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23 Jan 2011

Updated Apr 3, 2010; adds Spirit Orbs Update, Stream Running Again

Trips to Makena, Haleakala, Lanai

March ends with plethora of beautiful scenes from trips


Trips to Makena, Haleakala, Lanai

Gemini Tree, Holy Tree, Water Heart, Underground Spring - hallmarks of sacred ground - emerge at Lower Rainbow Shower

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 1 - What a show the last month of winter and the first month of spring put on this year.  There have been five photo albums full of beautiful images and stories about the divine presence at the Rainbow Shower.  This fifth and the last one from the month of March is no exception.

Elizabeth's granddaughter Elizabeth (so let's call her Elizabeth Jr. from now on) arrived from Phoenix on March 27 (left).  The trip was my high school graduation gift to her (see The Day Nine's Trumped Aces and Steinway Entered My Life [Mar 12] for more on how that came about as part of the "333" miracles).  Since Elizabeth Jr. doesn't have a driver's license yet, we drove her around with us to many of the interesting sites on Maui. I only took a few pictures.  Our guest and Elizabeth took tons more. 

Here are some I snapped during our trip to Makena beach, on the southern coast of Maui...

Since we don't often treat you to pictures from the touristy parts of Maui, consider Elizabeth Jr.'s visit a bonus and a visual treat for you, too.

Elizabeth taking a picture of Elizabeth Jr (two left shots), and two Elizabeth's posing together (middle right).  As all good stories must have a happy ending, the happy ending of our visit to Makena led to a Maui fish taco roadside truck-stand.  Which did not stop us from indulging in more excellent local seafood later that evening at Paia's Fish Market (restaurant).

Gemini Tree, Holy Tree, Water Heart, Underground Spring - Hallmarks of Sacred Ground at Lower Rainbow Shower

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, which in our case spells Rainbow Shower, more signs of divine presence emerges in the last few days of March.

Perhaps you remember the Holy Tree that I spotted through the jungle thicket over a year ago (left).  It is Christmas Berry that tied itself into a knot of a heart shape.  That’s the tree that I noticed in the thicket of the impassable jungle over a year ago before I had bought that part of the property.  Guess it was beckoning me to do so.  And I did six months later. 

Well, in that same area of the Lower Rainbow shower, I discovered a Gemini Tree (middle left).  It's an African Tulip “couple.” One root, two tree trunks.  Notice that the “male” is a little taller, but the female is straighter, more grounded, I suppose? :-)

And in between these two "holy trees," where the creek meanders around the Banyan Portal, like a giant gate to the sacred grounds, I found today another gift from Goddess Namaka, Hawaiian goddess of water.  It was a water heart, matching Pachamama's and God Lono's earth heart I unearthed on St. Patrick's Day near the Palm Rockery (see two middle right shots and Post Phoebus, Nubilla: Mothers Earth/Ocean, Goddesses Pele/Namaka All Show Up, 3-17-2010). 

Finally, on the other side of the stone bridge (far right), I have also discovered in the last few days evidence of a new underground spring.  In fact, two of them.  One branch seems to come from the direction of my Huaca (left stream in the right photo), while the other is trickling down the gulch from the Palm Island (right stream in the right shot).  Meanwhile, the creek that was running up until a few days ago, has now again completely dried up further upstream from this area.  So I am prepared to take the sudden emergence of a new spring now, over a year after I moved to the Rainbow Shower, as another gift of the Hawaiian goddess of water (Namaka).  She always seems to be in competition with her sister, Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes who had already made her presence felt in this year a long time ago (see Messages from Goddess Pele, Aug 11, 2009).

Trek to Haleakala

On Tuesday, 3-30-2010, the fourth and final "333'" Master of Love-day, we decided on a spur of the moment to drive up to the Haleakala Volcano summit.  It looked like a clear day at the top of Maui's biggest dormant volcano.  But we have been experiencing strong winds these days (30-50 mph).  So I warned my two Elizabeth's that it would be very cold at the top of the mountain. 

"I don't want to hear any wining when we get there," I said.  "So if you have any doubts about it, speak now, before we head up the mountain (or forever hold your breath)."

Both of them said they were ready for an adventure and would not complain no matter what.  So off we went...

 Bet no one has told you before you headed off to a Hawaiian vacation that over here, you can find ice on the road just as if you were in Minnesota (MN) or Massachusetts (MA) (see left road sign).  But what you cannot get in MN or MA are the priceless views that Haleakala's 10,000-ft summit offers (two middle shots).  Despite the volcanoes majestic beauty, we did not linger at the top more than maybe half an hour.  We figure the wind chill factor made the 52F (11C) temperature feel more like 28F (-2C).  So we rolled down the mountain looking in the direction of Lanai, our next destination.

Trip to Lanai

We got up well before dawn on Wed morning (3/31) as we were facing a long drive to Lahaina, from where our Zodiac-type (raft) boat was suppose to sail at 7AM for a nine-mile crossing to the neighboring island of Lanai.

We arrived at the Manele Bay landing dock around 8AM (left).  The sun had been up for over an hour by then, but we were still freezing cold from the ocean spray whipped up by strong winds and modest 5-7 ft-surf during our crossing.  We made our way to a beautiful beach, where we left our gear and headed out to explore the neighborhood on foot.  Join us for some spectacular scenery...

Look carefully at marine life in this natural pool

Even here, in Lanai, a water heart sign!

Picture's worth a 1,000 words? Not in this case. Bob's "braid" is actually my hat's string.

But if you thought that the above were spectacular scenes, you've seen nothing yet.  When we returned to the beach, about an hour or so later, Elizabeth Jr. was running toward us busting to tell us her news.  She had been out snorkeling in the bay, when suddenly she noticed she was surrounded by a school of about 50 dolphins.  They were all around her, "talking" to her loudly all the while.  Since we got her an underwater camera, she was able to record these marvelous scenes for posterity.  Check out some of her pictures...

Elizabeth's Dolphin Show, Spirit Animal Gifts

We also went out snorkeling, and did see some dolphins, but not nearly as many, nor as close, as what Elizabeth Jr. had experienced.  So I told her that she must be blessed with a dolphin spirit.  And it is a very powerful spirit (see "Spirit of the Dolphin").  After all, it was the dolphin spirit in the sky over Phoenix that pointed me to Maui, and another dolphin spirit in the sky that welcomed me to my new property in March of last year (see Maui Calling..., Dec 2080-Feb,2009, and Winning the "Blackjack Mozart" Property, Jan-Feb, 2009 ).  No surprise there.  Elizabeth's birthday is Aug 21.  So she is a Water sign with the power animal a fish (salmon).  This is also a Blackjack date (#21) and a #3 numerologically.  That's another powerful sign.  And 8-21 makes it a #11 numerologically. 

So Elizabeth Jr. is deeply connected to this land (Maui and the Rainbow Shower).  No wonder I was moved by the spirits to treat her to this visit.  Once I realized that, I initiated today two Kullas for her from the Rainbow Shower property.  I picked them up about a year ago when the Orchard Road was being built.  I did not know why.  But this morning, I realized they had Elizabeth Jr.'s name on it.  One Kulla was a fish, like a dolphin, the other an eagle, another powerful animal spirit. 

So I presented them to her this morning after blessing them with Holy Water and Holy Smoke of Palo Sante wood, that I brought from Peru, as well as with natural Frankincense and Myrrh.  May the Dolphin and the Eagle be her spirit guides and protectors - one giving her the nurturing qualities of a change agent, the other the vision and courage to soar with ascended masters.   I could not think of a better graduation send-off-to-life message.  I also gave her my first Peruvian poncho - to keep her dreams warm.

Spirit Orbs Update, Stream Running Again

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 3 - Sometimes it takes a friend to point to a forest that eludes us as we look at trees.  That's what happened yesterday when a shaman-friend of mine from Canada wrote to me about the spirit orbs she saw in my nighttime pictures from St. Patrick's Day (see Post Phoebus, Nubilla: Mothers Earth/Ocean, Goddesses Pele/Namaka All Show Up, 3-17-2010).

Here are again some of the still pictures I took that night (just past midnight/early morning of Mar 18):

My caption read, " least you can see some of the creek and some very large raindrops... :-)"

Well, if you look carefully, yes, you can see some tear-shaped raindrops.  But most of the objects that the flashlight illuminated look like spirit orbs, just as Linda of British Columbia had noticed.

"Some of the objects you caught were raindrops I know, but did you consider that the others (the ones that were spherical and with colours inside) were actually spirit orbs?," Linda said in her note.  "That would certainly fit with your property and the gifts you have been given from your property."

It's not that I had not noticed them myself.  On my first walk down to the gulch to see the rushing waters of an awakened creek, I carried two flashlights.  It was not raining at the time.  Yet I remember seeing many little orbs down in the gulch, especially around my Huaca, the sacred ground with an Apucheto (a stone altar you can see in the leftmost shot above).  But when you get used to the constant presence of spirits all around you, you forget to consider how unusual that may be to other people.  ).  The Huaca has since identified itself as my "Hawaiian Mesa."

So with apologies for not having done it earlier, I am bringing you this "spirit orbs" update today.

Furthermore, as Elizabeth was sorting through some of the pictures on her computer this morning, she also noticed some spirit orbs INSIDE our home the night we celebrated our anniversary.  Look carefully at the right photo.  You can see them against my dark jacket (Feb 14 - also Valentine's Day - right photo). 

And then just a few minutes ago, this morning (Apr 3), I saw another example of divine presence down in the gulch.  It had been raining most of the night and throughout the morning today.  During one of the breaks in the weather, I decided to go down to the gulch to see if our dried-up creek may be running again.  Sadly, I saw from the top of the Orchard Rd that it was not.  But when I reached the entrance to the Lower Rainbow Shower, I could see water in the riverbed upstream. 

"Strange," I thought.

When I came closer to the bank of the creek, I understood what was happening.  I was witnessing the gusher at the very moment it was coming down the stream bed from higher grounds.  It was just reaching the bottom of the Huaca when I arrived there.  It felt as if Pachamama and Goddess Namaka (Hawaiian goddess of water) waited for me to get down there before turning on the tap. I felt exhilarated by the experience.

I went to check the riverbed around the Palm Island.  It was completely dry except for the underground spring just before the bridge that has been oozing constantly since St. Patrick's Day.

I stayed down there for the next 15-30 minutes, watching the creek fill up and push its way around the rocks past the Huaca and through both riverbeds around the Palm Island.  I waited till it rejoined the underground spring.  Then I climbed up back to the house to get my camera.

This is what the Kuiaha Stream looked like about an hour or so later.


And that's all she wrote from the Rainbow Shower for the month of March. 

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