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23 Jan 2011

Updated Mar 29 - adds Red Cardinal Sunday...

"Rainbow Shower" Stories

My first day at our new home: Officers' mess is, well, a mess!


My First Day at "Camp Blackjack Mozart"

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HAIKU, Maui, Mar 24-25 - You've already seen how welcoming the "Blackjack Mozart" property and the spirits have been to Elizabeth and I the morning I arrived to claim it as our new home (see It's Official! "Blackjack Mozart" Property Has a New Owner, Mar 24).  Now take a look at its empty interior shell where I have set up camp now for a few weeks until our furniture starts to arrive...


I spent my first night on that mat with just a beach towel for cover (left). Not enough, even in Hawaii.  So today I will be shopping for a blanket.  Since I have no chairs or tables, I am using the kitchen counters as an office, too.  So the Camp's "officers' mess' is, well, a mess, what else... :-) You can look at the rest of the pictures without additional narration.

Late in the afternoon/early evening, I drove out to do some essential shopping, like blanket for the night at my "campground," and two bar stools so I have some place to sit on when doing computer work.  Well, the whole time I had been driving around from store to store between about 4PM and 6:30PM, God and the spirits kept putting rainbows in front of me...

...along with this gorgeous skyline on the other side. Take a look at but a few of the rainbows that I caught with my camera while driving...

I felt so humble and so honored for these gifts today, especially as I was just telling Roger earlier today about wanting to have two rainbows painting to two male/female energy columns inside the "Blackjack Mozart."  It was a sure sign that the spirits were happy about my idea and were flashing it back to me all evening. As the celestial Rainbow Giver, I could not have been more honored to receive their approval.

Altzar, the Rainbow Giver

And that's all she wrote from my first day at "Camp Blackjack Mozart."

Well, not quite...

Just as I was about to close and save this story, I saw a little gecko on the wall of our Great Room.  They are supposed to be good luck signs.  So I took it as another blessing, in addition to all those rainbows.

Welcome to the "Rainbow Shower!"

New Property Name, Old Energy Starting to Guide Me As Do Birds

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 28 - On my second morning at the new home (Mar 26), the property started to talk to me (meaning, the spirits did, using the property as the channel). 

When I first opened my eyes on Mar 26, I saw this tree of life climbing up a post of our the master bedroom (left).  Then I noticed that it was connected to this beam that was transmitting the male and female energy right down toward the bottom of the gulch, where I was told I needed to build my new Apucheto (shaman's altar). 

When I walked into my living room, I saw the two columns (middle right) as pillars of male/female energy from which rainbows were showering the the rest of the house with divine spirit. I later sketched a part of that vision (right), and then discussed the idea with a local architect who will help me turn my dreams into three-dimensional reality.

I actually want the rainbow colors to be much softer but could not very well do that on my computer.  The male and female rainbow energies fuse together along the ceiling beams, too, creating a “Y,” just like the convergence of Elizabeth's and my life.  They then literally run along the ceiling as one single beam of light into our bedroom, and then out the other side of the house toward the gulch, in which we will have the new Apucheto with the fire pit, as you saw in the opening photos.

The symbolism and the lines are so perfect that only the Creator and the spirits could have designed them.  I received their messages and applied them the features of the house and the property, to make them work together as a common theme.   

The same day (3/26/2009 – another double #11 day!), the new name for the property just came to me.  “Blackjack Mozart” was the name that took me to 894 E Kuiaha Rd.  But its usefulness is now over.  Now that I am here, I want the name to be something that’s more meaningful to me and our new life (which is a lot more than just music; and I don’t play cards, either).  You will see in a moment why I was also guided to have those rainbow columns and central features of the male/female energies in my new place.

The full explanation of what I am about to say will require a longer conversation.  For, now, I will just ask you to accept that my astral name is ALTZAR; that my home star is Sirius B (Dogon Star), and that my astral mission is to be the Rainbow Giver.  A Rainbow Giver is a Master spirit whose job is to open portals through which entities from other dimensions can enter the three-dimensional world on this planet so as to help mankind transcend to the next era (beyond 2012).  That is also why I have been guided to come to Maui and to this particular property where Haleakala and Puu Kukui can triangulate astral connections to my new Apucheto at the bottom of the gulch, near that African Tulip tree, where my new portal will be set up. 

Now, with all that as a preamble, you can perhaps begin to understand why I was being guided by the spirits to have the male/female rainbow posts as the central feature of our new home.  But now get this… I did not know what I am about to tell you until the day I took possession of my home on Mar 24, and the former owner was giving me the tour of the place.  See this tree?

I took a picture the afternoon I moved in mostly to show that my car had finally arrived (left).  But what is the central feature of the photo?  It’s that tree, right?  And do you want to know what kind of a tree it is?  It is the Hawaiian RAINBOW SHOWER!  Which seems fitting as the name for a Rainbow Giver’s new home. Here it is now, in a simulated image of what it will look like in a few months when it starts to bloom… (right)

So that's how the spirits had already woven the rainbow theme here well before I arrived?  I just had to pick up the clues, add some new ideas (like those rainbow posts), and now the whole thing fits together in a way that I would never have been able to devise it alone, without the Creator’s and the spirits’ help.

Now, with all that as a preamble, hope you’re sitting down before you go on reading about what just happened this morning.

First, I got a new phone today.  Even before they told me what the number was, I knew it would be either #11 or #33, another Masters’ number, or some form of Blackjack #21 and those numbers.  But it turned out to be much more than just that…

My new number had in it both #21 and #11 and #33 and Christ’s #6. And the Masters' #33 showed up twice.  Isn’t that something? 


Second, I did some exploring down in the gulch both yesterday and today.  Yesterday, I started from that clump of rocks on my front lawn (left).  The gulch is practically impassable.  It’s a real jungle down there, as you can imagine in a tropical climate like this.  

I nearly "killed myself" trying to get down a steep slope (right - arm cut). Then I realized that was perfectly normal.  Every mountain I have climbed or a piece of land I had claimed, exacted its toll in blood. The above photos on the right should give you an idea the thicket at the bottom of the gulch.  I felt like a Tarzan in a jungle.  Because the grass was so tall, for a while I had no idea where exactly I was. It was only when I saw the fallen petals of the African Tulip on the ground that I realized I was under this giant tree (middle right).  (Later, I also brought back with me some souvenirs from that first expedition, and laid them out on the lanai floor (left). 

Yet I had been guided to build my new Apucheto (shaman's altar) in that area of the gulch.  So I was puzzling how to do it.


Meanwhile, back to the jungle, when I looked up from the African Tulip tree (right), I could not believe my eyes.  Right there, at the bottom of the gulch, in the middle of the jungle, there was patch of green grass. It was so beautiful that would have made any golf course groundskeeper proud.  And it was exactly where I had intended to build the Apucheto. That was, of course, the Creator’s way of showing me precisely where the Apucheto needed to be.  So my problems about where to do it in the middle of gulch were solved.

Furthermore, the Creator and the spirits also helped me figure out HOW I should build it.  First, they even provided the boulders and stones at the bottom of the gulch, not more than 20-30 feet away (two left shots).  Second, they guided me to a way of building a path down a treacherous slope to this point. 

Instead of climbing the steep hill down which I descended into the gulch, I followed the patch of the green lawn.  It led to an evidently old Hawaiian path which was now completely overtaken by the jungle. Still, it was a wide enough so that construction equipment could use to build the switchbacks up the steep slope to my property. 

I was overjoyed to discover all this on my own. It was an incredibly beautiful experience to realize that all this was happening by the grace of God; that the Creator and the spirits were opening all these doors for me.  I just kept smiling the whole time.

Meanwhile, for two days now, a beautiful red cardinal (just like the one that had been showing himself to me lately in Scottsdale), would land on a guava tree in front of the lanai (patio) and would start singing (right).  If I did not get out to the lanai to talk to him, he would increase the decibels of his song until I heard him and stepped out. Once he even sat right on the railing of the lanai to get my attention, and called me from there. 

Then after I get out and tell him sweetly and lovingly, “you are so beautiful.  I love you,” he would fly away in the direction of the gulch. 


As said, this has been going on for two days now.  Finally, the morning (Mar 28), the penny dropped.  “Maybe he wants me to follow him down there,” I said to myself. Unlike yesterday, when I did everything on a spur of the moment, today I put on my big rubber boots (left), took my camera, and headed down there to explore again.  The jungle was so thick in places that even with a machete I would not have been able to cut through it.  I literally had to bulldoze my way through those tall grasses and bushes using my body as a bulldozer to take the pictures you had seen earlier. 

Along the way, I came across a most unusual tree that literally tied itself into a knot (right).  I've been told by Inca shamans to look for unusual tree shapes as a sign for a strong energy spot.  I'll have to explore some more in this area the next time I go down there.

Separately, when I got to the house this morning from my Dolphin Studio Apt, just like yesterday morning, I heard the hummingbird’s familiar call (you know that Hummingbird – Kindi in Quechua – is my own spirit). I could not see him, but I could hear him.  I kept talking to him lovingly even though he did not show himself to me.  So I am beginning to wonder if that’s, in fact, another bird spirit guide, just like that bird reptilian Inca spirit Montesumanar that showed herself to me on Jan 29?

Speaking of dolphins, check out the fish tail I found yesterday at Haiku's town square (right).  So it's not just the birds that are my guide posts. :-)

Finally, the day ended in a very fitting way for a Rainbow Giver who now lives at the Rainbow Shower.  Take a look above at the pictures I took while driving home from a store this evening.  The camera doesn't do these rainbows justice.  Their colors were a lot more vivid.  At one point, a giant rainbow was sprawled right across the eastern sky, the full 180 degrees from left to right.  It was magnificent.  Alas, I was at the tip of a switchback and had no time to react and snap a picture.

That's all she wrote on this Saturday Mar 28 from the Rainbow Shower in Maui.  Aloha!

A Red Cardinal Sunday

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 29 - Today is Sunday, 3/29/2009, another double #11 day.  And it is becoming a "Red Cardinal Sunday." I had been home now for only an hour this morning, yet had had already half a dozen “conversations” with the red bird.  He comes to the guava tree in front of our lanai, and keeps singing for me until I start to answer him by whistling back.

In fact, that’s what I am also doing right now, while typing this.  He is a very chatty bird.  Or a spirit, which is actually more likely.  So we've kept this up all morning.  After a while, we are starting to sound like an operatic duet.  Incredible...

As I was writing a note to Elizabeth this morning, he must have gotten annoyed with me that I wasn't paying attention to him.  So he flew over, landed on the lanai railing, and increased his decibels.

I rushed to get the camera and take a picture of him.  Let’s see if the picture turned out… Yeah, it did (right).  He looks very tiny in it, but at least you can see him and say “hi."

After that, he must have decided he liked modeling.  So he kept posing for me on his guava tree while we were "chatting" with each other.

Ate one point, he decided to fly straight at me.  For a moment, I thought he would land on my head.  But he flew about three feet over it, and landed on the roof above me.  We continued our musical chit-chat from over there.

All the while, ever since I came into the house, I have been playing Bach music in the background.  Perhaps that's what inspired my Red Cardinal on to put on his own Sunday Mass? :-)  So here's a lesson for all you bird-watchers: Play Bach and they will come.

Life at the "Rainbow Shower:" :"It's a bird.  It's a song.  It's a bird song. It's a Red Cardinal Sunday mass."

First Ceremony... More Rainbows

All this communing with the cardinal spirit made me put on my hiking and shamanic gear...

... and head down to the gulch again.  This time, my intent was to expand my roaming range down there, look for the stakes of the property boundary, and then do my first shamanic ceremony at the site of the future Apucheto, near that huge African Tulip tree (right).

On my way to that tree, I had to slash through some thorny bushes using the "machete" that Elizabeth gave me last December.  It did the job.  :-)  And then I did a very nice ceremony at roughly the spot where in the future I plan to build the new Apucheto.

Want to know something pretty amazing that happened when I finished?  My Red Cardinal found me there and started to sing to me from that African Tulip tree.  I responded by whistling back.  We kept that up for a while.  Then another cardinal joined us from another nearby tree.  I kept turning my head between them left and right, feeling felt as if I was triangulating the communications with Apu's Haleakala and Puu Kukui, which lay exactly in the direction from which the two cardinals were singing to me ("Apu" is a mountain spirit in Quechua, the Inca language, for those of you who may be new to shamanic terminology).

P.S. Boy oh boy, wonders never seem to cease around here.  Just as I thought I had finished this story, I started to put on my jean shirt to go into town and get some stuff I need for my office.  Suddenly, I felt something cold and slithery behind my neck.  I instinctively brushed it off (there are no snakes in Hawaii, so don't worry).  It was a little dark gecko that landed on the rug in front of me. 

I laughed and talked to him sweetly.  Lizards are supposed be good luck.  And who knows, maybe this little guy was another spirit from Uhupacha, the Lower World, of which serpents and reptiles are supposed to be masters.  He was fast.  I had a little bit of trouble catching him.  But eventually I picked him up, blew my prayers of love into him, and then put him out into the front yard, where he can find food and sustenance in this three-dimensional world.

Of course, it would not be a double #11 Sunday at the Rainbow Rush if something special to do with rainbows did not happen this evening as well.  Take a look at these beautiful ones that greeted me on my drive home from the shopping errands...

The one on the right, taken in Makawao, was so big, it took two frames spliced together to capture it.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday…


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