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23 Jan 2011

Updated May 2 - Dinner at "Mama's Fish House"

Dinner at Mama's Fish House

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Dinner at "Mama's Fish House"

HAIKU, Maui, May 2 - After several days of rain, sun decided to make an appearance today as we were driving to our Saturday morning yoga class.  When we returned home, we decided to use the chance of a dry spell to do some gardening. Make that about three-hours of "heavy duty" weeding, pruning and replanting bushes and flowers. 

My prize find were three Anthurium flowers (right) that were languishing in dry dirt and shade below our dining room window.  I transplanted them to a sunny spot in front of the new spa.  I then said a prayer for them to prosper at the new site hoping that beautiful ocean and mountain views would inspire the pretty flowers to respond in kind.  I also transplanted some Heliconia flowers to the southern part of the spa, wishing them happiness and lots of warm sun they had been lacking in a previous spot.

At one stage, transplanting a Heliconia flower in the front yard, I was covered in mud practically head to toe.  When Elizabeth saw me, she gave me a wide berth, lest I be tempted to get affectionate and touch her.  Later she explained, "I wouldn't put anything past you." :-)

Later in the evening, after we cleaned up and ran some local errands, I chose to drive back the coastal way, where we pass every day "Mama's Fish House," a world-famous dining establishment that many of our friends had tried, but we had never been to.  On a spur of the moment, I decided to treat Elizabeth to a nice dinner, especially after hard work in the yard this afternoon.

She was surprised and pleased.  "I'll have to do more gardening," she joked later on.  She was also very quick to change back home into this lovely dress that she bought during her trip to China a few years ago. 

We then headed back to the restaurant, which is about 10 mins away from our home.  You enter it through a tree tunnel (left) which leads to this nice man at the reservation booth in at the main entrance.  That's where I asked Elizabeth to take a picture of me (for a change) in front of those Heliconia flowers that look like flamingos.  Instead, she stepped up to them and struck a pose. 

"Typical woman," I joked.  "Always ready to pose for a camera.  I said, 'would you take a picture of ME?'" :-)

That remark what caused this burst of laughter you are seeing in the middle right shot.

Finally the nice man from the booth settled the matter by taking a picture of both of us. :-) Elizabeth then took one of me after all (right). Call it a "mercy shot." :-)

After a scrumptious dinner, we went rowing on the beach in front of "Mama's Fish House" in a typical Hawaiian catamaran canoe. We paddled hard but didn't get very far, as you can see.

(Also see "Maui Gifts Me Another Heart," from my last visit to this beach on Vernal (spring) Equinox).

And that's all she wrote on this Saturday night, May 2.  Aloha from Maui!

Moving Day 2: "Camp Rainbow Shower" Finally Closed

HAIKU, Maui, May 6 - After over seven weeks and more than half a dozen of broken promises, my furniture finally arrived around 4PM on Wed May 6.  It took them four or five men two truckloads and five hours to unload what was left of my Scottsdale home after the garage sale and various donations.  Some things were broken, others missing.  Even some of the Hawaiian home items were scratched, such as our hardwood floor - as you will find out when I get around to updating my "Gold-plated Move" story (Mar 2009). 

My most important possession - the antique piano - arrived in two pieces.  The West Point Moving crew, Moster Movers' agents here in Hawaii, did not know how to assemble the pedal.  My baby grand was also damaged in several places. Yet it was still able to produce some pretty pathetic sounds. So my first order of business the following day is to get a piano tuner to work on it.

Perhaps the happiest of all was my all but forgotten foal.  This young horse, which has already sailed once across the Pacific when I got him from Thailand three years ago, was one of very few items in my Scottsdale home that remained nameless.  But as soon he took his first bath in the Hawaiian sun the morning after he arrived at his new home, the name Anuenue (Rainbow in Hawaiian) came to me.  Perhaps that's because he has been eyeing so attentively the "rainbow shower," the tree at the entrance to our home after which the whole property was named?  Anyway, he has been one happy foal on his new pasture.

Miss Justice, another "survivor" of my Scottsdale garage sale, also seemed pleased with her new setting.  This alcove in the hallway of the Rainbow Shower seemed custom-made for her.  I just had a painter paint the walls powder blue, like the sky and the sea around here, to provide a proper background for her.

Two next weekend, Elizabeth noticed a beautiful red rose (left) that opened up on the southern part of our house.  It was as if she was signaling finally the closing of "Camp Rainbow Shower" and reopening of Rainbow Shower, the home with proper beds and chairs, and most importantly - live music.  Later the same day, I brought back from town three beautiful Anthurium flowers for Elizabeth (middle), matching in color the one that I had transplanted to a sunny spot in front of the new spa. I also discovered a new bay with a stone beach close to where we live (right), thanks to a suggestion by Alani, a local artist who is painting our rainbows, to go exploring the coastline in the area of the nearby Kaukapalua Rd and Hana Hwy.

North Shore Beach Scenes

HAIKU, Maui, May 8 - A friend of mine, a landlocked scientist from North Carolina, asked me if I would mind counting the waves for him for a research project.  No joke.  So last Friday afternoon, Elizabeth and I took off early and headed toward the north and south shore beaches... for the first time in weeks, it seemed. 

Check out this composite video clip that Elizabeth made...

  Maui North Shore Beach Scenes (5 08 09) - by Elizabeth & Bob Dj. (6:36 mins)

No, this Hawaiian is not dancing on the coral reef (left). :-)  He is the fisherman who also figures in some scenes in the above video.

Above are some other still shots Elizabeth took at the north shore beach near Hookipa Point.

South Shore Beach Scenes; Peacock Encounter

After that, we drove on to the south shore of Maui, where the waves are much smaller and the winds quite a bit calmer. After I finished counting the waves there, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset...

... at a point high up over the ocean with views of three Hawaiian islands.

On our way into Kihei to forage for food, we had an extraordinary encounter.

I spotted two large peacocks in North Kihey, on the left side of the street.  "Look at how beautiful they are," I said, instantly pulling over to the side of the road so we can observe them.  Those of you who are familiar with my spiritual path, probably recall the significance of the Peacock Angel in my life (see below).

Yezidis or Yazidis, the oldest tribe on this planet known to man.  The Yazidis believed that the Peacock Angel (Malak Taus) started the life on this earth, and that he first landed in their homeland, which is in today's northern Iraq (see "Pilgrimage to Lalesh [Beyta Lalesh]" video and the picture of an 85-year old Yeziti - left; doesn't he look like an Inka?).  Their name originates from Yazid (645-685AD, Damascus, Syria).  But they were labeled as Satan worshippers and are persecuted by their Arabic and Kurdish neighbors even to this day

There are ancient temples in Lalesh (right) that reminded me of the Abbot's kitchen in Glastonbury Abbey (above left).  Not only does it go to show us how well the abbots lived, but it is also a reminder of possible interconnections between the Christianity and other ancient sects.

Anyway, back in Kihei, the two peacocks had turned away from the road and seemed headed back toward the farm behind the fruit stand (left shot).  But as I started talking sweetly to them, one of them turned around and started to talk back in an incredibly loud and screechy voice.  We kept up the "conversation" for a few seconds.  Then the bird turned around and started to walk toward me. 

"That must be Chandra," I muttered to Elizabeth.  Later, I explained to her how Chandra, the multidimensional being with whom I spent quite a bit of time before leaving Arizona, can and has shape-shifted into bird-like creatures before, so we could communicate at that level.

Petrified that she would be killed by crossing the busiest road in Kihei, I quickly put my car into gear and drove off.  After about a hundred yards or so, I then turned around so we could watch what was happening with the peacock. The peacock stopped the traffic in both directions!  It kept going back and forth across the road, looking for me.  Finally, seeing that the bird was safe, we drove on toward our more earthly destination - the Kihei Safeway.

A few days later, Chandra's Mom told me that she had asked Chandra about the incident, and that Chandra had confirmed that it was she.  "She has been missing you," her Mom explained, "and wanted you to pay attention to her."  Well, she sure succeeded in that... :-)

A few days later, I went down to the gulch on our property to see how some of our bananas were coming along.  After lugging about a 50-lb sack of them up the 80 ft-slope, I emerged with over 100 bananas on the lanai (deck) of the "Rainbow Shower."  It was the first really big "gift of the gulch" that I brought home (we had had guava and coffee beans before).  Since Elizabeth and I joked about being like Tarzan and Jane in this new jungle setting, I told her, "Okay, Jane.  Now it's up to you to skin them."  Which she did do (middle shot).

Drive to and from Kahului

HAIKU, May 14 - This morning, I had some early morning appointments in Kahului.  As I was approaching the Hana Hwy coming down our (East Kuiaha) road, suddenly it dawned on me that you may want to part-take in and enjoy the ride.  So I reached for my camera, and here you go... a video story in two parts:

 Drive from "Rainbow Shower" in Haiku to Kahului - by Bob Djurdjevic (5 14 09, Part 1) (6:59 mins)

  Drive from Kahului to "Rainbow Shower" in Haiku - by Bob Djurdjevic (5 14 09, Part 2) (6:57 mins)

No further commentary is necessary.  Enjoy your weekend! Aloha.

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