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23 Jan 2011

Updated Mar 13, 2010... adds "More Divine Signs Lead to New Piano" (on 2nd #9-day ["333"] of March (click here)

"333: I Am Master of Love"

First of four auspicious March 2010 days offers amazing revelations; followed by a second day of miracles...


"Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien"

In Memory of Edith Piaf on Girls' Day

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 3, 2010 - Today, March 3, is the Girls' Day.  So I dedicate this concert, in memory of Edith Piaf, to all the girls in my life.

Non, je ne regrette rien (YouTube version; 5:35 mins)

And if you're interested in seeing the lyrics of the song, both in French and English, click here

Today is also a very auspicious day for another reason.  An artist friend of mine from Colorado, Cher Lyn, who is also very spiritually enlightened, reminded me this afternoon that this is also a special day numerologically (3-3-2010, which is "333"):


Hi Bob, I thought you may find this interesting. Today the numbers 3.3.3 are activated. It is the 3rd day in the 3rd month in 2010 – a 3 Universal Year.  3 times 3 adds up to a 9 Universal Day – a number of compassion, release, wisdom and endings. Like 3 and 6, the number 9 is an emotional vibration.  So you will FEEL deeply today.

In order to keep from getting overwhelmed by emotional distractions, put your thoughts and ideas into Action. 3 is a number of creative activity and self expression. Imagine a goal – large or small - and create it. 

By putting your ideas into action you'll experience the joy of this beautiful number. 3 in the highest sense symbolizes Perfection.

The flip side of the 3 is that some people will express negativity and get pulled into the drama. 

Notice how 3 faces to the left. Left is the past - Right is the future. So if you feel negative emotions today, or during this 3 Universal Year, it is because you are caught up in what has been - and never will be again. 

You are not present in this moment CREATING.

Much of depression results from the pain of the past and an inability to clear the mind of emotional and mental cobwebs. 3 always reminds us that Creativity is the natural cure for fear. 

So today, be bold. Pay attention to the positive in your life. This alone will uplift and attract the delight and joy of the number 3. Today you can generate a major internal shift. Have a great 333 day!

Blessing Love, Cher Lyn

To which I replied in two parts...

Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful elaboration on the significance of the triple three day.  They really hit home with me. 

I can add a couple of more observations from my personal standpoint.  The #9, as you know, has become significant in my life lately because of the 8 point-star that I visualized on my property here, whose 9th point is in my Huaca in the middle (sacred space with a stone altar – Apucheto - shown as a red circle below).

Now, what is especially interesting is something that had happened BEFORE I saw your email.  I had a couple of appointments in Pukalani earlier today, and also some business in Kahului.  In Pukalani, I saw my chiropractor and his wife, who gave me a massage.  She told me that they have TRIPLETS.  I asked for their ages. They are 12 – another #3!  

Then I told them that today is officially the annual Girls Day in Japanese and Polynesian (?) tradition.  It is also observed in some other countries around the world, though not in the U.S., as far as I know.  So I wished her and their daughters a Happy Girls Day. 

You also said below the #3 is a number of creativity and self-expression.  And that it is a cure for fear.  So you urged me to imagine a goal and then create it.  

Well, that’s exactly what I did earlier today, unwittingly, without being aware of the cosmic significance of my actions.  As I said, I had not seen your email until I came back from town.  So strike another one for spiritual guidance by gnosis.  Thank you, my dear star sister, for illuminating it. What actually happened was this… 

The above Google Earth image is an approximation of the points I had staked out on my property.  Before I started to build the actual three-dimensional Chakanas (Inca crosses) at each point, per the vision I first had in Puno as well as also several times here, I wanted to me sure that the cosmic lines actually do intersect at my Huaca.  That’s because the configuration of the terrain is such (jungle and steep gulch slopes) that the Huaca is not visible from most of the surrounding points (#1 to #8 above).  So for the last two weeks, I have been negotiating with a local helicopter company to take me up so I can take aerial photos of the points that I would mark on the ground clearly before the flight.  These things are very expensive, so I have been waiting for them to get the FAA certification for a small two-seat helicopter we could use for my purposes.  

As I was driving into Kahului today, I decided to go to the Helicopter pad of the airport and just drop in on these people.  The owner was sort of embarrassed that this thing has dragged out for so long, and promised to take me up in the air the moment they receive the government certification.  Which will probably not be for another couple of weeks. 

That’s where the practice of creativity came in.  I decided to take action today and use a much cheaper temporary solution.  I went to a party store and had them blow up some balloons for me using Helium gas.  When I came home, I tied to them 75-ft long fishing line string.  Then I had Elizabeth stand in the middle of the Huaca and hold on to the string, while I walked around the hills, lining up each line exactly to cross over the Huaca.  J The whole thing cost me $7.50.  So I took action today toward my goal, rather than wait another two weeks, and I did it using a creativity – just like you advised.  Except that I had done it before I saw your advice. 

Oh, one more thing.  Want to guess how many balloons I had tied together for Elizabeth to hold over the Huaca?  Yes, three!  I have no idea why.  Gnosis again.  I just did what seemed right to me at the time. 

So once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for illuminating the 3-day for me with such a wonderfully elaborate explanation.  And happy 333-day right back to you!

And then, after I had watched a replay of this video, I realized something pretty amazing:

Just a quick PS.  You won’t believe what just happened.  I decided on a spur of the moment to record the Edith Piaf song “Non, je ne regrette rien.”   Thought it may be a fun thing to do for the Girls Day.  It’s far from perfect, more like a jamming session and an improvisation, but it will do as a heartfelt song I wanted to share with all the girls in my life.  I am uploading it right now so you will be able to see and hear it later on this evening.

So what’s a big deal about that?  Nothing.  The “big deal” occurred while I was watching the replay.  You will see that I am wearing an orange shirt in the video.  Half way through the recording, I realized the shirt had a white #3 on the right sleeve.  I was not aware of it until now.  And I have been wearing that shirt all day, including when I did those other creative things with the balloons. 

Isn’t that something? I feel as if the spirits are playing with me today.  And it’s fun.  Thank you again for making me aware of the #3 significance.  So I just thought I’d share this little tid-bit with you quickly.

By the way, my balloons were also orange.   Wonder if there is a subliminal connection between #3 and the orange color? 

And I forgot to mention, this morning, I saw a rainbow in the western sky.  That’s very rare and unusual since it mostly rains in the afternoon and evening.

P.P.S. Are the spirits playing with me today?  Just got back from a rainy dusk/nighttime walk through the Rainbow Shower gulch.  As I was passing by my Huaca, two more things hit me that are connected with #3.   

The Huaca is triangular.  When I designed it, I had no idea why.  Later, I realized that the three points of the triangle were pointing to Haleakala, Puu Kukui (the two volcanoes) and Mama Kocha (Mother Ocean).  They are thus fusing the Fire, Earth, Water and Air energies into its center.  Much later, a native Hawaiian told me that their sacred places are always triangular for much the same reason.   But I had no conscious idea about it when I designed the Huaca. Gnosis...

The second thing I realized tonight is the trinity of rocks I found there.  Two major ones, the Papa and Mama boulders were hidden under the surface, and yet they guided me to build the Huaca at this spot.  They represent the balance of Yin-Yang, Male-Female energies. 

But something told me back last May that they were connected deep down underground.  So I dug by hand between them for a long time to see if anything was there.  Indeed, that’s where I discovered a Baby rock – their offspring, nestled between the Papa and the Mama rocks.  Ever since, the Baby has been the centerpiece of my Apucheto (the Altar, the fireplace where I do ceremonies) within the Huaca.  As such, it helps transmit prayers via fire to the spirits and to the Creator.   

So there was that #3 again – the three rocks waiting to be discovered deep inside the Hawaiian jungle, and under the surface, too.  Yet the spirits waited till today, the "333"-day, to reveal their symbolic trinity to me. 

As I said, I feel as if they are playing with me today.  And it's fun...

An auspicious day?  You betcha.

And that's all she wrote on this Girls' Day 2010.

"333: I Am Master of Love"

Rainbows Return to "Rainbow Shower" on First of Four Auspicious March Days

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 4 - After nearly three months of drought in the middle of a supposedly rainy season, the rainbows have returned to the Rainbow Shower.  The first one arrived yesterday, on the auspicious "333" (see "Non, je ne regrette rien," Mar 3).  This morning, there was a shower of rainbows at the Rainbow Shower, some even double.  Take a look...

Double rainbows (north)

Double rainbows (south)

Double rainbows (south)

First western rainbow (9/25/09)

What's interesting about it is that I awoke this morning thinking about two things - rainbows and color orange.  I thought of the rainbow that first showed up across the western sky - a rarity around here, most rainbows are in the east - the day after we returned from Europe last September and learned that the Greater Rainbow Shower is now ours (see Heavenly Rainbow Welcome Home, Sep 25).  And then, where I walked out onto the lanai, there is was.  So I rushed back to my office, grabbed my camera, and took the above pictures.

The second thing I was thinking about as I woke up was the significance of color orange that I chose to wear yesterday, on the first "333" day of the month and the year, and if there is a connection between that and the No. 3?

Well, it turns out that orange is the color of the belly (sacral) chakra, which "stimulates creativity, productivity, pleasure, optimism, enthusiasm and emotional expression" (see the chakra charts and definitions).  And all of those qualities were a part of my life yesterday, the "333"-day.

Furthermore, looking at the chakra color coding this morning, I noticed for the first time that they are rainbow colors.  And as you saw above, the rainbows have just returned to the Rainbow Shower.

As if that weren't fascinating enough in and of itself, a reader of these stories from Sedona sent me this morning a link to the Teachings of Master Kuthumi (also spelled sometimes Koot Humi) which further elaborate on the significance of the first of four "333" days we are going to experience this month.  Check it out...


(Disclaimer statement: reading the information below may cause you to re-evaluate your self-concept!)

We welcome you on this day of 2-28-2010, the Full Moon which opens the New Beginning in March 2010 for Mastery of Mission and the Unfoldment of Human Purpose.

Energy = Symbiotic Mutualism (=111)

You are a fractal macrocosm of a microscopic universe! Read on to remember what this means (and yes! We have our macro and micro terms in correct order.)


One of the greatest openings to the heart portals of earth and thus, each being inhabiting the earth occurs on 3-3-2010, a date of 333, the first of 4 dates for Gaia’s Triple Heart Opening. Earth-Gaia, is the third planet from the sun and is emerging from a long period of preparation for ascension.  The process of loving and letting go of limitation has created mass critical shifts of consciousness.  As the earth’s body is letting go of old patterns, it is resulting in the increasing geological disruptions around the world. As you open your own hearts to support those in need, you are participating in the shift to the vibration of 33:33 - “I AM MASTER OF LOVE”.  (Note, the phrase “I am Master of Love” translated to number using Pythagorean numerology, equals 66 total, with the vowels in this phrase = 33 and the consonants = 33).

March, historically, and we are referring to times before the current calendar changes, is the first month of the New Year, the time of Equinox and preparation for spring planting or fall harvesting.  In the current calendar in this year of 2010, representing 21/3 - the Universe and Empress, the initiations of Mastery occur in the Month of March over a 4 week, 4×333 calibration. If you choose to be conscious of the shift that is occurring, you create your path for your mission and purpose, in alignment with Gaia and your place in the great awakening:” I AM the Macrocosm-Microcosm” (= 111)

3-3-2010 = 333 = 9

3-12-2010 = 333= 9

3-21-2010 = 333 =9

3-30-2010 = 333 =9

TOTAL of the 4 x3 awakening alignments = 99:99

Before we proceed, we refer you to the 9-1-2001 discourse “This Ascension Lifetime”. This discourse provides information about the 9999 vibrations.

What is theme of Earth’s Mastery of mission and the Unfoldment of Human Purpose as the conscious attunement instruments?


This is the essence of all wisdom teachers that have walked on earth. Teachers such as Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Florence Nightingale, Jesus, Buddha, and masters you know by many names have lived their lives through this principle: I AM a Master of Love. They have not had the need to proclaim this but have simply lived it by seeing what is needed to be done, by offering their service to change-creation, and by opening their hearts to share and to teach by being a Master of Love. They were in attunement and alignment with all things from the microcosm to the macrocosm.  This living, breathing action, or Act-I-ON, is now open for you to Master.  Many of you are already being called to share and to serve in new ways. By following your heart and your inner vision you are creating the alignment of your own Unfoldment of Purpose and paving the way for others to do the same by your example.

During the 4×333 attunements, we are asking you to walk upon the earth as I AM MASTER OF LOVE. By your actions, share your love, share your vision for a New Earth, share your time and your talents, share your treasures with those in need. For now is the time to open your hearts in the knowledge that the Unfoldment of Human Purpose is here.

To read the rest of this essay, click on:

3-3-2010 Gaia’s Triple Heart Opening (x4)

"Rainbow Shower": Mirror of Solar System?

So now I finally understood the significance of the #9 in my vision of the "Chakana" at the Rainbow Shower that I first had in Puno on Jan 30 (see Peru: Spirits' Guidance; Rainbow Shower Revelations, Feb 22, 2010 [User ID/Password needed to access it]).  Pachamama (Gaia, Mother Earth) is the third planet from the Sun (see the left image).  And there are eight planets in the solar system.  So with the Sun in the middle, that makes #9.  (FYI - Pluto is no longer considered a planet since there are many (44) "dwarf planets" bigger than that).

So I wonder if the eight points of my "star" (orange in the right chart) represent the eight planets? We now know they are reflected on the ground at the Rainbow Shower, with the Sun at its center, just like in the Inca's "Chakana?"  That's where I had already built the sacred Huaca last May (right images). 

So could the Rainbow Shower be a mirror of the solar system? We already know that the Gemini, Big Dipper and the Orion (torso) constellations are also mirrored on its boundaries (see Peru: Spirits' Guidance; Rainbow Shower Revelations, Feb 22, 2010 [User ID/Password needed to access it]).

Hm... I have a feeling that more will be revealed on the remaining three "333"-days later this month, especially on the Spring Equinox (3/21/2010), which also happens to be a Sunday!


P.S. Wow...  I've just tried to test this solar system theory in practice, using the Google Earth map of the Rainbow Shower (left).  The eight planet line up perfectly when reflected on the ground in proportion to their distance from the sun.  And... the three clusters form three sets of #9 numerologically, too (see the pink markings on the right image).


And that's all she wrote from the Rainbow Shower so far this month. And it's only the fourth day of March...

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