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23 Jan 2011

Updated Mar 25, 2010: Pachamama's Gifts of Heart, Rain - Heavenly Applause; Morning Rainbows, Leo, Running Stream Again; Afternoon Rainbows, Eucalyptus Sunset, Hawaiian Mesa

Equinox: Third "333"-Day, A Joyous Celebration

My New Steinway Arrives at Its New Home; First "Doodling" on My New Steinway


Equinox 2010: Third "333" Day

Rainbows over New Chakana; Fire Ceremony, Concert... Help Celebrate Arrival of Sprint

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 22 - Primavera. Springtime. Nature's renewal and rebirth, depicted so beautifully in Botticelli's "Primavera" painting (left), and Vivaldi's "Spring" (which also happens to be the ring tone on my cell phone), was this year's third "333"-day.  Spirits seemed to rejoice in my new Chakana blessing it almost instantly with a beautiful rainbow (right). 

Sunday morning was sparklingly beautiful.  I did several ceremonies at the Huaca, culminating in a fire ceremony, conducted for the first time to the accompanying sounds of the newly reawakened Kuiaha stream (right).  And yes, five days after St. Patrick's Day, the creek is still running.

Elizabeth and I also went to a Maui Pops Orchestra Spring Sunday matinee concert.  It was scheduled for 3:30PM.

"Bet it will start at 3:33," I said to Elizabeth. 

It did. What else... on the "333"-day of the month.

They also had two beautiful and gigantic spring flower arrangements on each side of the stage of the Maui Arts & Cultural Center's Castle Theater.  The concert featured many of my favorite orchestral works, including Rimsky-Korsakov, Bizet, Mendelssohn, Dvorak, Saint-Saens, Ravel and Khachaturian.  It was such a joyous event that it brought the audience to their feet and tears to my eyes all through the performance.

My Steinway Arrives at Its New Home

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 22 - The biggest gift for me was the arrival of my new Steinway concert grand.  It was supposed to be here on Mar 21.  But since the Kahului port is closed Sundays, it was released to the movers this morning.  Blythe, a Steinway owner himself, and his crew of two muscular Hawaiian guys, were excellent in every respect.  Here's a pictorial play-by-play of its arrival...

I played and played joyously while the movers packed up my old piano and got it ready for its third overseas voyage.  Last night, I said goodbye to it with a farewell concert.  It has been a wonderful instrument and has performed the role of reawakening the music in me admirably.  So I wanted it to leave loved as it had arrived in my Scottsdale home five years ago.

After the movers had left, I made a sizeable donation to Maui Pops Orchestra's "Pot of Gold" (right), in honor of my new Steinway. It was an expression of gratitude to the spirits for facilitating everything, right down to every last detail. 

For example, the last four digits of Blythe's (the mover) cell phone were a #9 (0711), while Michael's, my Steinway salesman's ended in a #3 (0102).  In case you've missed the piece on why that matters, check out the left traffic sign and "The Day Nine's Trumped Aces and Steinway Entered My Life" (Mar 12).

And now, I will have to say goodbye for now while I go back and play some more.  Have a great evening!

First "Doodling" on My New Steinway

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 23 - Last night, I recorded the first musical "doodling" on my new Steinway.  I invited Mozart, Beethoven and a Colombian composer to help usher the new sounds to the Rainbow Shower.  And even though their quality may not be reflected in a recording by an ordinary camera, at least it may give you some idea what this is about, especially contrast to a clip from my old piano, which I also added to this video.

  First "Doodling" on My New Steinway - Mozart, Beethoven, etc. - by Bob Djurdjevic (3/22/2010; 8:42 mins)

By the way, this was also my first movie clip editing using my new Apple MacBook Pro software.  It's supposed to be in "HD," though this YouTube version of HD leaves a lot to be desired.  Enjoy nevertheless!

Pachamama's Gifts of Heart, Rain - Heavenly Applause

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 24 - Exactly one year ago today, I took possession of the Rainbow Shower (First Day at My New Property, Mar 24, 2009).  Without realizing the significance of the anniversary (I never told him about it), our landscaper Keith also commented today how incredibly beautiful the Rainbow Shower has become in the last 12 months.

"Nobody who saw this place a year ago would recognize it now," he said admiringly, as we stood on the lawn under the Banyan Portal of the Greater Rainbow Shower.  "I love coming to work on your property."

I told him I also felt privileged to have been chosen to be the caretaker of this piece of paradise on earth.  Then I took him to the Palm Rockery to show him the heart with which Pachamama expressed her appreciation a week ago. When I described the amazing events that took place a week ago on St. Patrick's Day, my 40th Irish-American birthday, I had forgotten to include the pictures of some of the gifts I had received from Pachamama (Mother Earth).  Take a look...


Small clumps of shamrocks rose up all along the Royal Palm Trail.  I took them as Pachamama's like little "happy birthday" bouquets.  But what really blew me away was the sign of a heart that I found near the Palm Rockery (two right shots).  It was imprinted in the dirt as an indentation. I just traced its contours with a rock so you could discern the shape more clearly in the picture.  It was in the same area where five days ago, a rock showed up one morning out of nowhere in the middle of the lawn.  Later, I figured it was Kahoolawe (island) "Kulla" that wanted to join its other brethren in my Huaca (see The Day Nine's Trumped Aces and Steinway Entered My Life, Mar 12). 

But the biggest gift was that of the rushing stream.  It has been running for seven days and seven nights!  Today, it finally started to wane to a trickle.  Thank you, Mother!

One way I try to show my appreciation of what the Creator, Inti Tatai (Father Sun), Pachamama and other spirits are doing for me is to reciprocate with a gift of music.  On my old piano's last night at the Rainbow Shower, I played it for a very long time, as if making love to a lover you know you are going to say goodbye to forever the next day.  It was tender and sweet.  So whoever gets that piano is going to inherit a lot of good “mana” (loving energy) with it, as they say here in Hawaii.

Meanwhile, I have been playing my new black “monster” (for lack of a better term) on and off all the time since it has arrived.  It’s almost like starting over when it comes my arrangements.  Now I can just play a simple tune, even a single not, and it sounds beautiful.  Mozart never sounded so good before.  Even our neighborhood Pheasant agreed loud with his piercing response to Mozart's Symphony No. 40 (see right photo taken a few weeks ago).  :-) And Beethoven… ah, to die for (First "Doodling" on My New Steinway - Mozart, Beethoven, etc., 3/22/2010; 8:42 mins).

Before, I now realize I had been covering up for a lack of sound clarity and depth of individual tones with a lot of “chatter” (extra harmonies in left hand, or by use of the pedal to lengthen the notes).   So even in this as yet untuned state the Steinway’s is head and shoulders above my “old” (yet fully restored!) Fischer piano.

WOW… as I was writing this down, guess what just happened?   At this very moment, my phone rang.  It was the Steinway technician who lives on the Big Island.  He was not supposed to be here till the end of April to tune the piano.  But he said he was coming to Maui today (Wed) and would be available to do my instrument on Thursday morning.  Naturally, I jumped for joy and accepted the appointment.

Isn’t that something?  The spirits are absolutely marvelous.  I guess they are also appreciating my new musical sounds and want to make their joy even greater. 

When I did my Sunday morning ceremony at the Apucheto in the gulch, I said to the Creator, Apu Huaskaran, Santa Tierra Quollor Nusta and other spirits that I would dedicate my playing to them as my expression of gratitude for them guiding me to and blessing me with such a wonderful instrument.  I also asked for their help to regain my former technical proficiency so I can create the new music at a professional level which I never attained even in my youth. 

(Thanks to my father’s coaching, I quit music and became an engineer instead.  But I never practiced any engineering till now, at the Rainbow Shower, as I got a job with IBM right after graduating).

The spirits responded practically immediately.  Remember that Schubert Impromptu (Opus 90, #4) I described in my story about the visit to the Bosendorfer dealer in Honolulu? (see The Day Nine's Trumped Aces and Steinway Entered My Life, Mar 12).   I used to play it in my youth.  And I was absolutely floored to have heard and SEEN it being performed by none other than the great Rachmaninoff himself

Well, since that time, I’ve downloaded the sheet music for the Impromptu.  In the last couple of days, I started fooling around with it. To my amazement, I am discovered that fingers have a memory, too.  After more than 40 decades, sections of the Impromptu are coming back to me, like layers of old patina being peeled off the surface of a painting, revealing the original in all its glory.  I am far from any glory as yet, but it is very encouraging to see how quickly I am able to relearn the sections of this rather difficult piece. So the spirits are answering my prayers and helping me (re)gain proficiency.

And the spirits repeated their message of approval this evening.  First, I had just gone down to plant some new flowers in the Palm Rockery, close to where that Pachamama heart gift appeared (and is still visible), when a rain shower started.  I had not even finished planting them all, and here were the heavens watering them already! 

(By the way, after I had planted them, I counted how many of them there were.  Care to guess?  Yes, it was 9!  I swear to God I had no idea until AFTER I had already planted them.) :-)

Second, I came back up to the house, I started to play Concierto de Aranjuez, one of my favorite piano creations (see "Concierto de Aranjuez", Mar 10, 2009).  It sounded ten times better than that recording made over a year ago.  Tears were rolling down my cheeks, it was so beautiful.  When I finished, I raised my arms to the heavens and said out loud, "dear Creator, that was for you!"

You won't believe what happened next.  Within seconds (!), skies opened up with a heavy downpour.  (We rarely have heavy rain around here; we mostly get light showers and misty rain).  My first thought was, "thank you so much for watering our new flowers."  Then I realized: This was also a heavenly applause to the music I had just made for the spirits.  The Angels were listening and doing a rain dance to the sounds of the new Steinway they had gifted me.

As if to confirm the thought, the rain stopped just as suddenly as it had started.  By the time Elizabeth and I made it to our spa, a few minutes later, the sky was completely clear.  A bright moon was smiling at us from directly overhead.

P.S. Take a look at this volunteer pineapple that decided to grow this year right next to our shed.  That's another unexpected Pachamama gift.

Morning Rainbows, Leo, Running Stream Again

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 25 - This morning, we were blessed with many rainbows on the western horizon (see below).  You can also see in this photo album Leo, our neighbor's horse, who now waits for me at the fence every morning.

And, by the way, our stream is again running at full force through the Rainbow Shower. The spirits must have heard me lamenting last night that it had dried out to a trickle, so they turned on the tap again this morning.  :-)  Thank you!

Afternoon Rainbows, Eucalyptus Sunset, Hawaiian Mesa

Today, we have been blessed with rainbows all day.  Here is the afternoon/evening show.  As the sun was setting behind the Eucalyptus Hill, I walked across the gulch and climbed on top of it, taking these pictures from three different spots...

You will catch the Moon in the first shot and our home in most (I've also marked it in the first photo).  The painting-like picture of the Eucalyptus sunset in the last shot is also exquisite.

I've also taken some shots of my Huaca, my "Hawaiian Mesa" (see "Huaca: My 'Hawaiian Mesa'," Mar 20).  In the last few days, the individual rocks have identified themselves as Kullas representing various island mountains/volcanoes.  Take a look..

As you can see, I took pictures of the triangular Huaca from three different angles - one from each corner.  If you look at the two maps of the Hawaiian islands on the right, you can see the actual mountains/volcanoes which each Kulla represents.


And that's all she wrote from the Rainbow Shower so far this month. 

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