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23 Jan 2011

Updated Nov 30, 2009... Elizabeth returns; New Jeep logo; Ahi tuna...

Walking Tour of Greater Rainbow Shower the sound of running streams for the first time


Walking Tour of Greater Rainbow Shower the sound of running streams for the first time

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 17 - I was down at the Lower Rainbow Shower this morning, talking to one of the landscapers.  Suddenly, I heard the sound of running water for the first time.  I looked toward the bottom of the gulch.  Lo and behold, there was a running stream down there.  It was the first time I've heard that soothing sound.  Overjoyed, I ran up to the house to get the camera.  And now you, too, can be the beneficiary of new and different views and sounds that a running stream produces at the Rainbow Shower.

You can join me, if you wish, first a quick tour of still pictures, followed by two video clips of a walking tour of the Greater Rainbow Shower...


I put my cell phone on that taro leaf to give you an idea of its size.

And now, I invite you to join me for a walking tour of the Greater Rainbow Shower, and hear the lovely murmuring sounds of our running stream...

Walking Tour of Greater Rainbow Shower

Part 1 of 2 (11/17/09, about 1PM) (7:51 mins)


Part 2 of 2 (11/17/09, about 1:07PM) (9:05 min)


Anyway, that's all she wrote so far this week from the Rainbow Shower.

Elizabeth Returns; New Jeep Logo, Ahi Tuna

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 30 - Elizabeth returned home from Arizona on Nov 19.  She arrived from Honolulu on Island Air...

...a tiny little two-engine propeller airplane that landed at Kapalua, the West Maui airport, nearly a two-hour drive from the Rainbow Shower.  Elizabeth had not realized that when she booked the flight, she said.  She just saw the "K" in the name of the airport and thought it was Kahului, which is only 30 mins away from our home here in Haiku.  So we made it "an outing," stopping in Lahaina for some fun R&R before continuing home.

A few days later, we finally had the Rainbow Shower sign installed on the new Jeep.  I had designed the sign a few weeks ago.  But it took a while for the Island Signs company to produce it.  The installation itself took five hours, with all the nooks and crannies around which they had to weave the rainbows.  But we were happy with the outcome (two left shots).  But as luck would have it, we got our "catch of the day" on our way home.  It was a 15-pound ahi tuna (right).  We bought it directly from a fisherman in our neighborhood whose "fresh fish" sign we had seen earlier that day on our way into town.

And that's all she wrote this month from the Rainbow Shower...

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