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23 Jan 2011

Updated Sep 30, 2009 ... Power in Numbers: Blackjack Hits Home Again

Expanded Property - "Greater Rainbow Shower"

Another Gorgeous Sunset, Labor Day Walk in the Gulch (video); Heavenly Rainbow Welcome Home


Labor Day Walk in the Gulch (video)

Plus, Another Gorgeous Sunset

Haiku, Maui, Sep 6 - This evening, I climbed over to the other side of the gulch (leftmost boundary on the enclosed map).  Here's what I saw, looking back toward our property, the Rainbow Shower.  The house is marked on the map as a blue rectangle...

In the rightmost shot, a zoomed version of the middle picture, you can see Elizabeth waiving to me.  You can also see the banks of the road to the gulch that we built last spring.

The leftmost shot is the lowest point on the above map, marked as a red dot.  The middle left photo is the view of that property marker from our lanai at sunset.  And the two sunset shots, taken at about the same time, also from our lanai, need no description.

Labor Day Walk in the Gulch

Haiku, Maui, Sep 7 - And now, after checking out the Malaguena concert, recorded on this Labor Day 2009, I invite you to join me for a walk in the gulch...

Labor Day Walk in the Gulch (video, 7:31 mins)



Happy Labor Day 2009!

Heavenly Rainbow Welcome Home


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HAIKU, Maui Sep 25 - We were pleasantly surprised when our taxi driver, Steve, who almost made us late for the departing flight, met us at the Kahului airport upon our return from New York.  I did mention to him the date and approximate time of our planned return. 

But given that that was 17 days ago, I never expected him to remember, much less show up with a pair of beautiful leis for each of us.  And yes, you can see from the middle shot above that our Pisa umbrella did make it all the way to Hawaii, even though we don't bother with such luxuries here since it rains all the time.  :-) You can also see from the above right picture that our beautiful pottery from Florence's Pontevechio (Old Bridge) also survived the 11,000+-mile journey intact.

But we received our greatest welcome home from heavenly sources.  When we woke up on our first morning back home, I looked out of our bedroom window and saw an extraordinary sight, something I have never seen before.  A huge full rainbow stretched on the horizon like a giant umbrella over the Rainbow Shower gulch.  I ran back to my office and grabbed my camera.  It took three camera frames to capture it.

Later, I spliced two of them together using photo editing software.  What you're seeing above is the stunning divine welcome home sign that greeted us on our first morning back.  We stood on our lanai, gazing at the amazing image in awe of its heavenly beauty, until the rainbow eventually fizzled away.  It probably lasted less than a minute.  Yet it will live in our memories for a lifetime.  And here's why...

First, while quite common in the afternoon when the sun is in the west, morning rainbows are extremely rare.  I have only seen a fragment of one once since I moved here.  This was the first time ever that I have seen such a spectacular full rainbow in full sunlight and against blue skies.  (By the way, the name of our property - the Rainbow Shower - stems from a native Hawaiian tree of that name that we have in front of our home, not from the many rainbows.  When the tree is full bloom, its great range of colors resembles a rainbow).

Second, before we left on the trip, I signed a real estate deal into escrow that would add five adjacent acres to our original two-acre Rainbow Shower property.  What you're looking at in the above spliced photo is the full span of our newly expanded property - the Greater Rainbow Shower, as we call it.  More importantly, the two ends from which the Sep 25 rainbow seems to emerge from the ground, like a springbok jumping for joy, are the exact points at which the surveyor boundary pins for the new property are located.

Third, I was still digesting the divine significance of these heavenly signs when my cell phone rang.  It was our real estate agent, Martha.  She called to congratulate me on the new deal. 

"I just got a call from title company," she said.  "Our deal recorded a few minutes ago."

I looked at the clock.  It was 8:15AM.  The rainbow appeared around 8AM. 

"What time did the deal record?" I asked.

"I don't know the exact time," Martha said.  "But I'll ask and will get back to you."

"I think you may find that it was a little after 8AM," I conjectured.  "You can tell the title company officer what happened (re. the rainbow).  So we also received a divine stamp of approval."

"I feel so blessed," I confessed to Elizabeth after I got off the phone with Martha. "This is more than just a welcome home.  It is a heavenly blessing for our Greater Rainbow Shower" (our newly expanded property). 

Today (Sep 30), I received the official title papers in the mail.  The recording time was date-stamped at 8:01AM on Sep 15 - the exact time the unusual rainbow appeared in the sky above our new property. 

Later the same day (Sep 25), I did a full shamanic fire ceremony at our now completely greened-over Uaca (Oahu - sacred place in Hawaiian) to thank the Creator and the spirits for granting us the privilege to be the caretakers of such a beautiful piece of Pacha Mama (Mother Earth). 

Now you can see the full new Greater Rainbow Shower on the topographic map (right).  The broken black line marks the roads that traverse the property on both sides of the gulch. 

And the red survey pin #2 denotes the spot from which the following photos were taken, looking back toward the original Rainbow Shower (our home).

Fourth, a few minutes after Martha's call on Sep 25, I got a call from Charley, our neighbor and friend who helped me build the first Rainbow Shower gulch road back in April (see Building of "Gulch Expressway" at "Rainbow Shower", Apr 2009).  I had told Charley about my planned acquisition before we left on our trip to Europe.  But I also said I would not need him to start on reconstructing the existing road through the Greater Rainbow Shower until Sep 30.  As it turned out, the deal closed sooner than expected.  But I had not said anything about that to Charley since the change of date took place while we were still in Europe.  So he, too, was evidently moved by an invisible divine guiding hand to dial my number on Sep 25, within an hour of our Heavenly Rainbow welcome home.

Fifth, as we drove into town (Kahului) to forage for some food on our first day back, we passed gorgeous surf scenes at Hookipa Point, our favorite ocean view near the Rainbow Shower.  It was as if both the heaven and the earth (ocean) were welcoming us home with their inimitable beauty.

And the blessings continued the following two day... each bringing the evening rainbows, like the ones shown above.  And our Rainbow Shower tree, which looked very forlorn before we left for Europe, having lost about half of its leaves, gifted us a beautiful bouquet of flowers upon our return (right).  Not only have all the leaves burst out replacing the fallen ones, but flowers like the ones in the vase are now all over the tree, just as I imagined it when I first heard about the Rainbow Shower tree back in March (far right).

And that's all she wrote from the now expanded - Greater Rainbow Shower.

Power in Numbers: Blackjack Hits Home Again

One more sign... from way back.  When I first considered buying the additional five acres back in April, Martha, my real estate agent, said the property address was #880.  I asked her to go back to the County records and double check. 

"That number doesn't FEEL right for me," I said.

Martha was too polite to say anything, but she must have thought that was another unusual request by an eccentric client.   Nevertheless, she did go back to the listing agent and asked him to double check.

"You were right," she said when she got back to me later on.  "It is #876.  I will change the contract to show the correct number."

She paused.  "But how did you know it?"

"Because #876 is another Blackjack Number (#21 - numerologically speaking - like #894, the number of our original Rainbow Shower).  "And if I am meant to have that property, the Creator and the spirits would give me clear signs, just as they did when I bought the original Rainbow Shower" (see Spirits' Guidance: Unraveling Secrets of #21 Leads to Our New Home, Jan-Feb 2009) ,  Maui Calling..., Dec 2008).

And now they have... they gave us a bigger blessing than I could have ever expected.

I told my daughters this weekend that the greatest lesson I learned in the last few years is to get out of my own way and let the spirits guide my life. 

"Then doors will open for you without you even trying hard anything," I added.  "All you need to do be alert enough to read the divine signs and courageous enough to walk through the doors on blind trust."

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