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23 Jan 2011

Updated Mar 20, 2010: Three-dimensional Chakana; More Revelations...

St. Patrick's Day: 40th Irish-American Birthday

Post Phoebus, Nubilla: Shamrocks at the Rainbow Shower - Pachamama's (Mother Earth's) and Mamakocha's birthday gifts; Goddesses Pele and Namaka also show up; what a party!


St. Patrick's Day: 40th Irish-American Birthday

Shamrocks at the Rainbow Shower - Pachamama's (Mother Earth's) birthday gifts...

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! Or "beannachtai na feile Padraig!" ('blessings of day of Patrick' - as my Chicago-based Irish-American friend Peter taught me to say).  Over here, in Maui, it is a beautiful sunny day, promoting a sunny disposition in people.  Here are some pictures from our Rainbow Shower home taken this morning...

As you can see everything is rather green and 40-ish.  For, today is also my 40th Irish-American birthday (check out “My Irish Roots”).  This is also the first anniversary of my move from Arizona to Maui (see “Aloha from Maui!, Mar 2009).  So it's a triple celebration.

To those of you who have already send me your congrats - a BIG thank you!  I said "no gifts, please" in my party invitation (right).  But I guess Pachamama (Mother Earth) has a mind of her own.  I have been finding little shamrocks in the last few days in the most remote part of the Rainbow Shower - along the Royal Palm Trail.  I took them as her birthday gift to me and saved one of them in my journal (top right above). 


Small clumps of shamrocks also rose up all along the Royal Palm Trail.  I took them as Pachamama's like little "happy birthday" bouquets.  But what really blew me away was the sign of a heart that I found near the Palm Rockery (two right shots).  It was imprinted in the dirt as an indentation. I just traced its contours with a rock so you could discern the shape more clearly in the picture.  Thank you, Mother! (Pachamama).

I did my fire ceremony at the Upper Rainbow Shower at sunset, followed by a quick Despacho at the Lower Rainwbow Shower Huaca.  I left three red and three white carnations at the Apucheto - red for Pachamama (Mother Earth); white for Inti Tatai (Father Sun) and the heavens, in gratitude for their gifts.  Then I hurried back up the hill to meet the guests at our St. Patrick's Day/birthday party.

Post Phoebus, Nubilla: Mothers Earth & Ocean; Goddesses Pele & Namaka - All Show Up

["Post Phoebus, Nubilla" = After Sunshine, Clouds]  (Latin)

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 18 - This year, St. Patrick showed us two faces.  They were as different as day and night or fire and water or Pele and Namaka.  The Kona winds made the morning and afternoon of March 17 feel as warm as any summer day around here.  By the afternoon, they also brought it the VOG (volcanic smoke) from the Big Island. 

In the evening, the winds had shifted to the west.  Soon, strong gusts started blowing in the spray from the deluge outside through the open windows.  By the time the guest got up to leave, we had to give them umbrella.  The ground around the house was drenched.  Nothing unusual around here in Haiku, on the rainy side of Maui.  But I was not prepared for what came next...

It was just before midnight.  During a break in the showers, I walked out to the lanai facing the west and the gulch.  I listened to the sound of wind.  Or so I thought.  But when I looked around, I noticed that it was a still night.  No tree branches or shrubs were moving. 

"Strange," I thought, "that the wind would blow across the gulch but here."

Then it hit me.  "What if it's not the wind?  What if this is the sound of rushing water down in the gulch?" 

At first, that seemed far-fetched.  For, today was the first anniversary of my move to Maui.  Never in the last 12 months has there been any rushing water down there.  The stream bed would occasionally fill up with puddles of water, maybe even a trickle or two, but nothing like this.  This sounded like an angry Urubamba river roaring past the Ollantaytambo railroad station enroute to Machu Picchu (see Ollantaytambo: "Driving on Water" to Safety, Jan 26, 2010).  But the longer I listened, the more it did sound just like that... rushing water.

I called on Elizabeth to come out and witness it with me.  "Come and hear something interesting," I said like someone who has just seen an alien spaceship in the gulch.

But Elizabeth was too tired to care.  "That's interesting," she said, and went back to the bedroom. 

I stayed out for a while, enjoying the spa even in driving rain.  The roar from down below seemed to be getting stronger, overpowering the sound of the rain on the rooftop and the lanai.

I went back into the house, even dried my hair before going to bed.  But something gnawed at me inside.  "What if the rain stopped and the rushing water stops by the morning?" I thought.  I'd never forgive myself for missing the "spectacle" of seeing a running creek on our property for the first time, even if it were past midnight.  After all, ever since I was 33, I have tried to live my life without regrets.  And the thought that had gnawed at me sure sounded like a regret.

So I just dropped everything, grabbed two flashlights, slipped on my flip-flops, and butt-naked headed down into the gulch, piercing the pitch black night with two "torches" held high up.  The closer I got to the bottom of the Lower Rainbow Shower, my excitement grew in proportion to the ever louder the sounds of rushing water. 

"Wow!" I yelled out loud, when I reached the point from which I could see the streambed, illuminated by two streams of light.  Water was gushing and foaming down the gulch.  I walked up and down the entire area for about 5-10 minutes, before deciding to come back up to the house, put some clothes on, get a camera and take some pictures.

When I returned, I discovered to my horror that the camera was malfunctioning.  "Out of memory," read the error message. 

"Oh, shuck!" I thought.  "What a time for it to fail!"  But then I remembered.  I had taken out the memory card earlier in the evening in order to transfer the daytime images to my computer.  "Bet the card is still in the computer." 

I scampered back up the hill.  Indeed, the camera was still in the computer.  By the time I returned to the gulch for the third time, light rain had started to fall.  It was increasing in intensity as I started to shoot this video...

(A fair warning first: the flashlight I was using to illuminate the rushing stream was so weak that what you're about to get is basically a radio report about the happening with occasional streams of like across the screen.  But don't despair; better things beckon later in the story).

  "Rainbow Shower"/Kuiaha Gulch Stream by Night - (3/18/10) - by Bob Djurdjevic (2:02 mins)

I also took some still pictures...

They were marginally better than the video. At least you can see some of the creek and some very large raindrops... :-)

In the morning, I went back down there.  The stream was a loud as powerful as it was last night.  Take a look...

  "Rainbow Shower"/Kuiaha Gulch Stream by Day, Part 1/2 (3/18/10) - by Bob Djurdjevic (6:21 mins)

And now, here is a photo gallery of some still shots of the new "Rainbow Shower"/Kuiaha stream...

Part of same stream on neighbor's property (circled)

After I had walked all around the Rainbow Shower, I climbed the hill on the other side of the gulch, directly opposite our home...

 "Rainbow Shower"/Kuiaha Gulch Stream by Day, Part 2/2 (3/18/10) - by Bob Djurdjevic (1:16 mins)

Eventually, Elizabeth joined me on the Eucalyptus Hill (right), with her blue poncho contrasting the green backdrop like a target sign.

When we climbed back up to the house to have breakfast, I brought in the flags from St. Patrick's Day festivities into the garage to dry.  They gave our Rainbow Shower Jeep a rather patriotic look (left).  :-)  I then reflected on the messages that two-faces of St. Patrick delivered yesterday.  I realized they represented the duality in the world, the contrast between which we find the balance.

During the day, the Kona winds blew from the South.  They were warm and brought with them VOG (volcanic emissions) from the Big Island. In Inca cosmology, south is home of the Fire element.  That's where Amaru reins, the serpent, who transforms through Kundolini fire energy, and is a master of Uhupacha (Lower World), where souls of our ancestors reside.  Amaru helps us shed out past and our egos the way he sheds his skin. Goddess Pele, the Hawaiian deity of fire and volcanoes, also took part in the celebrations with her smoke (VOG) and heat.

At night, the winds came from the West.  They brought with them heavy rains and near flood conditions.  The West is home of the Water element. Otorongo, the jaguar/puma, the master of Middle World (Kaipacha) in which we reside, teaches us to walk through life without leaving tracks, and to live it without fear and with no regrets.  Hawaiian water-Goddess Namaka, Pele's sister and nemesis, showed up at night, blew Pele's smoke away and put out any fires that may have been burning with her deluge.

So what does it all mean? 

Pachamama (Mother Earth) honored "St. Patrick by Day" with gifts of shamrocks with which she showered me.  They came from the Royal Palm Trail (middle left), and elsewhere on the property. Mamakocha (Mother Ocean) celebrated "St. Patrick by Night" with downpours and rushing streams.  The two Hawaiian sisterly deities also contributed their respective gifts to the day - fire and water.  Oh, what a party it was, full of unexpected guests - mothers and sisters.

So St. Patrick showed himself as a decidedly female energy this year here at the Rainbow Shower (or maybe always and everywhere?).  But St. Patrick was also a symbol of balance, both between Pachamama and Mamakocha, and between Goddesses Pele and Namaka.  As I learned a long time ago (see Between Two Volcanoes, Dec 2005), it is between the two extremes that we find a balance in life, as in yin-yang, or Yanantin-Manantin (masculine-feminine in Quechua), light and dark, hot and cold... the eternal duality.

Thanks for the reminder, St. Patrick!  The flowers in the top right picture were a part of my Despacho - an expression of love and gratitude. "Beannachtai na feile Padraig!" ('blessings of day of Patrick'), indeed.


P.S.  Remember the significance of the #9 in my life since moving to Hawaii? ("Yes," a sign of spirits' approval - see 333: Second "Master of Love"-Day: The Day Nine's Trumped Aces, 3-12-2010). Take a look at the number of boulders and trees I had planted several months ago (!) along the border between the Rainbow Shower and our neighbor's property (right).  On our about March 12, I thought it was nine and had told Elizabeth about it.  Today, I used a chance to count them and photograph them.  You can see for yourself.  At the time, my conscious mind was blissfully UNAWARE of the significance of the #9.  But the heart and the soul KNEW.  They led me to do it.  And I did it without knowing why.  Just another example of GNOSIS...

Furthermore, when I called the State of Hawaii to get the ino

Learning from Deities

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 20, 2010 - Every morning since the night St. Patrick and Goddess Namaka presented the Rainbow Shower with the gift of water, thus completing the four elements necessary for a sacred site, I have been going down to the gulch to see it the stream is still flowing.  And it is.  Today is the fourth day since that miracle started. The water level has subsided since the heavy rains on Wednesday night, but the flow has been steady in the last two days.  The muddy, flood-like waters have now morphed into a clear creek. The rocks and pebbles at its bottom  now provide the sense of depth to the natural mirror that the new Kuiaha stream has become.

I keep hoping and praying that the creek may become a permanent feature of the Rainbow Shower. The happy sound of the murmuring stream cascading down the river rocks is music to my ears.  It also brings tears to my eyes and sends chills down my spine.  When I see and hear it first thing in the morning, I think, "thank God... it's still there."  And my heart wants to jump right out of my chest. 

These days, when I go down to the gulch for a walk, red cardinals follow me everywhere.  In pairs!  So I figure it's Apu Huaskaran and Quollor Nusta, the male and the female expressions of my benefactor spirit guides.  I always whistle back in tune and rhythm with their chirping.  It feels wonderful to have them around all the time.  Two days ago, a red cardinal landed right on the flagpole of the lanai railing, loudly calling me to come out and explain why I had slept in so late that morning. :-)

But being in constant non-verbal communications with divine spirits sometimes makes me forget to register the significance of some messages until much later.  The yin-yang signs that the Pachamama and Mamakocha or Pele and Namaka delivered on St. Patrick’s Day/evening are a case in point.  It was quite a treat to receive them and decode them (see Post Phoebus, Nubilla, Mar 18)

What I did not put into it originally was that just before sunset on St. Patrick's Day, I did a fire ceremony at the Upper Rainbow Shower, followed by a quick Despacho at the Lower Rainbow Shower's Huaca.  It was a tribute of gratitude to Pachamama for her shamrocks and to St. Patrick for watching over me the last four decades.  When I lit the fire, I also thanked Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes and Go Lono, the (male) God of the land, the "Hawaiian Pachamama," for the privilege of being a caretaker of this sacred ground. 

I left three red and three white carnations at the Apucheto - red for Pachamama (Mother Earth); white for Inti Tatai (Father Sun) and the heavens, in gratitude for their gifts.  I also left two sets of carnations at the Upper Rainbow Shower fire pit.  Then I hurried back up the hill to meet the guests at our St. Patrick's Day/birthday party.

Well, Namaka, the Hawaiian Goddess of water - oceans, lakes and rivers, evidently jealous she was left out of the ceremonies, and poured her wrath down on the Rainbow Shower in the form of a watery fury which I have already described (see Post Phoebus, Nubilla, Mar 18).  So now on, I will be sure also to include her in my ceremonies, especially as her gift of water is so precious and beautiful.

Not to be outdone, Pachamama has now come up with another gift - new friendship with an old horse. Leo is a lonely horse who has never showed any interest in communing with me since I moved here over a year ago.  Until three days ago...

When Elizabeth and I emerged from the gulch climbing up the Greater Rainbow Shower road, Leo was grazing in the bottom part of our neighbor's property which abuts the Greater Rainbow Shower road.  I was carrying some fresh guava I had picked for us on the Eucalyptus Hill.  We had never before tasted those.  So even though we have tons of fruit right around the house, I thought it would be interesting to taste some from across the gulch. 

I called out to Leo.  Uncharacteristically, he looked up.  And then he started walking toward me.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I offered him a guava over the fence.  I had fed horses apples and carrots before, but never guava.  He munched it up and asked for more.  I fed him the rest of the fruit I was carrying.  He did not let me pat him on the nose, though. 

"Still weary of human contact," I said to Elizabeth.  "Guess he is not used to it."

I have now done the same thing every morning.  And yes, he is letting me pat him now, too.  So Leo and I are becoming fast pals.  Thanks to guava… or whatever spirit lives in that fruit, evidently Pachamama's. 

Three-dimensional Chakana

Remember the three-dimensional “Chakana” that appeared to me as a three-dimensional vision in a dream or semi-awake state in Puno, Peru? (see Peru: Spirits' Guidance; Rainbow Shower Revelations, User ID/Password required).  I had never before seen a three-dimensional Chakana (see the photo of a typical Chakana necklace - right). 

That’s when I the idea of a cross over the Rainbow Shower was first conceived.  Later, the cross evolved into, what I thought, was a celestial mirror of our solar system with eight planets at various points around the property, and the Sun in the center of my Huaca (sacred place).  All lines between them intersect over the Huaca (see (see Peru: Spirits' Guidance; Rainbow Shower Revelations, User ID/Password required). 

Anyway, during the last two months or so, after many trips to various stores, galleries and every corner of the Rainbow Shower property, concept of a three-dimensional Chakana gradually evolved from an idea to a reality.  And yesterday, Mar 19, was the day I constructed the first of eight I plan to build.

I marked in the left shot the spiritual significance of each of the Chakana sides, levels and colors, according to the Inca cosmology.  The sphere at the top represents the Sun, as does the large center rock of a similar color at my Huaca.  The rest of the photos depict the construction process from Version 1... Version 2 - the final finished product (right).

More Revelations: Huaca - "Hawaiian Mesa"

HAIKU, Mar 20 - This morning I had two new revelations about my astral mission.  The first one happened again in that state between sleep and full awareness.  It must have been downloaded through my new Chakana, which is close to the bedroom.  And it was probably caused by an act of love I performed yesterday in the Huaca. 

Yesterday afternoon, after I had constructed the first Chakana, I scrubbed and cleaned the big Huaca rocks with a steel brush, then blew away the winter dust and dirt from them.  Al the while, I was talking to them gently and sweetly of my love for them and the privilege to care for them.  I started with the center rock, and then moved on to my Papa and Mama rocks.  They are the two initial rocks, for example, which were buried under the surface there before we cleared the jungle.  But I immediately perceived them as Papa and Mama rock, male and female energies, when I dug around them by hand to discovered a third, Baby rock, between them (middle right).  It was about three feet below the surface.

The Huaca, the sacred space, as you know is the center of the Rainbow Shower where all “Ceke” lines between eight points around it intersect.  Early this morning, I realized that it was not a microcosm of the solar system’s mirror, as I had initially thought.  It is my giant Hawaiian  Mesa.  The rocks inside the Huaca are just like the Kullas in a Shaman’s Mesa.  They tie me to the lineage of the various Hawaiian islands whose mountain spirits I am supposed to awaken and connect to the Apus in the Andes, just like my Mesa’s Kullas tie me to various Andean and North American and Hawaiian mountain spirits.

The Papa rock, for example, the big male one, points toward Haleakala (southwest).  The smaller Mama rock, points toward Puu Kukui(northwest) [see above right a photo taken on the first night at the new Huaca in May 2009).  Also, back in 2005, I first experienced Haleakala as a male spirit, and Puu Kukui as a female one (see Between Two Volcanoes, Dec 2005).  So this morning’s revelation has now closed that loop and confirmed sensations from five years ago.

Back to this morning, the center rock where I stand when I do shamanic ceremonies, has the shape of a seed or a womb.  That’s Pachamama’s Kulla, a Pakarina – a place of emergence, a place of origin.  Again, just like a shell is always in the center of a Shaman’s Mesa and it symbolizes Pachamama.

Remember the Apucheto, the altar, a round fireplace for ceremonies, in the center of the Huaca triangle facing East. where Pele showed herself to me in the cinders last summer?  It is through fire that we send our prayers to the universe and reach the spirits.  And East is the direction of the Upper World – the Hanaqpacha, as you also saw in my Chakana last night.  So the Apucheto is the Kulla for Sun and other celestial entities.

I ran down to the Huaca this morning to confirm these nightly visions before we went to yoga, and it all fits now.  I will just have to spend more time with the other rocks for each to identify for me which island it represents.  Maybe I need to first give them some more loving with the steel brush as I did with the three big rocks yesterday?

Meanwhile, my second revelation was that the eight points I have identified so far on the hills above the Huaca are actually beacons, each of whom represents a Holy Mountain in Peru.  Since the Ceke lines between them all intersect over the Huaca, THAT’s how I will connect the Hawaiian and Andean mountain spirits!  This dawned on me this morning as I was driving to yoga and trying to explain the first revelation to Elizabeth.

So slowly but surely, the pieces are falling into place.  Only a few months ago, I had no idea HOW I was to carry out my astral mission as the Rainbow Giver and awaken the Hawaiian mountain/volcano spirits and connect them with the Andean ones.   That was before my last trip to Peru.  That’s when Don Sebastian told me, “just call on Apu Huaskaran and he will help you.”  Which is exactly what has been happening.

Isn’t it interesting how gnosis works?  First you experience sensations; do things without knowing why; then bam… eyes and doors to ancient mysteries start to open up. And you begin to understand the what, why, how, when and where of life around you. The first rainbows that showed up over the new Chakana as if to confirm it.

The mountain spirits and Inca shamans have been telling us that we (the shamans) already have all the knowledge we need inside of us.  We just have to allow it to emerge from our heart and soul.   I was also told my Chandra, the multi-dimensional being I met in Arizona over a year ago, that my planetary mission was also to download the history of the universe (see Meeting Grandma Chandra, Feb 2009 and Traversing the Universe with Chandra, Mar 2009).  You will need a User ID/Password to access these stories.  You may find them pretty fascinating).

And that's all she wrote from the Rainbow Shower so far this month.

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