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23 Jan 2011

Updated Aug 28, 2010, adds From Elizabeth to Elisabeth, with Love; New Milo Trees

Home, Sweet Home...

Always great to be back, but especially after our tour of California


Home, Sweet Home...

Always great to be back, but especially after our tour of California

HONOLULU, Oahu, Aug 14 - It is always great to come home to the Rainbow Shower, but especially after our driving tour of California.  Seven days of pollution, freeways, shopping malls and the urban sprawl was more than enough time away from our little "paradise."


We were welcomed by our first homegrown pineapple.  Don't be deceived by its large look in the pictures I took (with and without flash - left).  They were close-ups.  It was actually quite tiny and not too sweet.  But it looked cute, especially set against the backdrop of the rainbow on the wall behind my Steinway (right).

On Friday, Aug 5, we went to our first "First Friday" in Wailuku.  It is a street fair that takes place once a month on the first Friday, as its name suggests.

The next day (Sat Aug 6), we attended a concert of contemporary music and jazz at Seabury Hall, a private school in Makawao.  Like abstract paintings, that kind of music is not exactly my cup of tea.  But the concert took place in a beautiful setting of upcountry Maui.  We  mingled with neighbors as well as made some new friends.  So it was fun overall.

Back Home in Maui

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 14 - We are back home in Maui now.  Elizabeth was a real trooper during our transfers from hotel to the airport, on the flight over, and during the ride home.  Elizabeth also had a first full normal dinner since Tuesday night (four days ago!).  So she is clearly on the mend.

Ever saw a cooler looking babe, only 50 hours after a major surgery?

Welcome-home Morning Rainbows

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 15 - We are getting spoiled.  I can't remember how many times we have arrived home from a trip to be welcomed by gorgeous morning rainbows.  None of them were quite as spectacular as this double rainbow this morning.  It was so large, that I could not fit it all in into a single camera frame.

So here are four of them next to each other.  I'll also try to splice them together.  Maybe like this...

(click on above image to enlarge)

I've also noticed a beautiful large tree on a neighbor's property in full bloom - with and without sunlight on it (righ and left).  We had never noticed it before.  You can see it above zoomed-in in its cloudy and sunny splendor

Afternoon Rainbows, Octopus Tree, Banana in Labor

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 21 - In the land of the rainbows and at a place called the Rainbow Shower, one should not be surprised to see a lot of them.  But they have been actually fairly rare this summer, especially compared to last year's afternoon/evenings. Which is why it was heartening to see a beautiful double rainbow spread over our front lawn on Saturday evening.

It was so large that I cold not fit it into a single camera frame.  You can see it above in two left shots.

Remember that tree on a neighbor's property with beautiful pink flowers? (two left shots).  Well, I did a little bit of research and found out that it is a He'e tree in Hawaiian.  Which loosely translated means an Octopus tree.  If you take a look at a close up of its pink flowers (right), you can see why.

Meanwhile, as my elder daughter awaits the arrival of her third child in London any moment now, over here at the Rainbow Shower a banana tree which I planted last summer as a mere decaying root has already gone into labor.  Take a look at its pod which contains the still unborn bananas on Day 1 of its birthing.  I plan to add more shots of this delivery as labor progresses over time.

Elisabeth Hope Beats British PM Couple's New Baby by Whisker

First Baby & Latest Family Photos from London

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 26 - The labor was long and painful but the news about the outcome was short and sweet.  Here's a message I sent out to our family and friends the morning of Aug 24:

Hello everybody.  Happy news.  Another Elisabeth has entered my life and our world early this morning at a London (England) hospital. Elisabeth Hope was born to my elder daughter Tanja Anne and her husband Bertie at 2AM UK time on Aug 24.  This means she will actually have two birthdays - Aug 24 in Europe, Asia and Australia, and Aug 23 in the Americas and Oceania.

Elisabeth Hope "made front page news" in the London Times (see below) by beating the British Prime Minister's new baby girl arrival by a whisker (a few hours).  And Elisabeth weighed in as a "heavyweight" right off the bat, especially for a baby girl. She was 3.95 kg (almost 9 pounds [8.7]) and 53 cm (21 inches) long [guess you can't say "tall" at this stage?].



Close family members and friends can CLICK HERE to view the FIRST PHOTOS of baby Elisabeth and her family [User ID, Password required].

Elisabeth Hope Banana Tree

Meanwhile, as my elder daughter's labor progressed in London, over here at the Rainbow Shower a banana tree which I planted last summer as a mere decaying root was also giving birth to its little babies.  Take a look at its pod which contains the still unborn bananas on Day 1 of its birthing.  On Day 3, Aug 24, the same day Elisabeth was born in London, this banana tree gave birth to its first babies.  So from now on, we are calling it our Elisabeth Hope banana tree.

Grandchildren Bougs

What you're about to see is another example of how gnosis and spiritual guidance work.  Sometimes we do things we are compelled to do without knowing why.  Then, if we're lucky, we find out afterward why we did it and what they mean.

Back in May, I took the picture of the Guava Hill (left) which sprawls directly opposite our house on the other side of the gulch.  Two months later, I had an inspiration.  What that hill lacks, I thought, was a little color.  Some artists used oils and water colors to create two-dimensional expressions of their souls.  I tend to use plants and flowers and rocks to the same in the three-dimensional world.  On July 27, I visualized and marked fuchsia and lavender Bougs (Bougenvilleas) on top of that hill.  Nature had even picked the two spots for me where to put them... in the two openings between the Christmas Berry trees that line the top of the ridge.

It took a while for the Kula nursery to get the Bougs for me.  When the sales lady eventually called me this week to let me know they had arrived, she was apologetic that they could only get four planters instead of the six I had requested.

On Wed (Aug 26), I went to work, backed up the Jeep in reverse as high as it could go.  Which was almost to the top of that hill.  Then I unloaded all the supplies and started digging the holes.  Two hours later, the four Bougs were planted in their new homes.

As you can see, they have a pretty view of the other side of the gulch where our house sits (the one with the brown roof - right photo).

It was only then, after I had done all that work, that the penny dropped... and I understood why there were only four Bougs available.  I also realized that, after several weeks of waiting, the call from the Kula nursery came of Aug 24 - the day Elisabeth was born.  These four Bougs were meant to symbolize my grandchildren.  And I had already identified them each by name after planting them - without being aware of it until it was all done.  So there you have it... my Grandchildren Bougs!  They provided the color I wanted to add to that hill. 

Furthermore, since there is no way to bring the water that far and that high up the hill except by carrying them in five-gallon buckets, which is what I did that first day I planted them, I asked the spirits later that night to help out with some rain.  Yesterday afternoon and evening, as well as during most of last night, we've been having the most wonderful showers you can imagine.  And this morning, when the plants need sunshine for their daily diet, guess what we are having?  Sunshine, of course.

Naturally, I have been also thanking the Creator and the spirits for their support and blessings of the new Bougs.

From Elizabeth to Elisabeth, with Love

Also, Texas Quilt, New Patio Door

Meanwhile, Elisabeth and the other grandchildren received another gift of love from the elder Elizabeth.  "My" Elizabeth has been working for months on a quilt she has designed and intended for my grandchildren.  She intends to present it to them when we go to London in late October.

As it turns out, she finished it "by coincidence" (there are no coincidences, as we know) on Aug 24, the day Elisabeth was born.  I am enclosing a photo of it here so the kids can see it before we get there (right).  And Elizabeth sewed in the grandchildren's names today (left).

Separately, Elizabeth has also just finished a giant Texas quilt that she has been working on for years (left).  She plans to enter it into the art competition which is a part of the Maui County Fair.  She is also busy sketching on her new easel which I bought her before her last painting class.  This morning, I made it into a "hatted easel" (middle left), using the hat she bought for me when we were in Assisi, Italy, last September.

Unrelated to any of these artistic endeavors, we are also having a new patio door installed off of our master bedroom.  As the three men worked on it on Thursday morning, I started to play some music.  It turns out the two helpers, both native Hawaiians, were interested as they are quite artistic themselves.  They almost dropped the door, when they stopped to applaud at the end of a Mozart piece.  :-) But the general contractor, a Yankee like ourselves, never even lifted his head from the buzz saw he was using.

New Milo Trees

When we went to Oahu back in February, we returned with a beautiful wood carving of a Mama Whale and her baby done by a native artist on Oahu's North Shore (see below).  He told us that the wood he used for this sculpture was Milo, one of the native Hawaiian trees.

Ever since, I have been trying to find some Milo trees in nature around here, at the Rainbow Shower, but could not.  The closest one to us is a tree on the main drag in Paia.  The tree's leaf is distinct in that it is the shape of a spade, as in a deck of cards.  Well, today (Aug 28), I have finally been able to find one I could buy and bring home.  I saw two of them that looked like they might like it at the Rainbow Shower at an exhibit of native trees at the Maui Botanical Gardens in Kahului.  I bought them, brought them home, and this afternoon, I planted them at the Lower Rainbow Shower, close to the Uaca (Heiau), and gave them their first drink [above right]. 

Then I asked the Creator and the spirits to take over and help me care for the new seedlings.  This evening, just as was the case after I planted the Grandchildren Bougs three days ago, the skies opened up with steady, nurturing rain, creating several lovely rainbows in the process.  They seem to be welcoming and blessing the latest natives to arrive at the Rainbow Shower.  And the result was this... (see right photo).  The water retention mix that I had added to the soil has produced the desired granules which continue to nourish the roots of the tree long after the rain had stopped.


And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower so far in August.

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