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23 Jan 2011

Updated Feb 28, 2010... adds Hawaiian "Tsunami" Hoax; Global "Panicdemic" Spreads to Japan; U.S. Government Cancels Tsunami Warning for All Countries; Guest on Badlands Radion Program

Back Home, Altzar's Astral Birthday

Integrating Peru experiences into the Rainbow Shower and Maui


Back Home from Peru

Rainbow Shower revelations follow Andean spiritual experiences

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 3-27 - We got home from our long trip to Peru on Groundhog Day (Feb 2).  Not that it means much here in Hawaii how many more weeks of winter we would have.  The last three months have been the driest period since we moved here almost a year ago.  And this is supposed to be a rainy season.  Oh well...

The Lima painting survived the 10,,000-mile trip okay, as you can see from the above pictures.  The trip from a framing shop in Kihei (middle) in my open air Jeep (middle right) was actually rougher on it.  But it did make it back a couple of days ago without a scratch. 

As you can see, it is now hanging happily on a wall next to our entrance door, as is the Greek scene, painted by an Italian artist, which graciously moved to the foyer of our bedroom (right).

Right after returning home from our trip, I went out to see if the revelations about a giant cross intersecting at my gulch Huaca were in fact true in real life.  They were (see right image).  Those of you who have access to my private, password-protection section of the web site, can read all about it, and see many more images, including those of celestial mirrors that are reflected at the Rainbow Shower, by clicking here:

Peru: Spirits' Guidance; Rainbow Shower Revelations (Feb 22, 2010) [You will need a User ID/Password to access it]

Also, about a week or so after returning home, Elizabeth and I went on a two-and-a-half day trip to Oahu.  It was a combination of business in Honolulu and the start of a celebration of our anniversary.

Oahu Valentine's/Anniversary Trip (Feb 11-14, 2010)

You can find stories and pictures from both occasions by clicking on the above link.

Rainbows Return to the Rainbow Shower

This is supposed to be rainy season here, but in fact, the last three months have been the driest period we have experienced since moving here almost a year ago.  And without rain, there cannot be any rainbows.  Well, just as I was surveying some of the points from my celestial revelations on Feb 20, a rainbow appeared over our home at the Rainbow Shower.  I did not have my camera with me, so I snapped the above two pictures with my cell phone camera.

Another "Jaws" Spectacle

On Feb 23, sensing a high surf possibility, we drove down to "Jaws" to see what was up.  Well, the surf was up, to be sure. 

The waves were maybe 20-30 ft high, which is not spectacular for a place that has recorded 75-ft waves with surfers on them.  But they did attract some spectators, ourselves included.

Altzar's Astral Birthday

An amazing array of heavenly gifts showers the Rainbow Shower for Feb 25 festivities

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 25 - One year ago today (Feb 25), I celebrated my astral rebirth, with a help from two multidimensional beings.  It was an amazing day - 2/25… another #9 day as you may recall from my Altzar's Rebirth & Mantras (Feb 2009) story:

Well, my first astral birthday in Hawaii was no less memorable. Last night, I prepared the logs for a fire ceremony at my gulch Huaca which I plan to do later today, weather permitting (light rain is falling right now - 8:30AM).  I also lit a candle this morning at the house and the Palo Santo (Peruvian scented holy wood), to help carry my prayers of gratitude to the Creator and Apu Huaskaran/Quollor Nusta and other master guides.  Right after getting up, I also played Mozart’s, Beethoven’s and Joplin’s music, as my tribute to them for their presence and guidance (they were among the Master Spirit Guides who showed up at my astral rebirth a year ago).  


It started early in the morning with a surprise phone call.  The framer from a Kihei art studio called to tell me the painting I bought in Lima (see above) was ready.  The painting has been in a frame shop for the last 16 days.  It was supposed to be finished on Tuesday.  But it wasn’t ready then. They promised to get it done by Friday (tomorrow). 


What's especially interesting that I "saw" it coming.  As I was stirring in bed before getting up, I thought of the painting in the frame shop.  And I saw it being transported in my open air Jeep (it is too large for our normal sedan).  That's when our home phone rang.  It was the guy from the frame shop.  That's when I understood its full significance. 


I bought it almost unwittingly.  We went out to get a Starbucks coffee and returned with a beautiful 6' x 3' work of art (see Last Night in Lima, Jan 30).  One could say the spirit (Apu Huaskaran?) moved me to buy it?  And now, the spirits ensured that the gift is delivered on my astral birthday.  It was first of many surprises that awaited me on this special day.

  • Star Kumara, the multidimensional being who conducted my astral rebirth ceremony a year ago (saying at the time that he has been sent to do it because we were astral brothers), has since moved from Arizona.  Last I heard about six months ago, her was in upstate New York, his home state.   We may be in touch telepathically, but he has written only maybe three times in the last 12 months. 

This morning, to my great and pleasant surprise, I had an email from Star.  He was reacting to the same subject story from Cusco/Lima as you did.  He was also very laudatory.  I wrote back and reminded him of the significance of this day.  I told him it was no coincidence that Feb 25 was one of maybe three times in the last 12 months that he has been moved to write to me.

  • And then my CPA wrote to me this morning as well. It was a routine message, giving me some amounts that were transferred between various accounts.  The email subject had the words CORRECTION !!! written in capitals.  She said she was correcting an earlier message in which she had given me some incorrect amounts.  I wrote back and told her that God has already made a correction for me.  I never got her first message.  Later on, I looked at my Junk mail folder and found it there.  It was the first time ever that a message from my CPA landed in the Junk mail folder. :-)

  • I also got two financial birthday gifts yesterday.  First, I received a very large payment from a very large client.  It was due in January, so I considered it late.  But the spirits evidently thought otherwise.  They made sure it was delivered just in time for my astral birthday.

  • Second, the state of Hawaii has some stupid “General Excise” tax which applies to everything, including services, such as my writing and consulting work.  The only way around it is to get your clients to state that they are not using your services in the state of Hawaii.  Well, one of my clients is a large French company.  You know that the French had given the world the term “bureaucracy.”  Getting them to do something like that is like pulling hens’ teeth.  Well, yesterday, I got the signed form back.  And it was executed by none other than the CEO of this multi-billion dollar-company. :-)

"So it goes…" as Kurt Vonnegut used to say in his famous novel “Slaughterhouse Five.”  But that was only a start...



As I was driving in my Jeep to Kihei, I had said my prayers of gratitude to the Creator and all of my master spirit guides.  When I was finished, just past Paia around Baldwin Beach, I looked up and saw a heart cloud in the sky .  It only lasted maybe 30 seconds or so, then it melted away into the blue background.  There were no other clouds around.  So no question it was a sign.  I was not quick enough to take a perfect picture of it, but I did take one (left).  I felt so blessed and grateful for the instant divine acknowledgement of my prayers that tears rolled down my cheeks.


Then as I was driving into Kihei, again I looked up toward the sky again.  This time, there was a giant cloud in the shape of a letter “A.”  I took it to mean A for Altzar.  It lay in the direction of the Maalaea Harbor.   That one lasted a little longer so that I think I was able to get a decent shot of it (two right shots).


MacBook Pro Arrives at "Rainbow Shower"


Then when I was driving around Kihei taking care of some other errands before picking up my painting, I got a call from a local Apple dealer.  He said my new MacBook Pro was ready to be picked up.  Like the painting, I did not expect it until tomorrow at the earliest.  Another birthday gift. 



You can see me with both of them in the back of the Jeep when I arrived home on Feb 25 (left).  And you can also see my new Apple MacBook Pro (two right shots). Of course, the Rainbow Shower logo and the rainbow designs on the keyboard pad are custom enhancements by yours truly.  Hope they bring me luck in finally getting rid of Microsoft, HP, Dell, Toshiba and all that Windows crud that I have had to live with for the last quarter century.



Later that afternoon, when I did my fire ceremony at the Apucheto in my Huaca (right), was an absolutely brilliant time of day.  No words are necessary to embellish the pictures you can see above.


Last but not least, you can see in the right picture of the sky above the Rainbow Shower late this evening the alignment of the stars and planets on my astral birthday.  The two Sirius stars are the home stars for Elizabeth and I (Sirius A is hers, Sirius B or Dogon Star is mine).  As for Mars and the Moon, I saw them as balancing of male and female energies... a classic example of yin-yang or yanantin-manantin (in Quechua).


By the end of the day, I did feel very balanced and blessed.

Bob Altzar


I am one known as Altzar,

The Rainbow Giver

From the Dogon star.

I am a child of the Original One,

I am a ray of the Original Sun,

I am Wholeness,

I am Love,

I am Altzar.

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Hawaiian "Tsunami" Hoax

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 27 - By now you know that the much ballyhooed Hawaiian "tsunami" hoax turned out to be a whimper.  Only  6-12 INCH (!) waves.  You could bathe a baby in such a “tsunami.”  No surprise there, as you can see from the enclosed note I had written to my family and friends BEFORE the "tsunami" arrived (also see the "projection" image - right).


Hello everybody.  This is just a quick word to let you know we are fine, and warn you not to fall for the media and government propaganda about the alleged danger to Hawaii from potential tsunamis unleashed by the massive earthquake in Chile. Even if the predicted 7-9 foot waves do materialize, which I frankly doubt, over here on the north shore of Maui, most people would not even bother to get their surfboards out.  For us, these are baby waves.  We start to watch the surf when it reaches 20-30 ft, as it was earlier this week (see the picture below taken 2/23). 

How do I know that? Well, Chile is 7,000 miles away.  The ocean surge even there has been only 7-9 feet.  And you expect a "tsunami" to get bigger in Hawaii?  I'd be surprised if our "tsunami" surge were even half that.  Only fools would fall for such panic-inducing "forecasts."  I never even turned on the TV this morning.  Yet we were aware of the Chilean earthquake since last night here.  I got the news about it and saw it on my seismic monitor within 10 minutes of its occurring (3:34AM Chilean time this morning). 

This tsunami scare is yet another opportunity for the media to whip up the frenzy (and thus increase ad sales), and for the governments to frighten people so as try to assert control over our lives.  Don’t fall for it.  We are fine.  Nothing has happened nor is going to happen no matter how much excitement our lamestream media try to whip up.  They are milking a dry news cow.  

I will report more on this later this evening.  Right now, I need to go down to the gulch and finish the construction work I started this morning on new trellises. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

Much love 


Indeed, everything was good and normal around here.  Here’s the latest Dow Jones' news report about it: 

Tsunami unleashed by Chilean earthquake reaches Hawaii (click on title to read the full story)

Dow Jones’ MarketWatch, 02/27/2010 05:43:18 PM EST


Initial reports said the tsunami, first spotted in Hilo Bay, hadn't produced the large wave that had been feared. Those fears had led to evacuation of 100,000 people.   President Obama, who grew up in Hawaii, had urged everyone in the tsunami's path to take precautions.

There were no initial reports of damage. Hawaii was expected to be among the hardest-hit areas. According to a Hawaiian civil-defense officer quoted by The Wall Street Journal, five surges of 6 to 12 inches in height had reached the Big Island and had been less destructive than feared.

A 100,000 people evacuated on account of 6"-12" waves - which were predictably by anyone with common sense!?  Is there any limit to our gullibility?

What I had not told you about before was that last night, around 11:30PM here, four minutes BEFORE the 8.8 Richter scale earthquake that unleashed the "tsunami" hit Chile, Elizabeth and I saw an unusual cloud pass from east to west right under the Big Dipper (Ursa Minor - Little Bear) across the northern sky.

You can see it above in an artist rendition of various constellations.  The cloud looked exactly like that little bear depicted in the Ursa Minor image.  The bear was facing east, again as in the image.  But this "animal" had a second head that looked like a puma or jaguar.  Otorongo is a sacred animal of the winds of the West in the Inca cosmology.  The second head was roughly where the Ursa Minor's tail was.  It was facing the West, the direction in which the cloud was moving.

Here's the Native Americans' interpretation of the significance of these two power animals:

Bear (Ursa)

Bear is known for its period of hibernation. Bear can help us with the ability to turn inward to access our strength and honor your nature cycles. He teaches us when it is time to act and when it is time to be still.

Cougar (Puma, Jaguar, Otorongo)

A symbol of power. Cougar teaches you to balance your own. Cougar responds to any challenge with swiftness.

If the Bear-Puma cloud was a warning, we certainly did not get it at the time.  But the powerful sign made enough of an impression on me to have made me turn on my computer to look up the exact shape of the Little Bear constellation.  That was about 10-15 minutes later.  That's how I found out on my seismic monitor about the massive earthquake that had hit Chile in the meantime.  I also showed it to Elizabeth before we went to bed.  When we awoke this morning, the Hawaiian "tsunami" frenzy was already in full swing.

Meanwhile, check out some of the "refugee" scenes we recorded in Pukalani (Maui's "upcountry"). 


We drove there to get some supplies at the local hardware store (left).  I also wanted to do some laps at the Pukalani pool (middle left).  Alas, it was closed, like most government-operated things this morning.  The parking lot of a normally spacious shopping center was packed (middle right). Refugees from lower-lying areas, driven from their homes by alarmist news reports and images like the one on the right, were camped everywhere.

And then, as if that weren't enough, the tsunami sirens went off again at 11AM, just before the expected arrival of the destructive waves.  I was in the hardware store at the time.  I recorded some of it for you, so you can see how the government spreads fear and panic among the people...

 Hawaiian "Tsunami" Hoax - by Bob Djurdjevic (Feb 27, 2010) (1:33 mins)

... and then never again do what the "authorities" tell you, unless your own personal COMMON SENSE agrees with it.  One day, such attitude may save your life.  This comes to you from a former war correspondent who has had to rely on common sense rather than government protection for survival.

In short, the Hawaiian "tsunami hoax" of Feb 27 was a case of gross overreaction and typical fear-mongering by the lamestream media and government officials.

Now, do you want to see something that grows here at the Rainbow Shower and is about 10 times bigger than today's "Hawaiian tsunami?"  Take a look at the picture of Elizabeth next to one of the weeds I pulled out from the slopes back of our house. :-)


P.S. Just went to get our mail and see that the US Post Office has given itself a day off today.  Unlike the rest of us, I am sure they will get paid for not doing their job.  Par for the course, I suppose, when it comes to disaster-minting governments.

Global "Panicdemic" Spreads to Japan

TOKYO, Japan, Feb 28 - Tokyo has just been hit by a "tsunami" of madness as the global "panicdemic" spread to Japan.  This excerpt from a Reuter's story filed from Japan's capital gives a new dimension to ludicrous news reports and government madness.  Even though there is clearly no danger to Japanese "mainland," since the "tsunami" was reduced to a four-inch wave by the time it reached outer Japanese islands, the Tokyo government and the media are still hyping up evacuations of 245,000 households, possibly over a million people!? 

4-inch wave washes island 1,212 miles south of Tokyo

Main Japan islands brace for tsunami of 10 feet or more

By Elaine Lies and Yoko Kubota

TOKYO, Feb 28 (Reuters) - A tiny tsunami hit a small island far south of Tokyo on Sunday after authorities warned that waves of more than 3 metres (10 ft) could batter Japan's Pacific coast following a massive earthquake in Chile.

Officials have ordered some 245,000 households along Japan's Pacific coast to evacuate after one of the world's most powerful earthquakes in a century battered Chile on Saturday, killing more than 300 people.

A 10 cm (4 inch) tsunami lapped the small island of Minamitori 1,950 km (1,212 miles) south of Tokyo, NHK public TV reported.

Sirens wailed in coastal towns on Japan's main islands and tens of thousands of people were urged to evacuate to higher ground after the Japan Meteorological agency issued the tsunami warning for a wide swathe of Japan's Pacific coast.

It was the first warning for a major tsunami in 17 years and only the fourth since 1952, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

Evacuate over a million people on account of a four-inch ripple?  Now there you have a tsunami of madness.  We would not even know how to measure waves that small in Hawaii.

U.S. Government Cancels Tsunami Warning for All Countries

WASHINGTON, February 28, 2010 (AFP) - The US government on Sunday morning canceled a tsunami warning for all Pacific nations that had been issued in the wake of a 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile.

"The Pacific-wide tsunami warning issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is now canceled for all countries," it said in a statement.

The Japanese government at least had the decency to apologize to its people for alarmist news warnings and evacuations (see Japan sorry for overzealous tsunami alert, Mar 1).  No such luck here, of course, especially since OUR government and media reports caused all others to panic and overreact, evacuating 100,000 people here in Hawaii.

Well, score one goal for the Team Common Sense.  I wrote to some of you BEFOREHAND to tell you not to worry (see my stories Hawaiian "Tsunami" Hoax, Feb 27, including Global "Panicdemic" Spreads to Japan, Feb 28).  

Guest on Badlands Radio Program

One silver lining out of all this is that this evening, I will be a guest at a Texas-based but nationally and globally syndicated radio program to talk about it, along with an acclaimed geologist who predicted the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. 

Here is a link to Badlands Radio ( , The show starts at 9:30PM Eastern tonight, so tune in at that time by clicking on the Live Stream button at the above web site.  

You can read more about the show and the guests by clicking on...

Predictive Earthquake Activity with Geologist Jim Berkland & Tsunami Scares with Bob Djurdjevic

And that's all she wrote from the Rainbow Shower this month.

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