live life to the fullest in the present; not the past; nor worry about the future.

Hope that you may find this experience also useful in your life - without all the pain and suffering.  I have learned my lesson now.  So I went around all the Chakana-Apuchetas at the Rainbow Shower today (Sunday) to thank the spirits for the reminder.

Compassion in Tokyo...

The ordeal I suffered on the flight from Honolulu to Tokyo included some great experiences and great examples of human compassion. That was the silver lining on the dark clouds.  The crew of Delta flight #647 were absolutely marvelous.  Led by Michelle, an American head purser, they let me break all sorts of airline regulations in order to minimize my suffering (my family and friends can click here  to me and ask for details, if they are interested).

"Just do what you have to do," Michelle told me at one point.  "We're not going to yell at you" (if I break the rules).

And when I arrived in Tokyo, my goodness... the Delta agent Yuri Katabuchi, who met me at the gate, must have been an angel in human form.  Yuri was out of this world, overflowing with empathy and compassion.  She stayed with me every minute of my four-hour stay in Tokyo until I was safely back on my homebound flight. 

The young doctor who treated me at the airport medical clinic was also wonderful, as were the two nurses who fussed over me during and after the procedure he performed.  Dr. Ryuichiro Egashira and his staff barely spoke any English, but their hearts were fluent in compassion. As a result, I did not feel there was a language barrier at all.

Other Delta ground staff at the Narita airport who work with Yuri were also great.  When we came back to her station so she could print out my return boarding pass, at least a dozen or so young Japanese women gathered around to chat with me.  After a while, I offered them some American chewing gum which they happily accepted.  Then more of them came from other parts of the airport, guess to see what all the fuss was about.

It was just chewing gum, but being six feet and blonde makes one stand out in Tokyo.  So the scene looked like a fish feeding frenzy.  In the end, rather than passing out the gum one stick at a time, I just gave them the whole box.  They were all giggles and smiles.  Guess, they expected to see a cripple based on the airline message about a passenger with a medical emergency.  So seeing a normal person with a happy and friendly disposition must have cheered them up, too. Anyway, these Delta agents were also glitters in the silver lining.

Even the Japanese government customs and immigration officials at the airport went out of their way to be helpful.  Even though the Japanese are well known for their strict application of all rules, they bent some to expedite my incoming processing to the clinic. 

For example, I never saw my checked bag at all until I was back in Honolulu.  Normally, a passenger is supposed to go through the customs with his/her luggage.  They made an exception in my case.  For which I am eternally grateful as I was in a lot pain at the time.

Even though my bag was originally tagged to be delivered in Perth, Australia, the Delta agents pulled it off my Tokyo flight, hustled it through Japanese customs, retagged it by hand, and put it back on my return flight to Honolulu (see right photo).  I could not believe my eyes when I saw that it was one of the first bags to come down the chute in Honolulu.

On our way out of the terminal in which the medical clinic is located, I spotted this interesting sculpture of a clay warrior (above left).  My hand bag also looked at it approvingly. :-)

On my return flight, I took some pictures of the new business class seats Delta's international flights.  They allow a passenger to stretch out completely as if in a bed.  In my past overseas flying experiences, only Singapore Air offered something like that.  So it was wonderful see an American airline who filed for bankruptcy only six years ago, emerge from it rejuvenated and eager to please its customers.

 ...Followed by Indifference on Flight to, and in Honolulu

The airlines are first and foremost a people business.  Those who forget that, tend to go out of business.  So it's good to see some of our U.S. carriers focusing on better customer service, instead of cutting back on it, as most of them are doing.  A good crew, like the Delta flight attendants and pilots I had on my Honolulu-Tokyo flight, can give an airline a great reputation.  But so can a bad crew, like the one I had from Tokyo to Honolulu.

The head purser on flight #638 was a Japanese woman by the name of Christina.  Even though she was given a medical certificate requesting special care for me, she was so superficial in carrying out the instructions that I had to remind her who I was before we landed in Honolulu.  In fact, she was all show and no action in most things she did during the flight.  Even her smiles were robotic, like made out of plastic.  And when I requested some help when we get to Honolulu with my checked bag (I was not supposed to lift anything heavy), she came up with a myriad of excuses why that was not possible.

Eventually, a Delta agent at the jet-way door told me to look for a Delta agent in the baggage area.  Well, there were no agents of any kind to be found when I got there.  So I decided to try to get a pushcart and see if I can lift the bag off the carousel myself.  Alas, there were no carts available, either.  The baggage area was a veritable zoo, with several incoming international flights arriving at the same time. 

Suddenly, an empty pushcart appeared out of nowhere no more than five yards from where I was standing.  It was the only one.  I was quite stunned.  The cart looked like a horse waiting for its master to mount it.  Guess someone must have abandoned it.  Then I realized what was happening.  Now that I have made my amends and told the spirits that I had learned my lesson, they were trying to make my return home as smooth as possible.

That impression was reinforced at the Hawaiian Air counter.  I had no reservations for my Honolulu-Kahului flight.  At least not for May 8.  I had reservations for May 24.  The Delta people in Tokyo said they had tried to reach Hawaiian Air but their offices were closed due to the time zone difference.  I knew from past experience, that the inter-island Hawaiian Air flights are always sold out, especially on weekends (May 8 was a Saturday).

The first two agents I talked to didn't seem to care much about my medical condition.  But they did take me to a third agent who miraculously produced a seat for me on the next flight to Maui.  And then the gate agent improved it even further by giving me an aisle seat.  I didn't even have to ask.  He did it on his own.  Or should I say... the spirits made him do it?

Anyway, I got home roughly 24 hours after I had left Kahului.  Yet, given the 19-hour time zone difference (see above flight info. screens), it felt more like a 31-hour day.  And so ended my shortest overseas trip ever and the longest day.

Epilogue: Grandma Chandra's Confirmation of Andean-Hawaiian Spirit Connection

I received another confirmation from the spirits today that I am on the right track.  It happened right after I had done my rounds visiting with each of the eight Chakana-Apuchetas and the main Huaca at the Rainbow Shower (see Living a Dream, 5-03-2010).  That's when the spirits inspired me to send the "To All Mothers of the World"-letter on this Mother's Day.  And then, just as that message had gone out, another important one came into my mailbox.

It was from Grandma Chandra, the multi-dimensional being who told me in Feb 2009, while I was still in Arizona, that one of my planetary missions was to awaken the Hawaiian volcano spirits and connect them with the mountain spirits in the Andes (South America - see Meeting Grandma Chandra, Feb 2009 and Traversing the Universe with Chandra, Mar 2009 - you will need a User ID/Password to access these stories.  You may find them pretty fascinating)

Grandma, whom I call lovingly Abuela (Spanish for Grandma), is a perfect example of a woman who did not give physical birth to a child, yet has spawned a plethora of luminous ideas, including my own planetary missions.  So it was no small coincidence that I got her message, typed by her Mom Cat, right after my own Mother's Day message that talked about women like Abuela. 

Here's what Grandma Chandra said to me, replying to my question about whether or I was on the right track with what I had done at the Rainbow Shower to facilitate the connection between the Hawaiian and the Andean spirits (again, see Living a Dream, 5-03-2010):

Bob, Bob, Bob this is what I was telling you to do.  This is a very important bridge connection.  This is the contract that you have to assist these two groups of spirits to work together. You and they worked together in Atlantis and many other lifetimes. You can release the contract now, it is done. I love you Bob, G'ma

Whew!  What a relief.  So it's done!  I had a feeling that the celestial grid I had constructed at the Rainbow Shower was working.  But how to you test something like that in a three-dimensional world?  So it's great to have it confirmed by someone who comes from the spirit world.  (Actually, we all come from the spirit world and return to it. It's just that some of us are better connected to it than others while on Planet Earth).

So I replied:

Thank you so much, Cat.  That's great to hear.  Please tell Abuela (Grandma Chandra) that I feel honored to have been chosen to do this work.  And that I still go around every day to all eight Chakana-Apuchetas and the main Huaca at my property here (the heaven-earth connection at the Hawaiian Mesa) to water all these sacred sites with my love.  [that's something I had learned from high level Inca shamans - that we must "feed the land" with our love (through Despachos, for example) in order to keep the spirits active and helping us].

It was also wonderful to receive Abuela's message of confirmation and encouragement at about the same time as I was sending out my Mother's Day message to all women of the world.  Which, of course, includes Abuela.  Even if she is not a physical mother, she has helped give birth to so many creative ideas, including this celestial power grid at the Rainbow Shower.

That was the main point of my Mother's Day message which I had sent out BEFORE I saw your email with Abuela's answer to my message.

And now, here is again my Mother's Day message to all women of the world sent out in an email today.  It was inspired by the spirits during my visits to each of the eight Chakana-Apuchetas earlier this afternoon.

My Mother's Day Message: You Are All Mothers


This is a special Mother's Day message to all women in the world.  Hope you take it to heart as it comes from the heart.

Personally, I don't care much about "Hallmark holidays," such as this one.  Or Father's Day.  Nor any other commercialized holiday (see Mother's Day a Boost to EconomyMay 9). For me, Mother's Day ought to be 24/7, 365 days a year, with no time off for good behavior on Feb 29 every leap year, either.  

Partly, that's because not all women are mothers.  Just like all men are not fathers.  Some by choice, others because they were not meant to be.  So singling out only the women who gave physical birth does not seem fair.

Rather than focus on the physical aspect of motherhood, I think we should honor and celebrate the creative womb in all women.  But don't take my word for it.  Here's what a Santa Tierra (a female earth spirit) had to say about that in our conversations with the spirits in Maras, Peru on July 4, 2008:

In answer to a request from a woman in our group who asked for a blessing, the female earth spirit (Santa Tierra ...?) said that the women don't need a blessing because they have been given the "power of creation."

"You are responsible for creating the new breed of man," she added. [I suspect this was in reference to the post-2012 world]

"But what about women who are not mothers?" another woman asked from a back row.

"All women are mothers," the female spirit retorted without hesitation, as if anticipating the question. "You give birth to luminous ideas," she added, pointing out to Mother Theresa as a case in point.

"And what about us, men?" I asked.

"You don't need the blessing, either," Santa Tierra replied. "You have the intelligence from the celestial sources with which to lead mankind as decision makers." (The feminists may take an exception to that answer, unless, of course, they think they are smarter than the Creator).

So I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all women.  You are all our mothers.  Because yours is the power of creation, as the Santa Tierra said.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Bob Dj.

Continuing Signs and Affirmations from Spirit World

HAIKU, Maui, May 11 - Ever since I returned from my aborted trip to Asia and Australia, I have been receiving affirmations from the spirits through various non-verbal messages.  For example, when my taxi driver and I drove last Saturday from the Kahului airport toward Haiku, the skies in that direction of the island looked very gloomy and ominous.

"That's great," I said.  "Looks like we might ve getting some rain.  We sure could use some considering the drought we've had this winter."

The driver agreed.  "It's the same where I live," she said.

Well, by the time we passed through Paia, where it was misting a little bit, the skies cleared up again.  And the ground looked bone dry, implying that there had not been much rainfall, if any, while I was gone.

"Oh, shucks," I grumbled.  "Dear Creator, please give us some rain," I pleaded.

The skies were still mostly sunny when we turned off the Hana Hwy and headed up the hill, where the Rainbow Shower is located.  The E Kuiaha Rd was also dry.

"There has been no rain here, either," the driver remarked.

I nodded gloomily.

Then just as we were approaching our home, at the start of what we call the "Second Enchanted Forest" (maybe 200 yards away from our driveway), suddenly the skies opened up with a really hard downpour.  It was an "Arizona-type" rain, which is very rare around here, coming down in sheets.

"Look at the rain!" the driver said excitedly.

I smiled and rejoiced internally.  Not just because it was raining.  Which was great.  Nor because my wish was answered so quickly after I asked for rain.  Which is also wonderful.  Because I realized what it was - a divine welcome home blessing.

Indeed, after about five minutes, the rain had stopped and the sun reappeared.  For the rest of the day, not a drop of precipitation cam down.  In fact, there has been no real rain at all since Saturday.  Which means for more than three days.  And we are supposed to be getting a lot of spring showers at this time of the year.

So during the last three days, I have been feeding the spirits' Chakana-Apuchetas with love and special Despachos.  Today, for example, I climbed up (or down) to each of the nice sacred sites and planted the Citronella plants there.  These are fragrant local plants, especially when wet.  I asked the spirits to water them if they wanted to enjoy their lovely fragrance.

Meanwhile, the flowers down around the Palm Rockery, which we planted in stages since December, believing they would thrive during the rainy season (that never came), were looking rather sad this morning... dried out and wilting.  But the our Namaka creek is still running.  So I took a pale down and hauled water six times up the hill to give the flowers at least a life-saving drink, until the higher power decides to water them from up above.

Tonight, just before 8PM, I did a fire ceremony at the Huaca.  That was my "main Despacho" in gratitude for the lessons the spirits taught me during my aborted trip to Australia.  The ceremony was much like the one I did on May 2, when my celestial grid was finished, and the Chakana-Apuchetas first activated (see "Living a Dream," 5-03-2010).  Like then, it was a beautiful clear, starry night, with the Gemini Constellation directly overhead.  With one difference. 

When I finished my ceremony, with my left hand resting on the celestial orb that symbolizes the heaven, and my right hand on the ground touching the Pachamama (Mother Earth) kulla (stone), my body felt like a 6-ft rod, a conduit connecting the heaven and the earth.  No sooner did that thought cross my mind, or the notion emanated from my soul, I felt misty rain coming down on my face.

I looked up.  The sky was still clear with stars shimmering all around. 

"Impossible," I thought.  "Rain out of the clear sky?"

Then I remembered.  When, during our meetings with the spirits in the Holy Mountains of Peru, an Apu (mountain spirit) would say he would give us a blessing, the same kind of misty rain would come down from the ceiling of a completely enclosed room.  It also had a unique fragrance, like the "Florida Water" that the Inca shamans use. That's what tonight's misty rain was like.

I felt truly blessed, both figuratively and literally.

Later, I also tried to connect spiritually and energetically Goddesses Pele (fire, volcanoes) and her sister Goddess Namaka (water, oceans).  I extended my arms between the crackling fire on my left (Pele) and the murmuring creek (Namaka) less than 10 yards away on my right.  I was touching with my foot the Pachamama kulla and projecting my prayers through the Sun orb in the center of the Huaca.  Which was also in the middle between Pele and Namaka.

I told the two sisters that I loved them both, and am grateful to have them both grace the Rainbow Shower sanctuary with their presence, protection and power.  Which is why I wanted them to make peace and drop their age-old animosities against each other. 

"See how happily you can coexist right here at the Rainbow Shower... a happy creek flowing next to a happy fire," I said.  "That would not have been possible without the wind (Air - Heavens) or dirt (Earth)."  For a place to be a real sanctuary, it must have all four elements present and coexisting in harmony, I felt.

At that moment, a blast of wind swirled across the Huaca, reinvigorating the flames in the fire.  Another affirmation?

That's when I just lay down with my back on "Haleakala," propped my feet on "Puu Kukui" (kullas), and meditated while watching the stars overhead.

Before going back up to the house, I put a dried out coconut on the fire.  I watched it burn for about 15-20 mins. At times, the fire carved a human face out of the coconut.  Pele?  At other times, the burning coconut looked like a serpent's head.  Amaru?  It is the serpent (Amaru), that transforms through fire (Kundolini energy) and is a master of Uhupacha, the Lower World, where the souls of our ancestors reside, according to Inca cosmology.  Amaru also holds the wisdom of the ages.

I felt shivers down my back when I realized that.  The it was time to fee my physical body.  So I walked back up the hill to the house.

Rainbow Show Follows Fire Ceremony

HAIKU, Maui, May 12 - It finally rained last night, following my fire ceremony.  Not much, but enough to make the lanai wet when I woke up early this morning.  Every little drop helps in a drought.  So in gratitude, I carried water in buckets this morning from the Namaka creek to the Citronella plants at all eight Chakana-Apuchetas.  I told the spirits at each of markers that it's up to them now to take care of the plants, if they wanted to keep on enjoying their lovely scent.

Then I did the same for the flowers at the Palm Rockery.

After that, I sort of half expected some sort of acknowledgement by the spirits that they got the message and would indeed take over.  The signs came late this afternoon, when misty rain started falling on and off.

"And what about the rainbows?" I wondered out loud as I kept checking the eastern sky through my office window.  "We have not seen any rainbows for weeks," I "complained" to the spirits.

Well, guess what?  They came.  Rainbows, that is.  They were the biggest and the longest-lasting rainbows I have ever seen.  In fact, they were so big that I could not fit them into a single camera frame.  I even walked across the gulch to the Eucalyptus hill to see if a wider angle would make any difference.  Nope.  The spirits made the rainbows even bigger, taller.  And they lasted probably half an hour or so while I walked all around the property, taking shots from various angles.

Take a look.  And marvel this nature show at least through pictures, since you could not be here in person this evening...

Which photo do you like best?  If you write to me, I'll tell you which one I have now picked out as my new computer desktop wallpaper.

Acts of Compassion Continue: Making Impossible Come True

HAIKU, May 12 - Remember what I said when I returned home from my aborted trip about it being not only a physically harsh lesson, but also an expensive one? (all of my flights and accommodations were prepaid and non-refundable).  Well, I asked the spirits on Sunday to give me some signs as to whether or not my interpretation was on the mark.  Today, they did it in their own inimitable way.  They did it not just through physical signs, such as what happened during last night's fire ceremony, or with today's rainbows.  They did it by making the impossible come true.  They put a heart in a large corporation.

Something told me that I should try to get all these refunds even though I had no legal right to them.  Given that we are dealing here with big bureaucracies, even governments (Qantas Airline is owned by the Australian government), chances of success seemed to range form slim to none.  Making large companies bend the rules and do things that are against their financial interests is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone.  I am sure that many of you can relate to this and back it up with your own examples.

Yet something also told me that if the spirits really accepted my genuine contrition and felt my humble gratitude for the harsh lesson they delivered, that they would help me; that they might be able to squeeze blood from a stone. 

So last night and this afternoon, I got on the phone and called all these companies... Qantas Airlines, Virgin Blue Airlines, Hilton Hotels in Perth and Tokyo, and Crown Plaza in Singapore.  It took a while, as you can imagine, but all of them agreed to refund my money.  The only exception was Qantas (government-owned, of course!), which refunded only the taxes portion of the fare. But that turned out to be more than half the fare, I was shocked to learn!?  (I had no idea that governments of Singapore and Australia were gouging the travelers to such an extent). 

With that minor "glitch," the spirits did see to it that I get almost all of my money back. They answered my request for a sign in a most beautiful way - by melting the hearts of hardened bureaucrats.  For, all other refunds were genuine acts of compassion by large enterprises that are generally perceived by the public as heartless.  Not always, as you can see. 

So I did thank the spirits in every language I knew - not for the money, I had written that off already in my mind, but for their unquestionable love which the above story demonstrates.  And for being so clear in their signs to me.


And that's all she wrote from the Rainbow Shower so far in May.

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