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23 Jan 2011

Updated Mar 24, adds It's Official!; Iao Valley Gifts; An Ethereal Sunset Welcome; Maui's Shower of Gifts on "Blackjack Saturday"

Aloha from Maui!

The latest mainlander to become an islander lands at 2:03PM (HI time) on Wed Mar 18... Triple Heart Gifts on "Triple Ace Sunday" (3/22/2009)


Aloha from Maui!

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 18 -  Today was my body's moving day.  My house content departed on Monday, and my car yesterday.  My mind has been in Hawaii for several months now. So I just wanted to let you know that my body and five suitcases have arrived safely on Maui. :-) Aloha!

It is about 3AM for those of you on the East Coast.  And I have had my day lengthened by at least 5 hours today, having been awakened by a business call about the IBM-Sun deal at 6AM Arizona time.  I could write a long story about what had transpired in the last few days in Arizona.  And probably will one day, once I catch my breath here.

For example, I spent the last two nights in Arizona "camping" in the guest bedroom of my totally empty but sparklingly clean home (right). :-)  That was a good news story.  The bad news ones will take longer to tell. Mahalo for your patience.

So for now, I will just share with you some initial pictures from Maui without much narration.


My apartment is very close to my new home of which I am supposed to take possession next Tuesday.  The apt is called "Dolphin Studio" because of these cute wooden carvings of the dolphins.  I have now added my brass "Bird Trinity" sculpture that I brought with my from Scottsdale (top right).

The black stones in front of my door are supposed to bring good luck, my landlord tells me.  They are special "illy-illy" [sic?] rocks, very smooth, polished by a river, he explained.  Later, I found out that he was talking about 'ili 'ili stones, which are also used for healing purposes in Hawaiian massage, as well as for teaching Hawaiian medicine men how to diagnose 280 among human diseases.  Never mind that the word looks like a bunch of 11's, meaning #11. :-)

And how did I find that out?  When my realtor made a "wrong turn" in Kihei after lunch today (3/19), and I spotted a sign that read 'Ili 'Ili Rd.  I had just finished telling her stories about divine signs I have been getting.  And then she became a part of one.

As for my door lock combination, it is easy to remember: 1776.  Not just as the year of the American Revolution.  It's another Blackjack number! :-) (1+7+7+6=21).  Why should I be surprised, right? After all, I landed here on a Blackjack and Ace date! (3/18/2009 - 3+18=#21; 2+9=#11; also see Winning the "Blackjack Mozart" Property, Feb 2009).

On my way to the local grocery store, which looks and feels like a typical country general store, if you know what I mean, I also met some new neighbors (two middle shots). :-)  As you can see, both of them were checking me out very carefully.  At the far right is a beautiful native Hawaiian tree I am looking at while typing this.  It blooms like this year-round, I am told.

And that's all I have time for tonight. 

An Ethereal Sunset Welcomes Me to Maui

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 19 - A friend of mine from New York asked me today in an email if I were as happy as I sounded.  The question made me chuckle.  I was glad to hear my happiness shone through my writing. But I was amused that some people need to reconfirm happiness, as if pinching themselves to make sure something is real. 

Well, I replied that today was a busy day for me in a left brain sense... the final walkthrough at my new home, drive to an office building on the other side of the island to sign a lot of legal papers.  When it was all done, I looked at the clock in the title company's office.  It was exactly 11AM.  I smiled and pointed that out to Martha, my real estate agent, who is by now well versed in my numerology signs.

"Amazing," she said, also smiling.  None of us present in the conference room at the time had planned any of it, of course. Someone else did. All I had to do is notice it.

When it was all over and I was back at my Dolphin studio apartment, I did something that made me feel every part of this island as are the volcanoes, green valleys and the ocean.

It was a rainy day here most of the day.  Around 6PM, I was moved to do a sunset ceremony at Hookipa Point on the north shore, near my property. How do you do a sunset ceremony on a rainy day?  Good question.  Somehow, I knew that the sun would show up even though it was cloudy and misty when I left home.  

As I was driving to the Point, the rain had stopped and the sun lit up the sky.  It looked like an explosion of light behind the clouds, still hovering over Puu Kukui (the smaller of the two volcanoes on Maui - left shot).  As I walked along the beach toward the Hookipa Pt, I kept taking pictures of the western sky (next three shots).


When I got to the parking lot at the Point, someone said, "look at the rainbow over Haleakala."  My back was turned at the moment to the bigger of the two volcanoes on the island as I was walking toward the ocean.  I spun around and was stunned by the beauty of the scenery.  The setting sun had set the entire volcano on fire, while the Goddess of Rain gifted it with a beautiful rainbow on its northern slopes.  The rainbow was almost exactly over Haiku on northern foothills of Haleakala where my new property is located. Just keep in mind that the camera captures only a fraction of the rainbow's glow and beauty."

"Wow, what a gorgeous welcome Father Sun and Apu Maui are staging for the 'Rainbow Giver'," I whispered.  I just stood there for a while, tearing up a little, while trying to inhale and absorb the breathtaking scene that connected the heaven and the earth (that's what the rainbow symbolizes in the Inca shamanic tradition).  Little did I know this was only a beginning of the welcome ceremony and light show.

I then turned around and continued my walk toward the Hookipa Pt.  The path down to the rocks seemed wet, muddy and slippery, by contrast to the last time I was here with Elizabeth in early December, in glorious warm sunshine (see Up to "Top of the World" & Down to Ocean Again ).  It was getting quite dark. So I could not see clearly where I was stepping.  So I thought I'd stay on the grassy ledge above the cliffs and watch the waves crash against the shore.

Yet something pushed me to go down the now dark and muddy path anyway and do the ceremony right on the cliffs.  I understood why when I got there.  The quality of light was quite extraordinary; almost ethereal.  Take a look at the above pictures.  Ever seen a pink ocean and a pink sky joining together on a purple horizon?  I did not touch or edit the images in any way.  That's exactly what the view to the north looked like at about 6:45 this evening.

I then did my sunset ceremony.  It was very emotional and very beautiful.  I felt as if I had melted and morphed into a rock, a wave, a tree, a bird... and had become one with the island. I have never felt more welcome anywhere else in the world, nor been welcomed in a more spectacular way to my new Maui home by Pacha Mama (Mother Earth - the land), Mama Kocha (the ocean) and Father Sun. 

Of course, I had been communicating to them all even from Arizona.  And I knew I would be welcome here.  After all, Maui gave me its heart three and a half months ago (see Maui Calling..., Dec 2008).  But I wasn't ready for THIS!  Especially not on a rainy day.  What a welcome home...

When I turned around to blow my prayers to the "winds of the west," I stopped in mid-sentence, left breathless once again by the amazing beauty of the sunset over Puu Kukui (far left).  When I recovered my composure, I finished the ceremony.  That's when I took the two pictures to the right, which made it seem as if both the sky and the ocean were on fire.

So to answer my New York friend, yes, indeed I am as happy as I sound. I just did not know I would be welcomed as warmly and as spectacularly by a heaven and earth sunset show as I was this evening. 

Thank you. Gracias. Sulpaiki. Hvala. Spasiba. Merci. Grazie. Danke... or whatever other language celestial entities speak.  Maybe this will work the best...  ======>>>

"Australian" & "African" Landscapes around My Property

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 20 - Today is the Vernal (spring) Equinox 2009. And what a glorious spring day it was. Sunshine was also radiating out of everyone I met today.  I've have some marvelous experiences with complete strangers.  Some of them hugged me, laughed with me, one gave me a free lunch (who says there's no free lunch?), two of them called me by my first name even though they had never seen me before...

It was an amazing display of love and affection for a newcomer to their community, matching the beautiful welcome the Creator and the celestial powers laid on for me at sunset last night.  All these wonderful local people made me feel like a real Heart Man (left).  My heart overflowed with love into theirs.

Looking for a Foodland store and a pharmacy, I made a right turn at Makawao's main intersection onto Olinda Rd.  In no time at all, I was out of town.  And the scenery was gorgeous.  It reminded me of Alpine regions in Switzerland or Austria. 

"Forget the food and the pharmacy," I told myself.  "Let's go exploring," I tapped the gas pedal of my red rental jalopy.  She sprung into action.  The road was not on any major maps. So I just kept going and going figuring that eventually I might hit a dead end.

I hit the dead end at this point (two left shot).  I did not know the exact elevation at the time since I left my altimeter at home.  But I knew it was quite high.  The temperature had dropped nine degrees since I left Makawao (from 75F to 66F).  I figured it was probably around 4,000 ft.  Later on, I found out it was a little over 4,100 feet.

What surprised me the most on this road were the huge karri eucalyptushe  trees, the size of which matched some of the biggest ones I have seen in Western Australia (two left shots).  Some of the giants also lined the Olinda Rd (two right shots).  Or more accurately, held the road with their huge roots as if cradling it with their arms.

But there were also beautiful pine forests (right), as well as Norfolk pine ones. My chance turn in pursuit of a food store and a pharmacy yielded some spectacular forest and mountain sceneries.

Take a look at these views, for example, of Puu Kukui (volcano), the green fertile valley below, and the two ocean views - north and south - taken from about a 3,000 ft-elevation.

That's where I also saw the biggest (fattest) eucalyptus tree I have ever seen!  Take a look at how tiny my car, a four-door Chevy sedan, looks by comparison.  This baby has got to be several centuries old. I figure at least 400, maybe 500 years old.  And here I thought these trees were exclusively indigenous to the Down Under continent. At least that's what the Aussies have been telling me.  Maybe not...

And then, as if attesting to the cultures that had predated the American presence on the islands, on my way down from Makawao to Paia I spied this quaint looking church that could have been anywhere in Ye Ole England.

I never did find that food store and the pharmacy, by the way.  But I wasn't worried about that.  Another day, another chance. Meanwhile, I did drive by my new property, just to see it in sunshine, for a change.  :-) And that's where I had another marvelous human experience, when the next door neighbor recognized me and came over to talk to me even though we had never met or seen each other before.  People are SO FRIENDLY (!) around here.

On my way back to the Dolphin studio apt, down E Kuiaha Rd, "my" new road, I took a couple of pictures of the "tree tunnels" and "Out of Africa" sceneries that you pass along just a two-mile stretch of the road.  There is just an amazing variety of trees, plants, flowers, fruit, birds... around here.  In short, there's terrific flora and fauna all around.  "And no snakes," every Hawaiian will point out, especially when they find out you're from Arizona.  :-)

Maui Gifts Me Another Heart

Close to sunset, I drove out again to the beaches around the town of Paia.  "Mama's Fish House," right on the beach, is one of Maui's famous landmarks on the north shore.  A couple of my friends from Switzerland stayed there when they were married on Maui on Jan 1 of this year.  So I dedicate the left two shots to them. 

As I walked on the beach in front of this restaurant/resort, something told me to look for a heart stone.  Last night, Father Sky and Mother Earth put on a spectacular welcome to Maui light show for me (there was nothing like that this evening, even though I was at roughly the same spot at the same time). Today, I had a feeling that Maui would welcome me in its own inimitable way. Sure enough, on my way back from the end of that little beach, a heart-shaped coral smiled at me and asked me to pick it up (two top right shots). It is roughly the same size as the Basalt heart rock Maui gifted me back in December (right).  Together, they now make a black and white Pacha Mama-Mama Kocha (earth and ocean) set.

"Thank you, Maui! I am honored to receive such beautiful welcome gifts," I whispered to the coral rock as I initiated it this evening into my shaman's Mesa (left), which now has two Maui hearts - one from the land, the other from the ocean.

As you can see, the beach scenes this evening were nice and serene, but not as spectacular as that light show at sunset last night.

And that's all she wrote on this Vernal Equinox 2009.

Maui's Shower of Gifts on "Blackjack Saturday"

Yoga, Dance & Arts... Even a Starbucks, Plus Another Heart and Lobster Tail

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 21 - On the first full day of spring, I had my first yoga practice at the beautiful Maui Yoga & Dance Studio in Haiku (middle shot below).  It is only about four miles away from my new home, along a pretty windy drive that ends up in the Haiku town center (see the map).  Were it not for all the switchbacks and gulches (left shot below), the studio would be an easy walking distance as the crow flies.  And it's even closer to my temporary residence - at the Dolphin studio apartment.

If you click on the logo (right) you can see a variety of activities that the Studio offers.  They weave together the sport, spirituality and artistic expression, using your body as an instrument of choice. They even have original art on display combined with the natural creations, such as in that right photo of two paintings about a live flower arrangement, made of local flowers.

When I chose to live at my place in Grayhawk, the first thing I chose was the Village fitness club.  Then I drew a three-mile circle around it and told my realtor to look for a place that would work for me. In the case of Maui, I didn't even have to ask for it.  The Creator and the spirits had already laid it on a platter for me, unbeknownst to me when I decided to buy my Blackjack Mozart property. It was only about a month or so a ago that a young friend of mine, who was with me on the Peru shamanic expedition last summer, told me about the Haiku studio.  She dances at a similar place in the Bay Area.  Which is why she knew about it.  I could not believe my luck when I clicked on their web site and found out about all the wonderful activities they offer.

Today's yoga class was just perfect for me, given that my left shoulder is still recovering from surgery.  It was not too vigorous, yet it involved both stretching and core strength building.  Tomorrow, I may try a five-rhythm dance, which is what my friend from the Bay Area recommended, and the Studio founder, Geordie Jahner teaches.  She is originally from New Zealand.

After the class, I went for a drive, nowhere in particular, loosely hoping that the food store and pharmacy I was looking for yesterday would find me.  Predictably, they did, later in the day.  Before that, however, I came across an amazing art school. The Hui No'eau Art Center (which means "gathering of artists") is based on a beautiful property just west of Makawao. The original palatial private home was built in 1916. 

The enormous Norfolk Pines date back at least 150 years, I was told.  The views are spectacular, both toward the ocean and Kahului and upcountry toward Haleakala.  One could not imagine a more ideal place for an art school or an art colony.  You inhale beauty with your every breath around here.

Look at the "waterfall" of blue flowers, for example, that seems to cascade down that big vine bush (left shot).  Or that giant Norfolk pine next to which yours truly looks like a midget (other two shots).  And when I saw the rich class schedule, which included jewelry design as well as every other kind of visual arts imaginable, my thoughts naturally went to Elizabeth, who is currently taking art classes in Scottsdale. So I took a class schedule brochure to mail to her.

On my way back home, the Foodland store and the pharmacy I was looking for yesterday finally did find me.  I don't want to say "by accident" because there are no accidents, as we know.  Anyway, there is a small but modern shopping center in Pukalani that even houses a Starbucks.  Now that's definitely not something I had expected in my new neighborhood.  On the other hand, considering everything else I have so far discovered that is totally "me," why not a Starbucks, I said to myself.

Another Heart Gift for Elizabeth, Lobster Tail, Shape-shifting Coral for Me

This evening, I went out for another long sunset walk on the beach.  Something told me that this time, I would receive a gift of a heart for Elizabeth who may be joining me here on the island in a few weeks. 

Sure enough, close to the end of about a mile long walk, near a coral reef that makes a perfect "Baby Beach" behind it (left), and near the only place on the island where I have seen red earth, like that on Camelback or in Sedona, I did get not just Maui's gift of a heart for Elizabeth, but also one for me - a lobster tail beautifully preserved (right photo).


Here they are again, in a better light back at my Dolphin studio apartment - photographed from various angles.

Furthermore, I have also received another shape-shifting rock.  This time, it was a three-faced coral.  Take a look at the three faces of the same rock from different sides and angles.

And that's all she wrote for today, Sat Mar 21 - the Blackjack Saturday!

Triple Heart Gifts on "Triple Ace Sunday"

HAIKU, Mar 22 - By now, I am sort of getting used to wonderful things happening on numerologically important dates in my life.  Today being a "Triple Ace Sunday" was no exception (3/22/2009 – meaning, 22 = 2 x #11; and 2+0+0+9=#11).  So I was not surprised when the Baby Beach (the one that reminded me of Smith’s Beach in Western Australia) gifted me three white coral hearts today, practically within a few feet of each other.

The rightmost heart rock above is also a shape-shifter.  It makes a heart from all three angles.  Seems about right for a "Triple Ace Sunday," doesn't it?  :-)

Want to know the most interesting thing about when something like this happens?  I knew in advance that it would happen.  The first heart beckoned me as soon as I stepped onto the Baby Beach.  I then expected to find the other two on a Triple Ace Sunday.  That’s how the Creator and the spirits communicate with me these days - using non-verbal ways of sending me their love and other signs, especially on dates numerologically significant for me (#11 and #21).

As you can see from the two right shots, Baby Beach is a beautiful spot.  You can see Puu Kukui (the "female" volcano) to the west from there (middle), as well as a long way up the Baldwin Park beach to the east (right).  But the wind was so strong today that it buried my towel in sand in less than five minutes.  So I retreated to higher grounds of this little peninsula, to do a ceremony, and then explore some interesting rock shapes on the small peninsula on which red lava had engulfed the black rocks God only knows when.  My guess is probably when Haleakala was an active volcano, a very long time ago, since the red lava is now all crumbly and cakey.

You can see from the above pictures how the red lava trapped these black rocks, and then formed stone shells around it as it cooled. These could be rock formations in Sedona, but for the black rocks and the ocean.  Actually, Sedona was once said to be at the bottom of an ocean, so even that similarity seems to hold water.

The design in the left shot resembles the map of Maui, while the middle one begs the question: "An eye of...?"  The right one is easy to figure out... another heart, of course, this one imprisoned by the red lava.

Fast-forwarding to early evening... check out the views shoppers get from the Pukalani Foodland store and the Starbucks within it...

Can't say that I have been to any other store that offers such vistas along with lettuce, tomatoes, bread and cheese. These views inspired to drive up Kula Rd for a while.  That's where I saw some more evidence of the common origins of Australia and Hawaii.  See that tree with golden bloom that you Aussies call a “Christmas Tree” because it blooms at Christmas?  Well, over here they might as well be called “Easter Trees” because they are in full bloom now.   

I took the left shot from the Kula intersection where highways #37 and #377 meet. The right shot was taken a bit farther down the mountain on my way home, looking roughly in the same direction.

And that's all she wrote on this "Triple Ace Sunday."

Iao Valley's Special Gift of Love

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 23 - Today, the first day of the work week, was supposed to be a day full of mundane chores for me.  Like getting gas, going to the post office, phoning various utilities, buying computer equipment and supplies... And it was all that.  But it also ended up being much more...

I should have figured something extraordinary would happen on a day I discovered that my medical insurance ID with the Blue Cross of Arizona is a quadruple #11 (!). It incorporates all three Master's numbers - #11, #22 and #33.  And the number ends in 129711, which is also a Blackjack #21.  And I've had it for years without realizing it until I had to punch it in today when calling Arizona to transfer my policy.

One thing I did realize as soon as I woke up that I would do today that was not in the mundane category, was to do a ceremony at the Pakarina (womb, place of emergence) in Iao Valley.  This is the part of the island that's full of female Goddess energies.  I had been praying to it, as well as to the masculine Haleakala, all the while I was in Arizona, waiting for signs and then eventual passage to Maui.  This morning, I saw myself doing the ceremony there even before I got out of bed.  And a shaman manifests his life first, then lives it.  A shaman doesn't wait for his destiny to unfold.  He/she creates it.

And so, there I was under the Iao Needle, a little after 2PM, having done most of my mundane chores by then. Below the bridge on which I was standing in the left photo were two girls frolicking in the stream that ran down the mountain.  You can see the Pakarina at the top right.  As I said, the Quechua word means a womb, or a place of emergence, in the Inca shaman lingo.  When Elizabeth and I were there last in early December, a native Hawaiian was actually performing a ceremony at the very same spot (right).

The place reminded me of Moray in Peru, where the Inca had built what they thought was "The Womb of the Earth" (middle shot). It's just that the Iao Pakarina (middle left) is like a thumbnail version of the enormous wombs that the Inca had built.  Still, another similarity in cultures is pretty obvious. 

I proceeded to do my ceremony here as if I were not surrounded by dozens of tourists.  I paid no attention to them and they said nothing to me, either. At the end of the ceremony, I consecrated the coral heart again that the island had gifted Elizabeth a few days ago on the Baby Beach.  I figured that it wouldn't hurt to add the Pacha Mama (mother earth) Goddess energies to those of Mama Kocha (ocean) that had gifted Elizabeth the kulla (stone in a shaman's mesa).

If you click on the video clip below, you can also take in some of the "live" sights and sounds I recorded after the ceremony:

  Bob Djurdjevic at Iao Valley, Maui 3 23 09 , Part 1/3 (1:53 min)

I then went for a short walk toward the rushing stream below...

... where I relaxed and meditated on the rocks near that big luau pit.  As I started to walk up back to the bridge, I repeated some of my prayers of gratitude to Apu Puu Kukui, the Iao Valley female spirits, Apu Haleakala, Goddess Pele, King Kamehmeha... all the divine entities that had guided my here, and then embraced me so lovingly when I arrived.  As I looked up again toward the Iao Needle, my eyes were full of tears of love and gratitude.

At the point, I was coming to a curve in the path.  Something made me I look down.  Right next to the path I felt a stone was calling me.  Then I saw it.  It was much brighter than anything else around it.  It practically beamed its luminosity at me.  I bent down and I picked it up.  It was the most beautiful perfectly shaped oval that I have ever seen.  In fact, it was so perfect from all directions that I realized only God could have made it.  It was Puu Kukui and Iao Valley spirits, the mountain and the earth/river, dropping their tear of love in my path - in response to mine (tears of love).

There was no other way it could have gotten there.  When I passed down this path a few minutes earlier, I did not notice this stone.  And you saw how it stood out from the background.  Any one of the dozens of tourists who had walked by during my ceremony could have picked it up.  But they didn't.  It was meant as a gift of love for me.  I was so moved, my heart was practically in my throat.

Look at how perfectly the stone fits my hand.  Without further ado, I went back to the Pakarina and consecrated it right there, and then initiated it in my mesa.  I figure that from now on, this will be one of my most powerful kullas, perhaps on a par with those gifted to me by Apu Ausengate after the Rites of Passage and by Apu Machu Picchu.  That's when I decided to make another short video clip so you could also share in this special moment...

   Bob Djurdjevic at Iao Valley: Gift of Love, Maui 3 23 09 , Part 2/3 (3:34 mins)

Alas, I realized I had mucked up as a cinematographer, having failed to film the actual stone.  So here it is now, in another video clip, made later at my Dolphin studio apt:

  Bob Djurdjevic at Iao Valley: Gift of Love, Maui 3 23 09 , Part 3/3 (2:03 mins)

On my way out of the canyon, I took a couple of more shots of the rushing stream, and of an artist at work in this God's art gallery.

And that's all she wrote on this Monday that was supposed to be a mundane day. :-)

It's Official! Dolphin in the Sky Welcomes Me to New "Blackjack Mozart" Home

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 24 - It's official!  A little before 9AM local time, the "Blackjack Mozart" property had a new owner.  As I was driving toward my new home up E Kuiaha Rd, I could see a dolphin in the sky hovering over it. It gave me goose bumps.  For, it was another dolphin in the sky in Scottsdale that pointed me this way (see Winning the "Blackjack Mozart" Property, Jan-Feb).

As soon as I got to my new home (right), where Roger, the former owner's son met me, I took my camera out to record the moment before the clouds dissipated.  I was glad I had a witness this time for yet another "miracle" welcome gift.

Roger then handed me this papaya fruit that also welcomed me home this morning by promptly dropping to the ground.  As we walked around the property, Roger kept pointing out an incredible variety of plants, fruit and other decorative trees and bushes that either he had planted, or had sprung up naturally.

I had known from the earlier pictures that we would have ocean views from my home.  But I did not know that we would also have view of both Maui volcanoes - Haleakala and Puu Kukui (two left shots).  Which is just marvelous.  The property is in a perfect spot for triangulation between those two mountains and the Pakarina in the gulch, where I plan to build my new Apucheto (shaman's altar).

Later in the afternoon, I successfully executed the maneuver of returning my rental car and picking up my Mercedes at the Port of Kahului.  You can see it above in two different spots as it arrived at its new home.

The man who was handing me the car at the port was complimenting me on it. 

"Actually, that's really not going to be my main car," I said.  "I will be back to pick up my favorite car in a couple of weeks."

"And what is it."

"A Hond.  Hybrid."

The man grimaced slightly. "And who will be driving this car?"

"Mostly my girlfriend."

He grinned ear-to-ear as a thought evidently bubbled up in his head.  "Can I be your girlfriend?" he joked.

We both laughed.

My First Day at "Camp Blackjack Mozart"

Also see... My Road to Maui: Between Two Volcanoes (Dec 2005); Maui Calling... (Dec-Feb)& Winning the "Blackjack Mozart" Property (Jan-Feb)

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 24-25 - You've already seen how welcoming the "Blackjack Mozart" property and the spirits have been to Elizabeth and I the morning I arrived to claim it as our new home (see It's Official! "Blackjack Mozart" Property Has a New Owner, Mar 24).  Now take a look at its empty interior shell where I have set up camp now for a few weeks until our furniture starts to arrive...


I spent my first night on that mat with just a beach towel for cover (left). Not enough, even in Hawaii.  So today I will be shopping for a blanket.  Since I have no chairs or tables, I am using the kitchen counters as an office, too.  So the Camp's "officers' mess' is, well, a mess, what else... :-) You can look at the rest of the pictures without additional narration.

Late in the afternoon/early evening, I drove out to do some essential shopping, like blanket for the night at my "campground," and two bar stools so I have some place to sit on when doing computer work.  Well, the whole time I had been driving around from store to store between about 4PM and 6:30PM, God and the spirits kept putting rainbows in front of me...

...along with this gorgeous skyline on the other side. Take a look at but a few of the rainbows that I caught with my camera while driving...

I felt so humble and so honored for these gifts today, especially as I was just telling Roger earlier today about wanting to have two rainbows painting to two male/female energy columns inside the "Blackjack Mozart."  It was a sure sign that the spirits were happy about my idea and were flashing it back to me all evening. As the celestial Rainbow Giver, I could not have been more honored to receive their approval.

Altzar, the Rainbow Giver

And that's all she wrote from my first day at "Camp Blackjack Mozart."

Well, not quite...

Just as I was about to close and save this story, I saw a little gecko on the wall of our Great Room.  They are supposed to be good luck signs.  So I took it as another blessing, in addition to all those rainbows.


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