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23 Jan 2011

Updated Dec 31, 2010, adds Stupidity on the Rise in U.S.? Or Just Government/Media Betrayal?

Goddess Namaka returns at stroke of midnight

Christmas 2010 Flash Flood

Rushing Namaka Creek ushers in first ever flash flood at Rainbow Shower


(Surf & Turf - Christmas Day at Ho'okipa Point)

Goddess Namaka returns at stroke of midnight


Christmas 2010 Flash Flood

Rushing Namaka Creek ushers in first ever flash flood at Rainbow Shower

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 26 - We saw her power and artistry at work on Christmas Day (see Ho'okipa Point Surf).  Little did we know what she had in store for us as an encore.

It's been pretty dry around here the last few days.  Humid, but dry.  And hot (in the low 80s).  Which is a heat wave for us in Upcountry Maui.  When Elizabeth and I took our walk around the Rainbow Shower yesterday afternoon, we realized we would need to water everything in the evening.  And so we did.

I have been also asking in my shamanic prayers for Goddess Namaka to return and bring us rain and running water in our gulch stream.  It dried up completely about a week ago.  The weeds were starting to grow where not long ago water flowed.  So last night, around midnight, as Elizabeth and I were sitting in the spa and enjoying occasional flashes of lightening in the distance over the ocean, I said, "wish it would rain."  Not more than a couple of minutes later, a few drops of rain fell on us.  "I mean a 'real' rain," I said.  "Not just a few drops."

Around 3AM I was awakened by a loud crack of thunder.  "It can't be," I thought at first.  "This never happens in Hawaii.  I must be dreaming."  And then there was another crack.  Even louder.  Now there was no doubt.  It was a thunderstorm.  And the lightening must have hit very close to us.

Ever since I was a child, I used to count the seconds after I see a flash of lightening. Multiply the number of seconds by the speed of sound (340m/sec) and you can figure out the approximate distance from where the lightening struck.  After the second flash, even semiconscious in bed, I started counting, "one submarine, two submarines, three submarines..."

Even before I got to three, a loud crack reverberated around the gulch.  "That was close," I thought.  "Less than a mile."  Actually, it was probably more like half a mile as I figured later in the day, when I was fully conscious.  Goddess Pele was partying, evidently nearby. (Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes).

At the same time, I could hear steady rain.  "Wonder if the creek is running?" I wondered.  "Did Goddess Namaka join her sister?" (Namaka is the Hawaiian goddess of water).  But there was no one to talk to.  Elizabeth was fast asleep.  And the two goddesses were too busy competing with each other to pay attention to the little me.

I woke up right around sunrise.  The rain had stopped.  The dawn revealed a mostly clear sky.  I walked out to the lanai to see if I can hear the creek.  Sure enough, it was rushing.  I was excited. "Wonderful," I said. "So my prayers were answered."

The early morning sky was beautiful, both in the west and the east.  And Haleakala (volcano - two right shots) seemed to be waking up with a cover on snow on top.  (Actually, I think it was probably a cloud.  But at its 10,000 ft elevation, who knows...).  I walked back into the house, warmed up a cup of stale coffee, started a fresh brew, and headed down the hill. 

Right at the top of the Orchard Rd, I noticed something interesting.  When Elizabeth and I walked down to the gulch last night, it had been so dry that I brought a cup of water to that solitary Impatiens I had planted at the start of the road.  It had looked rather sad and forlorn in the dry weather.  When we returned from the gulch last night, I had forgotten to pick it up.  And so now the green cup has become our accidental rain gauge, a mini weather station.  As you can see, we seemed to have gotten about three inches of rain overnight.  Which is a lot, even by the Arizona monsoon standards. 

"No wonder the creek is rushing," I thought, enjoying the sound of from high up, even though I could still not see it.

When I finally reached the Lower Rainbow Shower, where the above two right shots were taken, the scene was spectacular. I have never seen Namaka Creek so buoyant.  As you can see from the pictures I took walking alongside the creek, it would appear that the water level during the night was at least two feet above what it was now.  Yet even at this level, it was as high as I have ever seen it.  Here's a photo gallery of still shots I took as I walked along the banks of Namaka Creek...

By the way, that "Bud" beer can I am holding in the bottom row was the can I rescued in the thick of the jungle and later donated to our trash.  This will become clearer as you watch the movie.  And the last shot in the bottom row was that of the ruined "zhito."  I left it on the rail of our lanai hoping the sun and humidity would help the wheat grow faster.  Little did I know that Goddess Namaka was going to pay it a visit, pouring three inches of rain into an inch deep dish.  Oh well... the higher power.

As for the sound of the rushing water that accompanied me on my walk, it was music to my ears.  So I decided to make a movie and share it with you.  You can expect to see some pretty unexpected things that happen to me.  Nothing is ever as planned at the Rainbow Shower.  We just have to roll with the punches, sometimes slipping and sliding...


Christmas 2010 Flash Flood at Rainbow Shower - by Bob Djurdjevic [14:20 mins]

Happy holidays!

First "Baby Elisabeth" Bananas Picked

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 27 - I picked this morning the first crop of "Baby Elisabeth" bananas...

The first half a dozen were ripe to be picked and eaten about four months after their "birth" on Aug 24 (two right shots).

Christmas Day: Ho'okipa Surf, Stocking-stuffer & More

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 25 - Merry Christmas! (to everybody who celebrates it).  Happy Saturday! (to those who don't).

This afternoon, I went to pick up Elizabeth at the airport.  She returned home after spending 10 days with her kids and grandkids in AZ.  These are some of local scenes we caught on our way home at Ho'okipa Point, between Paia and the Rainbow Shower.  (I know, it's a real hardship "having" to pass this scenery every time we go into town). :-)

The surf was about 20-25 ft, not as big as last year at Christmas (Christmas Spectacular at Jaws, Dec 25, 2009), but respectable enough to keep all but the best surfers on shore.  We only saw four of them braving the surf.  And the waves were quite long.  Which made for some great surfing runs.

BTW - I doctored up this last picture (right) a bit with my Photoshop to give it a feel of a nighttime shot. I don't know why.  I just thought it looked more beautiful and mysterious that way.  And made that poor surfer swimming in the sea of white foam appear more daring.  In the left picture, however, the mist is real.  Itís the spray that rises from the breaking waves that makes it look like coastal fog.  It only happens when the surf is 15 ft or bigger.  The middle shot is a close up.

This year, with Elizabeth away until the Christmas Day, I decided to make an inverse stocking-stuffer.  I started with Elizabethís "painting of a painting" (left).  Had it framed professionally and hung on a wall next to my original large Greek painting.  Then I created this "artist impression" shot focusing on the original and its new offspring (dulling the background, and creating the shadows and highlights on the paintings - middle left and middle right as a close-up).  Then I turned the offspring into a inverse "stocking stuffer" for Elizabeth (right).  

(Usually, Santa is supposed to put some gifts into his sock.  But since that wouldnít work in this case, I hung the sock on the painting.  Itís now up to Santa to stuff it into it, if he can ). :-)

Elizabeth had not seen any of this until she got home.  It was a welcome-home surprise for her.

... as will be some of the other art objects around the house and on lanai I created in her absence.  They represent a combination of purchased items and my "gulch art," nature's gifts which I shaped into art objects (bamboos, coconuts, African Tulip pods, lawai leaves, bird of paradise flowers, point setas, ginger flower, etc.)

Elizabeth's Birthday

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 28 - Elizabeth's birthday this year was marked by a variety of events... a little bit of this, a little bit of that, some work, lots of play.  Overall, it was a purple day as far as the birthday girl is concerned.  Here are, for example, the birthday flowers I gave her, courtesy of our gulch.

Ever seen a flower that large?  You can hurt someone with it if you're not careful... :-) So we are keeping them outside, on the lanai.

After a movie ("Black Swan" - excellent!), I took the birthday girl to dinner at "Mama's Fish House" in Paia, our world-famous local restaurant.  Their flower arranger was into pink's this week.  Elizabeth seem to have gotten the memo, too, and ordered a Pink Floyd (Cosmopolitan).  The pink's also worked well off of Elizabeth's purple's, including the new shoes she got in Arizona this month (middle).  So overall, it was a pink and purple birthday, you could say.  My charcoal gray's appropriately served as a backdrop to the lively colors around me.

New Modern Art Gallery Section

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 29 - Those of you with artistic interests might be interested in this little story.  When Elizabeth returned from AZ, she had checked a large box that contained three large black & white photos of a nude (herself).  At first, I told her I had no idea where to put them as our walls are already full of art. And that B&W doesnít really go well with all other traditional art objects we have.  So we just left the box in the garage.

Then last night, in between a movie and the birthday dinner, we spent some time browsing through an art store.  Suddenly, a vision of a modern art gallery corner at the Rainbow Shower appeared to me.  It wasnít as crystal clear as you can see it now in the enclosed photos, but the elements were.  

So today, while Elizabeth was in town to buy some art supplies for her next painting class, I did some painting myself.  I spray-painted two bamboo urns and the dried shrubs I bought last night in that art store, and made them into two eternal flames.  One burning red to black, the other black to red.  

I pictured them in between the three B&W nude photos of Elizabeth, like eternal flames rising our of the torches/urns straight from the earth to illuminate the pictures (middle right). 

As of this morning, both "eternal flames" were merely unstained pieces of wood and shrubbery. 

This morning, I also had the vision of the three B&W photos hanging on each of the three sides of a wall. 


And voila!  Putting it all together, a new modern art gallery corner at the Rainbow Shower was a result.  The TRUTH (sign) has also jumped to another wall.

When Elizabeth returned home this evening, she was very pleased with my new modern art creation, the only part of the Rainbow Shower that looks like it.  Of course, I had had artistic inspirations and visions before (see "Stocking-stuffer and more...")/  But never before did they show up in contemporary style like this.  Wonder what that means?  Let me know what you think.

Thematically, itís also our "Nudes Corner."  My beautiful Russian nude, Irene, now has company... another nude with a "tripolar" back.  Thank God it's not a "tripolar" personality. :-)

If you're interested in comparing, you can see what the "Nudes Corner" looked like up until this afternoon (the photo on the right, taken in May 2009, modified this evening to highlight the corner in question).

Happy New Year... and More

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 31 - Happy New Year to one and all!

This "ecard," actually an image of the lights at the Rainbow Shower.  In the traditional Inca shaman cosmology, the white color symbolizes the heavens, the red Mother Earth (Pachamama).  And this is is where they come together, as they do in a shamanís mesa or in a despacho.

For some of you in Australia and Asia, the New Year has already arrived. Not necessarily happily.  I invite you to join me in prayers for the flood victims in Queensland, Australia. The flooding began last week as Cyclone Tasha crashed into the northeastern coast.  About 300,000 square miles have been affected by the flooding.  Thatís an area larger than the state of Texas or bigger than the combined sizes of France and Germany.  

Rising waters have knocked out roads and several highways in northeastern Australia, trapping motorists, marooning entire towns and driving thousands from their homes as flooding stretched into its second week on Saturday. More than 200,000 people have been affected so far by the floods, local news media reported.  For more on this developing story, click on: Australia Floods Show No Signs of Retreating (NYT, Dec 31).

Also check out my Truth in Media year-end editorial:

Stupidity on the Rise in U.S.? Or Just Government/Media Betrayal? 

And again, Happy New Year!

And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower in December.

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