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23 Jan 2011

Toward a new potential home - Spirits' Guidance: Unraveling Secrets of #21; Bingo! #894 It Is!; "Entertainer" - My Signature for Blackjack Deal; Introducing Cher Lyn

Winning the "Mozart Blackjack" Property

First deal signed right after I had returned from my McDowell Mtn "divine hike"; second right after Elizabeth and I reunited; At My McDowell Mtn  Apucheto; Love & New Home Despacho; Dolphin in the Sky; My new "Blackjack Life"


Maui Calling...

There was more to our latest Hawaiian trip that met the eye, and now you can see why...

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 2 - For most casual readers of my travelogues, the "Hawaiian Thanksgiving" was just another "fun & games" vacation.  And it was that, in part.  But the initiated friends and family knew that there was a greater purpose to this trip. And now I can announce to you all with reasonable certainty: We're moving to Maui!

To understand the full context of what has transpired in the last two months since Elizabeth and I returned from Hawaii, you should first read the "Maui Calling..." and "Love Conquers All" stories (you will need a User ID and Password to read the latter - ask for it by clicking here if you have misplaced them or would like to get them).

Now with that as a preamble, let's rewind my life's tape to the last weekend (Jan 23). The #56 propery's real estate agent in Maui has been telling my agent (Martha) for three weeks now that he had been talking to Sylvia's (seller-owner) bank executives, and was optimistic that the bank would approve the "short sale" "this week."  The last time I got such an update was two days ago.

On Friday morning (Jan 23), I had a dream in which the No. 2 executive of that bank, a woman, was just sitting at her desk, looking at our deal but not signing it.  Yet she has the authority to do it, I found out from my dream.

As I was waking up, I heard music in my ears.  That's not unusual. I have learned to play many a song that way.  But this time, I had no idea what that music was.  So I recorded a video of it, and sent it on to my friends and family asking them to help me identify the piece ("Music Question???, Jan 23). I got the answer shortly afterward.  It was Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major.

I figured that the music and the dream were somehow related, but could not see any connection immediately. Last night, for example, I said this to Elizabeth who had asked me for an interpretation:

"I am not sure exactly how it (Mozart) connects to the dream.  But I can tell you how that music makes me feel.  It’s as if God himself had composed it… beautifully peaceful and serene, like those magnificent sunsets in Maui, or the waves that washed up around you on the north shore.  Of course, you may not have gotten that sense from my first rough go at it.  But in time, you may start to feel how that music goes right to your soul, like some sort of an elixir or balm."

When I woke up on Sunday morning (Jan 24), I knew what I needed to do about that #56 property, probably courtesy of the spirits' work while I slept.  I fired off an email to my agent in Maui, saying in part...

I have been saying to you all along that I have been led to #56 by higher powers and that if it is meant to be, the bank should approve the deal.  But I also know that God helps those who help themselves...

So I would suggest we write a letter to Sylvia's bank, saying that the buyer (me) can’t wait any longer; that the time has come for Home Street Bank to fish or cut bait. And then give them three more days to make a decision, or else I pull out of the deal.

And then I went off on my first bike-hike since my shoulder surgery. I wasn't more than 20 minutes into the bike ride, when I looked up while heading west.  There are two clouds right next to each other that resembled the maps of Australia and Maui.  Since I was on my bike, I wasn't swift enough to get my camera out and take a picture of them.  So I can only show you simulated images (right).  The two clouds were about the right proportion as in that image, even though in real life Australia is much bigger.  And notice also how the Pacific Ocean had shrunk to the size of a narrow channel between the two clouds?

So the message I got from that cloud formation is that I should be able to find the replacement property for what I used to have in Western Australia in Maui.  "Interesting," I said to myself as I continued biking.

Then the number 894 flashed in my brain.  "894?" I scratched my head figuratively.  "Why does that ring the bell?"  And then I remembered.  That was the number of the other property in Maui on which I had made the offer.  For a while, it was my No. 1 choice, before it slid to No. 2 after I established a spiritual connection with #56.  But I told Martha back in December to be nice to the agent as "we may have to go back to him again."

"So am I supposed to go back and consider buying #894 again?" I wondered. And then it dawned on me.  The connection to Mozart! 

Add up those three numbers, will you. What do you get?

8 + 9 + 4 = 21

Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21. 

"Bingo!" I yelled out loud while still on my bike. That was the connection between Mozart and my yesterday's dream in which that female bank executive just sat there instead of signing our deal. 

"So yes... go back and look at #894 again," was evidently the spirits' guidance.  And No. 21, the "black jack," seems to be my new destiny number, supplementing the No. 11 that had been key to my life up until now (see #11 Key to My Life).

Later on, I also prayed for guidance at my 2,500-ft McDowell Mtn "apucheto" (right - which now has a little bird on top J- made of stone - to see more photos from my latest hike, CLICK HERE).  And when I came home, some four hours later, this feather or arrow set aglow by the setting sun was pointing westward, toward Hawaii (left).  Hm...

"Boy, oh, boy," I chuckled later on as I shared that story with my Maui agent and Elizabeth.  "Spirits can be quite cheeky sometimes."

"They sure made you work for this one," Martha said, still sounding a bit incredulous at how all these pieces, including music, added up and fell into place.

Anyway, she has now checked on that #894 property and guess what? 

"Surprise, surprise..." J It is still available.  And with a very substantial price reduction ($125,000), too, since the last time I saw it.

So what can I say but, "thank you, dear Creator and the Spirits. You're the best!" J

As for the meaning of the number 21, my oh my, there is a ton of reference on that topic, especially from the Bible, not to mention the Blackjack in the gaming business. 

But while I research my life to see if #21 comes anywhere close to the importance that #11 has for me, here is one example from it from math that I will leave you with as a little mind teaser.  It's the "magic square of 21:"










The three numbers add up to 21 every whichever way you go, including diagonally.  Fun with numbers!  And here are both of my Maui "magic numbers" - #56 and #894 (with gray background).

#56 Epilogue: Deal Unravels

So on Sunday, Jan 25, I fired off a letter to the #56 seller's bank, given them three days in which to fish or cut bait.  That deadline expired at 5PM Hawaiian time on Jan 28.  As it turned out, that bank seems to have engaged in some underhanded dealings, trying to wrest the property from the owner without having to go through foreclosure expenses and delays. I totally supported the #56 owner against such shady business practices, and promptly cancelled the deal with the bank.

On Thursday night (Jan 29), I signed a new offer for the #894 property.  It was $300,000 below the asking price back in December, when we first saw the property.  I told my agent that there will be no negotiations. 

"If they don't accept the offer, I'll do nothing.  But if the spirits really want me to move to Maui, as I believe they do - the island even gave me its heart (right), they will see to it that the offer is accepted."

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 26, 2009 - Furthermore, consider additional #11 and #21 convergence signs that have emerged since I noted the above.

  • I permanently relocated to Arizona in 1983 (8+3=11; also a "blackjack year" 1+9+8+3=21)

  • We arrived in Arizona on 6/29/1983 (6 - Christ#; 29=11; 1983 = #21 and #11)

  • My celestial (re)birthday is 2/25/2009 (that’s a double #11: 2+25+2+9=38, which is 11; and 2009 which is also 11).

  • My departure date from Arizona to Maui is 3/18/2009 (double #11 and #21 – but in reverse order from the date of my arrival in 1983).  That will be 29 years (again #11) after I first visited here in March 1981, and decided to move to the desert.


Bingo! #894 It Is... Winning the "Black Jack" Property!

SCOTTSDALE, Jan 30 - On Friday Jan 30 evening, I listened to a voice message my Peruvian-born Maui real estate agent Martha had left while we were out to dinner.  "The sellers have accepted your offer."  Of course, she was referring to the #894 property.

You can probably imagine the excitement that followed. Afterward, I called Martha back just to tell her that I would talk to her the following day to get the detailed scoop.  For, I now had another reason to celebrate.  I hit the Blackjack!

The following day (Jan 31), I found out that the owners remembered me from our visit to the #894 property on Dec 3, and liked us.  They have also checked out my web sites before deciding that I was the right owner for their beautiful property. 

Their agent arrived with my offer Friday night, loaded for bear (i.e., ready to do some heavy duty negotiating with the #894 owners).  But they just looked at the offer and signed it.  "We want him to have this property," they said to a shocked but happy agent.

Well, now he can also see an example of what happens when the spirits take things into their hands. Nothing is impossible and everything seems easy.

For the next day and a half, Elizabeth and I have been thanking the Creator and the spirits in two ceremonies at home, one at my McDowell Mtn Apucheto, and finally last night with a special Love and New Home Despacho and a fire ceremony (see below).

So with that as a preamble, check out now my future Maui home.  First, the location on the island...


...with the help of the GoogleEarth maps and views (three left photos). It's a 2-acre, trapezoid shape property in Haiku, a small town on the north side of Maui.  The #894 property is about 14 miles away from the Kahului airport (right) from where one can catch non-stop flights to mainland, as well as to the other islands.

And now, here are some pictures I took during our visit there on Dec 3 on a cloudy and "voggy" day (VOG - volcanic emissions from the Big Island). Obviously, the views are much better on a clear day...


...especially considering that the property lies at an elevation of about 650 feet.

And now, here are some pictures from the real estate listing of #894, my "Black Jack" property... ...

And that's all she wrote about this property and the divine guidance that took me to it.

Dolphin in the Sky

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 4 - While I was out on an errand at the local Safeway store early this afternoon, I saw a gigantic cloud.  It took three frames of pictures to fit it in.  Take a look…

To me, it looks like a giant dolphin, though it may also seem like a bird in flight.  Assuming it is a dolphin sign, “it symbolizes spiritual guidance, intellect, mental attributes and emotional trust. Use your mind to its capacity and you will move upward in life. It also suggests that a line of communication has been established between the conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Dolphins represent your willingness and ability to explore and navigate through your emotions.” (the text in quotes is from a web site that interprets dreams and signs).

Additionally, given my upcoming move to Maui, seeing a dolphin in the sky seemed like a welcoming sign from Mama Kocha (Mother Earth's water energy) - who, I felt, was calling me to Maui, the island that has already given me its heart for my Shaman's mesa (right, also see Maui Calling... and #894: "Mozart Blackjack" Property).

Epilogue: Toward Our New "House of Music"

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 14 - Two weeks later, my Despacho prayers were answered. I learned late on Friday the 13th that my new home in Maui is now officially mine, or at least it will be on Mar 24, when the deal is due to close.  (Everything of importance to do with that property seems to happen on Fridays, doesn't it?).

Here's what I wrote about it the following morning, in a Valentine's Day message to my close friends and family:

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all!

And now, here’s “The ‘I AM’ Prayer” that was given to me by the Creator via a multi-dimensional being this week (“Grandma Chandra” – more on her in other stories).  The verses supposedly describe who I am:


The preceding verses seem quite appropriate as the Valentine’s Day 2009 message.

Separately, I have just learned that the last administrative and technical hurdles have now been removed regarding my new property in Maui.  So the path is now clear for our move there in late March.  My new address will be 894 E Kuiaha Rd, Haiku, HI 96708.  You can start using it after March 24.  So update your records accordingly.

In case you’re also wondering what the name of our road means, Kui means “to string” in Hawaiian.  And Aha has different connotations: Prayer, Gathering, Exclamation of Surprise or a String of a Musical Instrument.  So it looks like it will be a House of Music.  :-)  No "Aha" (“exclamation of surprise”) there, right? :-)  Both seem very fitting for a "Mozart Blackjack" property, wouldn't you say?


Dad/Bob Dj. (the Heart Man)


Toward My New "Blackjack Life"

Ace (#11, my former life) + "Jack" (my new life)

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 22 - When I woke up this morning, I knew I had received another celestial download during the night.  I felt fully rested after less than six hours' sleep. (I normally sleep at least seven-eight hours). I was bursting with creative ideas and revelations.  So even before making the coffee, I rushed to my office to write them down on my "to do" list, so I would not forget them.

First, it was a realization that up until now, my life has been guided by the "Ace" (#11 in sacred numerology - see "#11 - Key to My Life").  Now, the spirits have added a "Jack" to it, making it a "Blackjack Life."  Acquiring my new "Mozart Blackjack" property is just a start.  Consider some other signs I have been getting...

Take my move, for example.  Everything is going very well, in fact, exceedingly so.  It’s almost scary how smoothly things are falling into place. 

Earlier this week, for example, I bought a one-way ticket for Maui for March 18.  That’s when nearly three decades in Arizona will have come to an end, and my new life on Maui will begin.  What I did not realize at the time was that Mar 18 is a numerological #21. So my moving date will be another Blackjack! I didn't deliberately choose it nor was aware of it until just this morning, four days later.

A coincidence?  Yeah, right.  By now, I hope that you all know that there is no such thing as a coincidence, only divine guidance.

Yesterday, for example, I found a temporary studio apartment which I will rent for a couple of weeks until my stuff arrives from Arizona. I didn't have to look very far and wide.  Only responded to a few listings of rental properties that my Maui agent Martha had sent to me.  And Wesley, the landlord of this property was the first one to call me back.

The studio is small but quite pretty, with ocean views, wooden floor and proximity to the famous "Jaws," where giant waves break for world-class surfers only. And it is rather inexpensive, considering the Maui prices.  But that's not why I rented it.

So why then?  Guess what?  Wesley's place it happens to be a walking distance from my new home!  And it sounds like a mini "writers' colony" (there is another writer living upstairs in the same cottage).  It's almost as if the spirits led by by the hand there.  But that's not the only reason I got it, either.

Guess what the most important sign was?  What do you suppose the name of this little studio is?  The “Dolphin Studio!”  And remember the dolphin in the sky from a few weeks ago that guided me to Maui? :-) [see above].  And now look at that wooden dolphin carving above my future bed. There is even a guitar on the floor. And remember that Kuiaha (my new address) means to string a musical instrument (or a prayer).

Consider yesterday's date, when I booked that place? Feb 21.  Another Blackjack date! See what I mean about signs cropping up everywhere? :-)  How much more welcoming can a place be than my little Dolphin Studio?  It's practically flapping its dorsal fins at me.  :-)

As I said, I just picked these "Blackjack" signs when I woke up this morning, evidently after another celestial download during the night.  So I feel as if I am being truly led by hand to my “Mozart Blackjack” property by divine hands.  Everything is falling into place so effortlessly.  And new signs and confirmations appear almost every day.

For example, I have also received spirit guidance from two sources as to exactly where on my new property I should build my new Shaman's Altar/Apucheto and a fire pit for despacho and fire ceremonies (left).  That's where the spirits will open up a portal for me, I have been told, so I would be able to hook up via the ceke lines with my beloved Apu's in the Peru Holy Mountains, especially Apu Ausangate, into whose lineage I am tied, and who are my home spirit guides now.

During last night, I was also shown a luminary switchback path I should construct down a steep slope (a 70 ft-drop) that leads to the gulch that's also a part of my property (right image).  I actually saw the path and myself leading a procession of local people holding walking down the path toward the altar.  It happened at the end of a music and story-telling recital that I am to hold at my new home as a fund-raiser to help the Q'ero (Inca) kids in the High Andes. That's how I am supposed to initiate and consecrate the altar and my new "Mozart Blackjack."

Remember what I also told you before about manifesting destiny before living it?  Well, you just saw another example of it.

When I woke up this morning, I also realized that the place is a "pakarina" (a place of emergence, like a womb in Moray, Peru).  And that it must have a lot of female energies there.  So I am counting on Liliana de Bolivia, my female earth spirit guide from Peru, also to show up there.

Furthermore, the spirits were also helping me this week to get back to Peru.  The same I day I booked my flight to Maui, I also bought my airline tickets for Peru for a special “by invitation only” Altomesayok training session in June.  And even though the itinerary is now even more complicated as I have to fly in and out of Maui, everything clicked just beautifully.  I was even able to use my airline miles to upgrade to first class.  And you know that that's like pulling hens' teeth.

Finally, the entire trip Maui-LA-Miami-Lima return is costing me $577 cash – in 1st Class!  Can you believe it?   That’s a 15,000 mile-round trip!  Just like last year, only the higher power could have arranged something like that while I just waited on the phone as an American Airlines agent did the work. Or was it an angel posing as an agent?  :-)

And so on, and so forth... But that's enough for this day of "two's" (2/22/2009) (2+9=11, also a Roman numeral  II).  (II/II//II00IX)


Gemini Bob now also a Blackjack Bob

(and if this "Gemini" sign looks to you like an "11," it's just another coincidence, right?) :-)

"Entertainer" - My Signature for Blackjack Deal

"If music is God's way of speaking to our souls, then the Internet is God's way of connecting them" [Blackjack Bob a.k.a. Kindi, II II II II II (2/22/2009)]

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 23, 2009 - Beethoven once said that music is God's way of speaking to our souls.  He then added, "they say that God sometimes whispers in peoples' ears.  Well, He is shouting into mine.  Maybe that's why He made me go deaf - so I can hear Him better."

Well, I can't say that God is shouting in my ears, but I do wake up every morning with music in my head.  And this morning, it was the "Entertainer," a well-known score from the famous 1973 Oscar-winning movie "The Sting."

That's not surprising.  Because yesterday (Feb 22, yes, "the day of two's" or aces - II II II II II = 2/22/2009), I made a music video for my new friend Viviana which I am now about to share with you, too.

Hold your horses... I'll tell you in a minute about who Viviana is.  But first, I want to tell you one more thing and then make a larger point.

Back to my dream, what was interesting about it was that I had sent that music to my Maui real estate agent Martha as my signature to seal the deal for #894, my Blackjack Property.  It was the closing day in my dream, and Martha wanted me to come in an sign the documents.  Which I did with this musical score. The "Entertainer" was my signature.

Well, no wonder, given that Robert Redford is even holding what looks like an ace with a jack or a king in his hand, flung over Paul Newman's shoulder (see the left poster). Another  "Blackjack" sign?

The second, larger point I want to make, back to what Beethoven had said, is something that I wrote about 15 years ago regarding an upcoming (re)fusion of arts and sciences which I saw taking place in the future. I identified is a one of the major global macro trends.  And it would be spawned by the PC and the Internet, I said (see "Refusion of Arts & Sciences," 1994).

Well then, if music is God's way of speaking to our souls, then the Internet is God's way of connecting them.

Music, like visual arts, is a form of non-verbal communication.  Which not only smashes through the Babel Barriers (linguistic incompatibilities) like a Mack truck; it also represents a higher level of communication than verbiage.  And you've seen plenty of examples in my recent stories of non-verbal communications with spirits that confirm and amplify this point in spades (I know... here I go, back to card metaphors... and I don't even play cards!). :-)

The way I met Viviana, for example, who inspired my latest music video, i.e., a combination of visual arts and music, is also a case in point.

And now, with that as a preamble, here's her story...

Viviana wrote to me about a week or so ago to compliment me on my "Turkish March" (actually "Rondo Alla Turca", as we now know).  She said she was from Germany.  We exchanged a few more brief messages.  To find out what they were about, click on...

"Entertainer" for Viviana (7:05 mins)

Blackjack Kindi

Introducing Cher Lyn

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 23 - For some time now, I have been exchanging email messages with Cher Lyn, an artist from Sedona whom I have never met in person, but whose work was referenced in a seminar I attended there in early January (see 2012: Toward a New Breed of Man). I did not realize until today, however, how multi-talented she is.  Nor that she had actually lived on Maui.  And had also lived in Glastonbury, England, a quaint town that actually reminded me of Sedona (in terms of its energy, not visually) when I visited it last summer (see Exploring Glastonbury).

Cher touched my soul and warmed my heart when she sent me this beautiful painting and a poem she wrote about the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire - Pele, in response to my Maui "Blackjack" stories (see below and click here for more on her).  In fact, I had thought of Pele when I chose the spot for my altar/fire pit (see above). 

Cher's generosity in sharing her art and poetry with me moved me to explore her web site.  I discovered many of her beautiful life's endeavors on display there.

I invite you to do the same (click on MysticArtMedicine). You will be enchanted.  I promise...

Mystic Magic & Blessings

              by Cher Lyn

    Passion: Medicine Card

Pele’ stands for a truth that’s higher.

She lives in volcanoes and as fire.

Her lava flows, hot molten glows,

Birthing land… our "Passion Goddess" knows.peleherb.jpg picture by dr34mcrush3r

                                                       A poem by Cher Lyn

Cher's web site:


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