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09 Mar 2011

Updated Apr 13, 2010

Raging Creek Splits "Rainbow Shower" in Two

April Showers (to) Bring May Flowers, Rainbows and Running Streams


Spirit Orbs' Pictures, Stream Running Again

April Showers Bring May Flowers

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 3 - Sometimes it takes a friend to point to a forest that eludes us as we look at trees.  That's what happened yesterday when a shaman-friend of mine from Canada wrote to me about the spirit orbs she saw in my nighttime pictures from St. Patrick's Day (see Post Phoebus, Nubilla: Mothers Earth/Ocean, Goddesses Pele/Namaka All Show Up, 3-17-2010).

Here are again some of the still pictures I took that night (just past midnight/early morning of Mar 18):

My caption read, " least you can see some of the creek and some very large raindrops... :-)"

Well, if you look carefully, yes, you can see some tear-shaped raindrops.  But most of the objects that the flashlight illuminated look like spirit orbs, just as Linda of British Columbia had noticed.

"Some of the objects you caught were raindrops I know, but did you consider that the others (the ones that were spherical and with colours inside) were actually spirit orbs?," Linda said in her note.  "That would certainly fit with your property and the gifts you have been given from your property."

It's not that I had not noticed them myself.  On my first walk down to the gulch to see the rushing waters of an awakened creek, I carried two flashlights.  It was not raining at the time.  Yet I remember seeing many little orbs down in the gulch, especially around my Huaca, the sacred ground with an Apucheto (a stone altar you can see in the leftmost shot above).  But when you get used to the constant presence of spirits all around you, you forget to consider how unusual that may be to other people.  ).  The Huaca has since identified itself as my "Hawaiian Mesa."

So with apologies for not having done it earlier, I am bringing you this "spirit orbs" update today.

Furthermore, as Elizabeth was sorting through some of the pictures on her computer this morning, she also noticed some spirit orbs INSIDE our home the night we celebrated our anniversary.  Look carefully at the right photo.  You can see them against my dark jacket (Feb 14 - also Valentine's Day - right photo). 

P.S. A scientist-friend of mine from North Carolina just chimed in with a correction about the "spirit orbs."  Here's what he said:

"Well.....if you were using a digital camera...they aren't spirits at all unfortunately, but a trick in the pixels...I promise. There's a few good scientific sites out there if you want to Google them that discusses how the particles of dust and water vapor are picked up on the newer (last 5 years at least) digital cameras, usually at night time; but if the lighting's right, even in the day time. Anywho, still neat looking pictures!"

So take his comment under advisement as you consider the above pictures.

April Showers Bring May Flowers, Rainbows and Running Streams

And then just a few minutes ago, this morning (Apr 3), I saw two other examples of divine presence around here, at the Rainbow Shower. First, I saw a rainbow over the gulch early this morning while on the phone with an Arizona shaman-friend. I almost interrupted our conversation to tell him that, when the line dropped.  I had to redial.  By then, the rainbow was gone.

"So what's a big deal about that?" you may be wondering.  "You live at the Rainbow Shower after all."

Well, there was no sunshine at the time.  I have never seen a rainbow before when the sun wasn't shining.  I still don't know how a rainbow can happen without the sunlight.  I took that as a sign of divine approval of the things I was sharing with my friend.

Second, it had been raining most of the night and throughout the morning today.  During one of the breaks in the weather, I decided to go down to the gulch to see if our dried-up creek may be running again.  Sadly, I saw from the top of the Orchard Rd that it was not.  But when I reached the entrance to the Lower Rainbow Shower, I could see water in the riverbed upstream. 

"Strange," I thought.

When I came closer to the bank of the creek, I understood what was happening.  I was witnessing the gusher at the very moment it was coming down the stream bed from higher grounds.  It was just reaching the bottom of the Huaca when I arrived there.  It felt as if Pachamama and Goddess Namaka (Hawaiian goddess of water) waited for me to get down there before turning on the Kuiaha stream's tap. It was pretty amazing.  I felt exhilarated by the experience.

I went to check the riverbed around the Palm Island.  It was completely dry except for the underground spring just before the bridge that has been oozing constantly since St. Patrick's Day. 

I stayed down there for the next 15-30 minutes, watching the creek fill up and push its way around the rocks past the Huaca and through both riverbeds around the Palm Island.  I waited till it rejoined the underground spring.  Then I climbed up back to the house to get my camera.

This is what the Kuiaha Stream looked like about an hour or so later.

Raging Creek Splits "Rainbow Shower" in Two

Erstwhile Dry Riverbed Turns into Flood Zone

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 13 - What a difference a year can make.  For the 12 months prior to this year's St. Patrick's Day, the Kuiaha gulch in our property was a dry riverbed.  Since March 17, it has become a raging creek that has now split the "Rainbow Shower" in two.  They say "picture's worth a thousand words." 

So rather than go on about it, I'll let you see for yourself what I am talking about.  But first, one small verbal "typo" correction.  In the first video, you'll hear me refer about St. Patrick's Day as Apr 17.  It is Mar 17, of course, the night when it all started, when Goddess Namaka turned on the tap and the dry riverbed first became a rushing stream.

  "Rainbow Shower" Kuiaha Creek Flood - Part 1/2 (4 13 2010) [6:59 min]

  "Rainbow Shower" Kuiaha Creek Flood - Part 2/2 (4 13 2010) [1:35 mins]

A Photo Gallery of the "Flood of 2010"

As you heard in the first video, the flooding could have been MUCH worse had I not hired a contractor this past weekend to clear a logjam at the bottom end of the creek, where a little swamp was starting to form from previous rains.

Revisiting Haiku's World War II History; Texas Quilt in Hawaii

A few days ago, I accidentally discovered evidence of World War II history here in Haiku.  I went to a local garage to have my car's safety inspection done, a requirement in the state of Hawaii for all vehicles.  


Ralph Tome, the owner of Toma's Garage, looked to be about as old as the garage itself (62 years - left)).  Right next to it, however, I noticed a small old dilapidated building, all boarded up (right).  It looked like a store of some kind. 

"What kind of a store used to be here?", I asked Ralph, a taciturn man with Japanese features, whose long sentences usually consist of four words.

"A barbershop," he replied. And then he volunteered something fascinating in a VERY long sentence, for him.  "The marines from the barracks up there (he pointed toward the hill) used to get their haircuts here before shipping out."

I wondered for how many this was the last haircut.

Just little bit of WW II history still left in Haiku... all black and boarded up. 

Back home, this is how Elizabeth spent a part of Easter Sunday.  She is finishing a giant Texas-size Texas quilt she has been working on for year.  She plans to enter it in the State Fair art competition next fall.  Hopefully the Hawaiians won't hold the Texas theme against her... :-) For, it is truly a work of art and a labor of love.

And that's all she wrote from the Rainbow Shower for the month of April. 

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