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23 Jan 2011

Updated Jan 11, 2010... adds Google Earth map

Rainbow Shower: Then & Now...

From impassable jungle to "Garden of Eden" in 10 months


Rainbow Shower: Then & Now

From impassable jungle to "Garden of Eden" in 10 months

HAIKU, Maui, Jan 10 - On Dec 15, we declared the heavy road construction at the Greater Rainbow Shower officially over (see End of the Road, Dec 15).  Last Wednesday (Jan 6), on the Orthodox Christmas Eve, James, a former Alaska crab fisherman-turned Hawaiian landscaper, finished several weeks of manual clean up.  Yesterday, Elizabeth and I planted some flowers in the Palm Rockery area (see the maps - right, Google Earth above & the picture below).

So this may be a good jump off point from which to take a "then and now" journey - from an impassable jungle to a "Garden of Eden" that the Rainbow Shower has become.  I tried to take most of the pictures that follow from approximately the same spots, then and now...


Views from the Upper Rainbow Shower - Then & Now...


LEGEND: The "then" (Mar 2009) photos have yellow background; the "now" (today, Jan 10) have pale blue borders.

Views at the Lower Rainbow Shower - Then & Now...

First, the view from the Orchard Rd to the entrance to the Lower Rainbow Shower in the right photos is "new," meaning it would have been impossible to see anything like that through the jungle thicket that existed at that point back in March, such as in the left picture below.  Furthermore, the entire lawn area is new. 

Here are now pairings of "then and now" photos, side by side....


Most of the views back in March were obscured by thick jungle growth.  That's why some of the shots look as if there were taken over top some plants.  They were.


The only way I could find that big African tulip tree back then was by the droppings of its meaty red flowers on the ground.


Even before we moved a single piece of dirt, I had visualized the Uaca (sacred space) and the Apucheto (stone altar) as you see it in the finished form in the two right frames.  The two leftmost shots show the bottom of the river bed from where some of those stones came, and the middle one depicts it as it looks now.  As you can see, there are plenty of rocks left there after we were finished building the Uaca and the Apucheto (two right shots shows the finished Uaca site today).


Furthermore, even while I was still in Arizona, I had visualized the original Rainbow Shower property in the form of a triangle (see the left Google Earth map which I drew in Feb 2008).  So I had my Maui real estate agent do some research to find out who owned the adjacent property where the (yellow) triangle lay.  One thing led to another, and seven months later, I ended up owning not just the triangle, but the five acres around it, too - the Great Rainbow Shower (see the map - above right).  Since we built the road, I have since found out a stone, still buried in the ground, that marks the top of that triangle.  You can see it as it looks today in the two right shots above.


Walking on through the jungle back in March, I was stunned to discover this beautiful lawn.  It was hidden from view by thick cane grass and other jungle plants.  I thought originally that that it was a part of my property and was disappointed when I learned later that it was not.  I also found some sort of a path there.  I found out later that it was a part of the road that the original Portuguese settlers had built to bring the cattle up from the gulch to E Kuiaha Rd, where we suspect their home was (no trace of it anymore, except perhaps where the Lookout #1 is located - see above map).


It is in this area that, despite the thick jungle growth back in March, I spotted a "sacred tree," a Christmas berry tree that tied itself into a knot (left).  This is also where I did my first shamanic ceremony (middle).  You can see what that place looks like today (two right shots).

Finally, here are some views of the Greater Rainbow Shower in this area that were not possible back in March because of high jungle growth...

And now, check out the some of the NEW growth since we started working on the Lower Rainbow Shower.

The plant on the right is called Ape.  It is a close cousin of Taro from which Hawaiians make delicious "mashed potatoes."   On the left, you can see the NEW cane grass that sprung up from and through the pile of rubble that we created from the jungle clearing back in May. As you can see, if there is one thing in abundance around here, it is LIFE itself.  It is unstoppable.


And that's all she wrote so far in 2010 from the Rainbow Shower...

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