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23 Jan 2011

Updated Mar 14, 2010... adds "The Day Nine's Trumped Aces"

Second "333: Master of Love"-Day (3-12-2010)

First of four auspicious March 2010 days offers amazing revelations; followed by a second day of miracles...


The Day Nine's Trumped Aces

Honolulu trip followed by a second day of March "333" miracles...

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 12 - The second triple three's day of the third month of the year #3 (numerologically) - 3/12/2010 - was every bit as exciting the first one (3-3-2010, see "333: Master of Love-Day").  March 12 was perhaps even more satisfying for me personally because of intense and frequent divine communications that led to a realization of several of my childhood dreams.  In some cases, reality actually exceeded the dreams.  Again, just like on March 3, music played a big part in it...

Preamble: Honolulu Trip

On March 11, Elizabeth and I had some business meetings in Honolulu.  Mine were related to music.  When we were in Hawaiian capital last month to see Wagner's opera "Valkyrie" (see Oahu Valentine's/Anniversary Trip, Feb 11-13), an ad by Mozart House, a Bosendorfer piano dealer, caught my attention.  When I was an aspiring young pianist, one my dreams was to have a chance to play on a Bosendorfer or a Steinway concert grand piano.  So after returning home, I made contact with the owner of Mozart House and also with Sanders Piano, the Steinway dealer in Honolulu. By the time our trip to Honolulu on Mar 11 rolled around, I had made appointments with both of Hawaii's top  piano dealers.

For those of you who may not be familiar with top concert pianos, Bosendoerfer and Steinway are in the music world what Rolls Royce and Bentley are in the luxury car business.  And they cost about as much.  One difference is, however, that top-of-the-line pianos tend to appreciate in value over time.  So a list price of a brand new Steinway, for example, is today nearly twice as high as 20-25 years ago.

Well, prices were the last thing on my mind when I set up those appointments. I am quite happy with my beautiful, newly restored (on the inside) antique piano.  It has "character" as well as adequate sound.  In fact, since I know the New York family that used to own it since it was made in 1936, one of these days I might even write a book or a story "Rise and Fall of...." - using the piano as a centerpiece.

But now that I am playing regularly once again, I've noticed that I am becoming more discerning about the sound quality.  I am hearing flaws in some key strokes that I did not two years ago.  I set up the Honolulu appointments in search of perfection.  If I were to upgrade to a top concert grand piano, I told myself, the new instrument would have to have exceptional sound.  Then I'd have to take a deep breath and ask how much it costs.

Back to the aspiring young pianist, besides dreaming of playing a Bosendorfer or a Steinway one day, my childhood music idols were Arthur Rubinstein, Vladimir Ashkenazy as pianists, and Sergei Rachmaninoff as both an outstanding composer and pianist.  By the time I was born, Rachmaninoff was already dead.  But I was hoping to catch a "live" performance of Rubinstein or Ashkenazy some day before they pass.  That dream seemed rather unattainable at the time. I was growing up in communist Yugoslavia.  The Polish-born Rubinstein and the Russian-born Ashkenazy had already moved to the West.  Rubinstein died in 1982 at the tender age of 95.  So an Ashkenazy concert was the only remaining possibility.  Alas, even he is getting on in age (born in 1937) and doesn't do concerts anymore.

The Bosendorfer Experience

Well, you can imagine my utter amazement when I was able to hear all three legendary pianists at Honolulu's Mozart House, my first appointment.  It wasn't a live concert, of course, but it was even better than that.  The magnificent new Bosendorfer is equipped with a computer that recorded the strokes of the masters as well as the pedals.  So you could not only listen to their performances, but watch the keystrokes and the use of pedals that created those heavenly sounds. 

Furthermore, Ashkenazy's recordings were made on this very instrument.  There was even a picture of him and Yoshi, the Mozart House owner, standing next to it.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have the honor of playing on the same piano as one of my childhood idols.

Of course, Yoshi was very clever about it.  He never told me any of this until after I had already played for at least an hour on this and half a dozen other Bosendorfer pianos he had in his showroom.  He even recorded some of my playing, including what I call "just doodling" (improvisations).  Then he played them back.  It was the first time in my life I had a chance to hear myself play from a distance, as a member of the audience.  And the sound was much better than it is at the keyboard.  I was shocked and amazed.

Elizabeth also surprised me when she took a picture of me playing on a true gem - a white 175-anniversary Bosendorfer piano adorned with 9,000 crystals (right).  There are only three such instruments in the world.  You don't want to know the price.  But that was not the best piano I played.  The best one was the black one which Ashkenazy also played (left - sample model).  Its keyboard had an incredible feathery touch, making you feel as if the fingers were playing themselves.  And its sound brought tears to my eyes.  Long notes seemed to reverberate forever.  Soft tones soaked in deep inside the soul.  The music seemed to come straight from the heavens.  I felt as if God were speaking to me directly through this magnificent piano.  In all the decades of playing various pianos, I have never experienced anything like it.  Every time I would try out another instrument, I would be drawn back to that "black monster."

We spent over two hours at Mozart House.  The crowning touch was when Yoshi turned on another piece of music.  He could tell by my reaction that he hit a jackpot.

"That's Schubert's Impromptu," I exclaimed excitedly. 

"That's Rachmaninoff," Yoshi said.

"Rachmaninoff?  It can't be.  I know that piece.  I used to play it in my youth.  It's Schubert."

Yoshi smiled.  "That's Rachmaninoff playing Schubert's Impromptu."

"Rachmaninoff playing the same piece I adored when I was an aspiring young pianist?" my jaw dropped.  "I feel so humbled, so honored," I whispered as my eyes teared up again.

In the end, Yoshi put me on the phone to the head of Bosendorfer USA.  The two of them promised to launch a worldwide search for an instrument that would touch my soul.

As we were leaving, Elizabeth said to me, "guess the Steinways will be a letdown after this?" 

"Probably," I replied.  "This has been an absolutely stunning experience.  But you never know.  I will keep my mind open."

Red Car, Red Flag?

When we got to the parking lot where we left our red rental car, the spot was empty.

"I'd told you not to park in the reserved parking," Elizabeth chimed in.

"Oh well..." I said.  "So it goes."  Interestingly, the realization that our rental car had been probably towed away did not upset me at all. 

I smiled at the female security guard who was walking toward us as I asked her, "what did you do with that red Chevy Impala that was in this parking spot?"

She replied she had looked all along the street, trying to find the owner, but was unable to do so.  "No wonder," I thought.  "I was not ever on this planet in the last two hours, let alone this street."

"So how do we get it back?" I asked.

She explained.  We were to go to a place called Sand Island where the towing company takes the cars they pick up.  I had never heard of Sand Island before. She made it sound as if that's where God says goodnight.  Since Elizabeth's next appointment was less than half an hour away, I flagged down a cab to take us both to the city first.  Then the taxi driver and I rode from Waikiki to Sand Island.  That was another fascinating experience.

Sand Island is where China disgorges the junk American consumers buy because it's cheap.  There were more containers on Sand Island than sand.  Somehow, my Hawaiian taxi driver and I managed to find impounded little red car in this giant junkyard.  The towing bill was $137.  Cash.  The cab fare $45.  Cash.  I made a mental note of the numerological values of these two fees (#11 and #9).  I also registered that moths could fly out of my wallet. Suddenly, it has been nearly depleted of cash. 

"There is a message in all this," I figured.  "The red car was probably a red flag."  But I put off any further analysis till later this evening, after we get home.

Then I drove back to Waikiki to meet Elizabeth and continue our Honolulu adventure. 

"Remind me not to get a red car the next time we rent one," I joked.  We both laughed.

The Steinway Experience

After Elizabeth was finished with her appointment, we drove on to the Steinway piano store.  Michael, a nice salesman was already waiting for me even though it was his day off.  I had warned him, as I had done with the Bosendorfer dealer, that I was planning to spend a long time playing in order to give the potential upgrade a thorough test.  He said I could play as long as I wanted.  I stayed for about an hour and a half.

Just as with the Bosendorfer instruments, it took me less than five minutes to zero in on "the one" - a sleek ebony Steinway concert grand that was tucked in a corner of the showroom, close to the hallway that leads into the store (right).  I had tried at least half a dozen different models Michael had recommended first.  I don't think I lasted more than a minute on each. 

I spent the rest of the time playing the "Ebony Steinway," sometimes to appreciative audience.  One lady stayed a long time listening to my playing and talking to Elizabeth.  Later, Elizabeth told me she was fascinated as she was a piano student herself.  Another woman thought I was a professional player, trying out various pianos for the store.

"Done for the day?" she asked as we were getting into our car in the parking lot. :-)

While the audience thought the sound was "amazing," I thought it was great but not the best.  "You have a tough compare," I told Michael as I described my experience with that Bosendorfer "black monster."  "But everything has its price," I added.  Then Michael told me what kind of a deal he was proposing for the Steinway I liked.  I told him I'd think about it.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on non-music business (read shopping, in Elizabeth's case).  We also discussed some plans for the St. Patrick's Day party.  It wasn't until close to midnight back home that my thoughts returned to the events of the day.  As usual, I was in the spa, communicating with the spirits through prayers and mantras before going to bed.

Back Home: Red, #11 Means "Stop;" Green, #9 = "Go"

That red car and the $137 (#11) towing charge were clearly red flags warning me against a Bosendorfer, I realized.  It also dawned on me for the first time that #11 has been a positive sign for me in the past, prior to moving to Hawaii.  But ever since, it has been the #9 or its derivative, the #3, that have guided me forward.  They were my new "green light," urging me to proceed.  The #11 now appeared to have become a new "red light," guiding me to stop.

None of the above was as clear in my head back then as it looks now "on paper."  I was following my intuitive instincts, not rational thoughts, when I asked the Creator and the spirits to give me clear signals about what I should do regarding the two wonderful piano brands.  I asked them to give me "11" or color "red" if I am indeed to stop any further Bosendorfer considerations.  I also requested #9 and/or color green signs if I am to get the Steinway I liked.

By that time, it was past midnight.  So it was already 3/12/2003, the second triple-three's day of the third month of the year whose numerological value is three.  Three three's mean a #9 sign.  It wouldn't be surprising if it were 00:09 when the first #9 signs began to appear.  Divine guidance seemed to be welling up from within inside of me.  Within minutes of my request, I was given a game plan to do with Steinway.  And it was all about #9 (meaning "go"). 

I was to make a counter-offer to the proposal I had just received from the Steinway dealer.  Both the discount amount and the new price and the trade-in value of my current piano were #9's numerologically.  It was a stunning fit; mathematically perfect.  The only problem was, the resulting counter-offer was deeply discounted from the dealer's asking price.

"Well, if the spirits really want me to do this, they will make it happen," I reasoned.  That's exactly what happened over a year ago when I was buying my new home in Maui.  Just as with the Steinway, that was not my first choice.  But I listened to the divine guidance and followed the signs I had received from the spirits, including Goddess Pele.  And they literally made financial and real estate miracles happen, one after another.  I just shook my head in grateful disbelief.

At first, all of this was just fuzzy, warm intuition.  Then thoughts began to form.  I became acutely aware of the fact that I was receiving another divine download around 00:30 (here goes that #3 again!) on another "333"-day.  Which means another #9. 

"Wow!" I said to myself. "They can sure move fast," I thought, referring to the spirits.  I had been only a few minutes after asking for a #9 or green as guidance that I had already received a whole bunch of #9 signs (and some more that I did not even realize at the time). 

I jumped out of the spa and ran into my office to write all of this down in my journal.  In passing through the bedroom, I noted that Elizabeth was fast asleep.   

"She doesn't know what she is missing," I chuckled.  I waited till breakfast to tell her about my new game plan. 

In the meantime, Michael had sent me a written offer, confirming what he had told me verbally on Mar 11 in Honolulu.

From: Michael
Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2010
7:47 PM (another #9 sign!) 
To: 'Robert Djurdjevic'
Subject: RE: Bosendorfer or Steinway

I was stunned to realize the message's date-stamp was another #9 sign.  At the time it arrived in my mailbox, we were still up in the air, flying from Honolulu to Maui (see right - image of my mailbox; I have deliberately blurred the rest of the messages).  But I had not read Michael's email till the morning of Mar 12.  I was beginning to think that maybe the impossible might become real once again.

So I wrote a counter-offer that the spirits guided me last night to put in for the "Ebony Steinway." Here it is, in its original email form, except that I had deleted the actual prices:

From: Robert Djurdjevic []
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2010 10:59 AM
To: Michael
Subject: RE: Bosendorfer or Steinway (3/12)

Hi, Michael.  It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday.  Thank you for allowing me to spend plenty of time playing the Steinway B you are proposing for me.  It is a beautiful instrument.  I enjoyed playing it.  The piano comes close to perfection in sound and the keyboard feel I had been seeking.  But it’s not the pinnacle.  What has exceeded it is a top-of-the-line Bösendorfer, as I’ve told you.  But everything has its price.  So I thank you for your proposal which I have considered carefully. 

As you may have noticed from our correspondence, in addition to being a writer and a musician, I am also an Inca-trained shaman of the highest order.  I do not know if you are spiritual yourself or not.  If not, what I am about to say may seem weird to you.  But that’s the way I try to live my life.  So you’ll just have to accept it if you want to do business with me. 

Michael, I do not make any major decisions without first receiving divine guidance.  In my case, that sometimes comes in the form of music.  For example, Mozart’s Piano Concert #21 was one of the key signs I had received prior to moving from Arizona to Maui last year (see "Blackjack Mozart" Property,Jan-Feb 2008).  Spiritual guidance has continued all through my life here in Hawaii, too, as you also saw recently in a story written on triple three’s day (333: "I Am Master of Love"-Day, Mar 3). For example, after years of playing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” just this morning, for the first time, I understood the celestial significance of that piece and why it resonates so much in my soul. 

The reason I wanted you to know all that is that last night I asked, and this morning I received, a divine guidance about your offer.  If you read carefully the two above stories, you might be able to pick up the clues yourself.  But rather torture you with riddles, I will reduce it to business terminology in the form of a counter-proposal to your offer.   

Michael, I would be willing to upgrade to your Steinway B for $XXX in cash, plus taxes, and my Fischer piano – FOB my home in Haiku.  I would also want you to include two humidifiers (as you suggested earlier).  If you can reuse the one I already have, that would mean an additional one.  And I would like your technician to do the first tuning before turning the instrument over to Brett.  As I told you, I find its keys a little too heavy for very soft tones.  And you felt that can be adjusted. 

Also, time is of the essence, both in my divine guidance and thus in this counter-proposal.  It is no coincidence that I am doing making it today, Mar 12.  You can have until Mar 21 at the latest to accept it.  After that date, this offer will be null and void.  Ideally, I would like to have my new piano delivered and “installed” (meaning tuned and adjusted) and the old one removed by Mar 30.  Each of these dates has a special significance.  They cannot be changed. 

Similarly, I am not trying to haggle with you.  If we do this deal, it will need to be at these numbers and on those dates or not at all.  I will accept your decision graciously whichever way it goes. 

Once again, thank you for your time yesterday.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.  Have a nice day. 

Bob Dj.


I am one known as Altzar,

The Rainbow Giver

From the Dogon star.

I am a child of the Original One,

I am a ray of the Original Sun,

I am Wholeness,

I am Love,

I am Altzar.

Then Elizabeth and I headed into town (Kahului) to run some errands.  "Have you made the counter-offer?" she asked.

"I have," I replied.  "So now it's up to the spirits to work their magic," I added. "But I have still not a "green" sign I also asked for last night."

Working the Magic

Elizabeth and I were just walking out of a party store, our arms full of green decorations we are planning to use on St. Patrick's Day next week, when my cell phone rang.  It was Michael.  He asked me if I was okay to talk now.  I said I was.  "We are just walking out of a store."

"Which store?" he asked, sounding agitated.

I smiled.  He was probably worried that I was still checking out the Bosendorfers.  Why else would he care which store I was in?  "Don't worry," I said.  "We were just shopping at a party supply store for St. Patrick's Day."

Then Michael gave me the news.  He said he has just spoken to Mr. Sanders, the piano store owner, and that they had decided to accept my counter-offer as written.

"Oh my God," I felt like shouting.  "The spirits have again worked their magic."  But I bit my tongue. Instead, I pumped up my right fist in the air like a tennis player who had just won a match point.  As soon as I got off the phone with Michael, however, I was quick to direct my jubilation to the heavens - the Creator and his/her emissaries whose idea this was and who made it all possible.

When Michael and I finished our conversation and agreed to work out some logistical details when we get back home later in the afternoon, I looked at the time of his call.  He told me about the acceptance of the counter-offer at 1:17 PM (another #9 sign!).  Then I turned to Elizabeth.

"By the way, I had also received a 'green' sign before Michael called."

"You did?  Where?  When?  How?"

"What store did we just walk out of?"

"Whole Foods?" Elizabeth offered.

"Okay, yes, we were also at Whole Foods and it has a green logo, too.  But where were we just now, when Michael called?"

"In the party store."

"And what color were all the goodies in the bags we were carrying?"

Elizabeth smiled.  The penny had dropped.

"And as we were walking out with our hands full of green stuff, Michael called to give us a green light on the deal," I summed it up.

Pretty incredible stuff, n'cest pas? :-)

Well, that was still not it.  The spirits weren't quite done yet.  When I came home, I realized that Michael's earlier email also contained a #9 sign:

From: Sanders Piano Company
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2010
11:34 AM (another #9 sign!)
To: 'Robert Djurdjevic'
Subject: RE: Bosendorfer or Steinway (3/12)

Hi Bob,

I will take your proposal to Mr. Sanders...

[etc.] was my reply confirming the deal in writing:

On Mar 12, 2010, at 3:51 PM (another #9 sign!), Robert Djurdjevic <> wrote:

Hi, Michael.   Thank you for your call and the acceptance email.  I am glad things will work out for both of us.  I just want to add ...


In fact, even my Mar 10 email setting up my appointment in Honolulu with Steinway's Michael also bore that now unmistakable sign:

On Mar 10, 2010, at 8:56 AM, (another #9 sign!) Robert Djurdjevic <> wrote:

It's just that I didn't notice it until the "333" (#9) day.

More Celestial Signs After the Deal Was Sealed: Cloud Nine...

By late afternoon, Michael and I had completed the Steinway transaction.  My new piano should be here at the Rainbow Shower within a week or so.  It was time for me to thank the Creator and the spirits for the magic they performed in the last day and a half.  I did that on the lanai, facing east.  I asked them to give me another #9 sign in the clouds if they did hear my prayers.

Then Elizabeth walked out to join me.  As she chatted about a phone conversation she had just had, I said, "sorry to interrupt you, Chiquitita, but I need you to look up."  Pointing to the east, I said, "tell me what this white cloud looks like to you."

"Number nine," she replied. 

And it was the only cloud in that part of the sky, traveling from east to west.  In other words, toward us.  It lasted less than a minute before dissolving in the blue yonder.

I smiled.  I was feeling so blessed.

"Okay, go on with your story," I told Elizabeth, "and then I'll explain later what that was about."

The experience actually gave a whole new meaning to the term "being on cloud 9."  :-) "A state of blissful happiness" is how dictionaries usually describe this idiom. That's exactly how I felt as the sun was setting on this special "333" day, full of celestial interactions.  But that was not it yet, either.

Tumi's Triple Nine's and Three's

Another divine sign awaited me when I went back into the house.  Ever since I got my Tumi (Inca medicine cross with image of Wirakocha, Sun God - below right) in Pisaq, Peru two years ago, I have been wearing it every day.  It has become as much a part of me as the mesa represents the soul of the shaman.  And it has been used for divine communication before (see "Untying Tumi's Gordian Knot", Oct 2, 2008, another #3 and #11-day; User Id/Password required, and the picture on the right, taken contemporaneously).

I only take off my Tumi when changing clothes, before working out or swimming, or when taking a shower and before bedtime.  Well, I took it off when I changed clothes before going out to the lanai.  As I was contemplating what had just happened, I laid it on the bathroom counter absentmindedly without looking at it. 

When I got back in from the lanai, I reached for it so as to put it back on.  My hand stopped in mid air.  I was stunned with what I saw. The Tumi was again flashing a celestial sign for me.  Take a look at its shape...

It was a triple 9 (left).  If you apply a little bit of imagination, you can also see two more 9's (middle).  After gazing at it for a while, I could also see three three's there (above right). 

"What else, on a '333'-day," I chuckled as I thanked the spirits for their abundant and abundantly clear communications.  I went to get a camera and record the sign for posterity. 

Mysterious Rocks, Sacred Geometry, Celestial Mirrors

I was so excited about all this magic and felt so blessed that I needed to share it with another human.  Alas, Elizabeth was on the phone with someone.  Sounded like a long conversation.  So I went out for a walk in the gulch, my sanctuary, the place seems to connect me directly to the spirits.  I go down there every day at least once.  But I had not been in the gulch for over two days now.  First Honolulu, then another action-packed "333"-day.

As I was approaching the Palm Rockery, I noticed a mysterious rock in the middle of the lawn (left).  It was too big and heavy for any animal to have moved it.  At first, I figured it might have rolled down the slope from the Palm Rockery.  So I took it back there.  But then I realized its color and texture did not match the other rocks in that grouping.  So it seemed as if it had fallen from the sky.

"So who put it down in the middle of the lawn and why?" I wondered.  If it had rolled down that slope, I tried to extend that line in my mind's eye to see what lay farther away in that direction.  Then it hit me.  That's where my Huaca was (the sacred triangle with the Apucheto (altar) where I do shamanic ceremonies).  I could not see it clearly because of the jungle in between.  But it seemed that's where the rock might have wanted to go... to join its other brethren there.  So I went back, picked it up and carried it over some 100 yards or so.  I placed it between two larger rocks of a similar color and texture (right). 

I still don't know why the mysterious rock showed up like that and wanted to be a part of my Huaca.  Guess I'll find out when the time comes.

Later on that evening, I had another revelation.  Just as the entire Rainbow Shower seems to be a celestial mirror of our solar system (left), my Huaca is its microcosm at the bottom of the gulch (right).  When I went down the following day (Mar 13) to check out this theory, I counted eight large rocks and the ninth (the "Sun") in the middle (yes, here's that #9 again!).  As you saw on the first "333"-day of the month (Mar 3), I had even superimposed the Sun's circular projection over the Huaca (right).  Yet these are the rocks I had placed into that configuration last May, when the Huaca was constructed.  I had no idea why at the time.  I just followed my inner guidance.  In fact, three of those rocks (Papa, Mama and their Baby) had been buried beneath the surface of the jungle when I moved here.  Yet they evidently guided me to this very spot for ceremonies and spiritual communications.  The triangular Huaca and the circular Sun all seem to be a part of the sacred geometry that's gradually revealing itself at the bottom of the gulch.  Yet less than a year ago, that was impassable jungle.

Then I also remembered a smaller stone of the same color and shape as the "mysterious" rock of Mar 12 that I found one day under the coconut palm on our front lawn, way up on top of the Rainbow Shower where our home is  (left).  Elizabeth and I were both perplexed at the time about how it got here.  I thought it also might have rolled down that slope above the palm tree.  So I picked it up and placed it on the ground near the house (right).  But now that the second mysterious rock showed up at the bottom of the gulch of a similar shape and texture, I was beginning to wonder if these are also celestial signs. 

"Does this baby rock also want to be a part of the Huaca?" I wondered.  "Maybe these two rocks symbolize the moons of our solar system?  Perhaps that's why they want to be a part of the Huaca" (which is a microcosm of it).  So I retraced the direction of the rock's possible roll down that slope near the palm tree.  Indeed, the line was pointing straight down to the bottom of the gulch where the Huaca is.    

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, My Maui Arrival Date - #9 and #11 Signs; Serial Number, Too

There were two other "retroactive" revelations that occurred in the evening of this miraculous day.  As some of you know, my all-time favorite piece of music is Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata."  I have been playing it for years now and even recorded it two years ago.  But it was not until this evening that I understood its connection to my life.  Take a look at its title: "Moonlight Sonata Opus 27. No. 2 in C# Minor."  It fuses both my past (#11) and the present/future (#9). 

The same with the date I arrived in Maui a year ago (3/18/2009).  It is a combination of the future (#21, i.e., #3 and #9) and the past (#11 - the year).  Yet I had not really "seen" either of these two messages until the second "333"-day of this year.

I may be slow to notice some things, but by now I had learned enough from the spirits to know what to expect when I received Michael's invoice for my new Steinway.  My eyes went immediately to its serial number.  I figured it would be another #9 numerologically.  And it was (see above - I intentionally blurred out the actual number).  It was the only one among the myriad of magical events of the "333"-day that was did not surprise me.

Epilogue: Grand Finale Miracles

By the end of the day (Mar 12), I was both elated and emotionally spent.  Of course, I was delighted that soon such a beautiful instrument as that "Ebony Steinway" concert grand would grace our home and become a part of our lives.  But as I said to Elizabeth, I was elated for a different reason.  Because the this piano is truly a gift of God; a blessing and a sign of His/Her love and protection.  That became amply evident during the course of the last day. 

Lest we forget, similar things happened on the first "333: Master of Love-Day" (Mar 3).  All through my life, long before I had ever even heard of the terms "shaman," let alone the Apu or Huaca, whenever something fortuitous would happen to me, I would give thanks by doing something to help other people.  They were usually strangers who had fallen on hard times. These were unsolicited gifts of love.  Often times, I would do it anonymously.  Only recently did I find out that that's what the Inca shamans also always do.  They offer the first sip of a drink or bite of food to Pachamama (Mother Earth) to express their love and gratitude.

Well, this evening, in gratitude for all the blessings I have received, I decided to treat a 17-year old girl from Arizona who has had her share of hard knocks in her young life to a trip to Hawaii and a six-day stay with us at the Rainbow Shower.  I've only met her only once.  She is the daughter of Elizabeth's daughter who introduced us to each other.  Her name is also Elizabeth.  So I will refer to her as "Little Elizabeth."  Little Elizabeth has never been on an airplane before.  Even though she is still a senior in high school, she also has a part-time job.  So I decided to make this trip my graduation gift to her.

Well, even after all these miracles that took place today, I could hardly believe what happened when I tried to make that reservation.  As I went to select a seat for her on the Phoenix-Honolulu flight, there was ONLY ONE SEAT open!  And we're talking here about a big Boeing 767 wide body jet. I grabbed it.  I yelled for Elizabeth to come into my office and see it with her own eyes.  She was still there when I did the same for the return flight.  Incredibly, once again, Little Elizabeth got the last seat.

"Do it quickly before someone else takes it!" Elizabeth told me practically out of breath.

I smiled.  "Don't worry.  These seats were meant for Little Elizabeth."  Then I clicked and booked the seat and the flights.

"Did you see what dates I happened to have picked for her trip?" I asked (my) Elizabeth.  "I did not pay any attention to them till now.  I just wanted it to be a Saturday-Friday visit."

Then I showed the dates to her: March 27 and Apr 2.  "They are both #9 dates," I added for emphasis.

As I reflect on this exceptional day, I have to be grateful to the spirits for giving me the signs that were about as clear as that traffic light on the right.  All I had to do is follow them.  And wonderful things happened.  Guess that's probably the biggest take-away lesson from all this.  Trust your instincts not your emotions, nor your rationale.  Because a mind can play tricks on us.  We can rationalize just about anything, even emotions. 

By the way, to me, "instinct" here is synonymous with gnosis - knowing without knowing why.  And gnosis comes from the heart and the soul not the brain.  How do I know that?  I don't know how.  I just do.  That's also a part of gnosis.

By the way, I also plan to honor the Creator and all of my master spirit guides on Sunday (Mar 14) with a Despacho/fire ceremony.  And the music I make on my beautiful new Steinway will be dedicated to them as part of my future Despachos.  After all, the whole thing was their idea. And they worked the magic that made it all possible. Apu Huaskaran, Santa Tierra Quollor Nusta - his female expression, the Hawaiian Apus - Haleakala, Puu Kukui, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Kiluaea, and, of course, the almighty Inti Tatai, Pachamama, Mama Kocha, Goddess Pele and God Lono... etc. deserve the credit, not I.

P.S. March 16 - I got a call today from a financial security company trying verify the Steinway transaction. Their reference number ended in "9999!"  :-) It was the final heavenly stamp of approval.


That's all she wrote from the Rainbow Shower so far.  And it's only the 13th day of the month, not even the Ides of March yet...

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