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23 Jan 2011

Updated July 25, 2010, adds Buddhist Bon Dance, Old Maui High, Home Artistry

Tourists on Home Island

Visits to Farmer's Market, Winery, Lavender Farm


Tourists on Home Island

Visits to Farmer's Market, Winery, Lavender Farm

HAIKU, Maui, July 8 - After nearly a year and a half of living in Maui, we are still discovering new delights of the Valley Isle. You saw how we spent the Fourth of July evening on Kanaha Beach, a lovely beach between the Kahului harbor and airport.  Yesterday, on a spur of the moment, we kept on driving southeast upcountry on Kula road until we got to this cute little farmers market.

We stopped mostly to enjoy magnificent views of the West Maui mountains and both north and south shores around them.  But we also found the staff at the market to be very friendly and their produce fresh and cheap.  So we stocked up on some supplies, including some delicious raw honey.

Ulupalakua Winery

We continued eastward to Keokea, where we stopped for a snack at the famous Grandma's Coffee House (left).  Our final southeast destination was Ulupalakua ranch and Winery (see the relief map below).  Elizabeth posed on the porch with some of the local residents left over from a bygone era (middle right shots).  The cowgirls signs inside the store were priceless (right).

Since neither Elizabeth nor I are drinkers, a visit to the Ulupalakua Winery was not high on our list, even though it is the only winery on the islands.  But since we were there, we decided to go in and taste some of the local products.  We ended up buying three bottles of delicious tasting sparkling and dessert wines which we plan to serve when entertaining guests. 

The winery houses a museum full of interesting stories about the place, including the visit by the Hawaiian king who slept in that very room in 1874 (right).

You can read some of these stories yourself from the above posters which I left in high res so you can see larger print.

Lavender Farm: Feast for Soul and Body

On our way back home, we stopped at a Lavender farm, tucked in the Haleakala hillside, off upper Kula Rd.  The visit was a balm both for the soul and the body.  The views and the scents were heavenly.  Check out at least the views...

As for the heavenly scents, you'll just have to come and visit us.

"South Pacific in a South Pacific Setting

Marvelous musical how on Maui Tropical Plantation lawn

HAIKU, MAUI, July 12 - Sunday evening under the stars was a perfect setup for a "South Pacific" musical show which opened this weekend on the lawn of Maui Tropical Plantation.  The "South Pacific" revival in a South Pacific setting.  It doesn't get much better than that.  Check it out...

You can see a "nurse" from the "South Pacific" (above right), posing during the intermission in one of the US Marines World War II Jeeps.  The local French-speaking Polynesians pronounced it as "Yeeps" in the musical. :-)

And now, here's a short video clip from a warm-up show...

  "South Pacific" at Maui Tropical Plantation (July 11, 2010) (3:18 mins)

Also check out... In the Mood (28th concert, July 13)

And then this afternoon (July 12), here's a still shot of another "South Pacific"-type setting back home.  Above was a view from our kitchen window.  Here was Leo, our neighbor's horse to whom I bring carrots every day, and his new friend - an Egret (bird), using Leo's back as a perch or an observation tower for worms or other earthly delights. :-)

Buddhist Bon Dance in Makawao

HAIKU, MAUI, July 25 - Saturday evening under the stars was also a perfect setup for a Buddhist "Bon Dance" festival.  Elizabeth and I went to see it in Makawao...

One of the most beautiful things about this ceremony, which honors and celebrates the ancestors who have passed, sort of like the All Souls Day (Nov 1) in Christian tradition, is that everybody is welcome to participate in the dance.  There were kids no more than two years old, as well as 90-year old looking grandparents, all spinning around to the sound of drums and Japanese lyrics.

Old Maui High

Earlier that day, I drove by the old Maui High School, near Paia.  What made me stop and take some pictures of this dilapidated building was that magnificent tree (Royal Poinciana).

Views from the corridors of the old school are still spectacular, as you can see from the two middle shots.  The middle left picture looks like a painting from Italy or Spain, I told Elizabeth, as I urged her to paint it.  You can also see a photo of the school in its prime (1938) in the right shot.

Home Artistry at the Rainbow Shower

Things have been happening this week at the Rainbow Shower, too.

You can see above the resident artist displaying a sugar cane gift we received from our neighbors a few days ago.  The day before, she was also doing an ancient Greek "wine making dance" inside our trash bin.  Except that instead of mashing grapes, I had lifted her in there to help compress our garden cuttings as the bin was overflowing.

At more sedate times, such as this morning, you can catch Elizabeth painting using her new easel at her Rainbow Shower studio.

And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower so far in July.

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