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23 Jan 2011

Updated July 9, 2009: Catching Big (N)Ono on Banana Boat

Fourth of July; Circling West Maui

Festive celebration of Independence Day ends with great road trip


Fourth of July Celebration, Concert

HAIKU, Maui, July 4 - This was Elizabeth's and my first Fourth of July celebration together.  Last year, I was in Peru at this time.  And it was also our first one on the island (of Maui).  So we made an all-day party out of it.  Actually, make it a two-day party, as we really started the day before, with my extensive search for American flags in stores all over the island...

I did find some, finally, as you can see above.  And now, here's the rest of the story , including our Fourth of July concert (18th Concert - Fourth of July).

Before that, however, we went to a parade in Makawao, as you may have seen from the above video.  Here are some pictures from it...

The parade started right at 9AM with a very long procession of vintage cars and trucks.  We had no idea that there were so many car buffs on the island.  They owners who had restored all these several dozen antique cars proudly drove them themselves.  After a while, we noticed a pattern, or a "profile," if you wish, of a typical car buff: middle aged, long graying hair; pot belly... kind of a "hillbilly" look, not unlike these aging bikers in the middle left shot.  They were followed by the inevitable Scottish bag pipe band (middle right).  There were several politicians, too.  Among the, I zeroed in with my camera on this "granny on a horse" - the Mayor of Maui (two right shots). Not many towns across America can boast a mayor who looks like she, and rides so spryly and proudly.

Next came "Miss Rodeo" (left - there was a three-day annual rodeo competition going on this weekend as well - far right)); "Passion for Fashion" - women in red on horses in blue (middle left); and "nail and toe" fashions on the sidewalks, too (middle right). :-) There was also a Mexican contingent (right)...


... the U.S. Marines, followed by the Shriners (top left); Texas longhorns (top middle); the , a political group protesting high taxation and a loss of our liberties (second row - also see Gouging the American Consumer, a related editorial by this writer).

The parade lasted about two hours.  Afterward, we drove around the coastline for a while, and spent a some time on the beach (two left photos); cooked a holiday barbecue at our gulch apucheto (far right); recorded the Fourth of July concert that you saw above (middle right), and then took the picture on our lanai as the sun was starting to set (above right).

We finished the day at a fireworks show in the Lahaina harbor.  As you can see, we weren't alone.  The street's of Lahaina were packed.  And the fireworks were fired from a boat anchored a few hundred yards from shore.  Thus ended one of the nicest Fourth of July holidays I can remember.

Circling West Maui

HAIKU, Maui, July 5 - We were not done celebrating the Independence Day weekend.  The following day, Sunday, we took the roof down on the Filly and took her out for a spin around West Maui (see the green route on the map - right).  It was the first time both Elizabeth and Filly had been on that road.  It was not quite as rough as some parts of our drive on the east coast of the island a couple of weeks ago, but single-lane road was exciting enough at times to have caused us to honk the horn as you could not see more than 10 yards around a bend ahead.  Check it out...


You can see in the two left shots one of the many deep gulches that we had circumnavigated.  Since most of our drive was along the cliffs high above the ocean, the views were spectacular.

At first, I just drove and let Elizabeth take pictures as she pleased (she took all of the above ones).

They included those of Turnbull Studio, an art gallery that I visited back in 2005.  I bought a Hawaiian (Oahu) painting there which matched my Maxfield Parrish "Arizona" reproduction in colors and style.  But this time around, the gallery was closed.  So we could just take pictures  from the outside.  We vowed to come back again some day...

We next drove through a charming little town where everybody seemed to bake banana bread.  The town's location is marked by a huge cliff which is visible all the way from Haiku, where we live, in the foothills of Haleakala, on the opposite side of the Kahului Bay.

Up until now, I had let Elizabeth take all the pictures.  But at our next roadway stop, following a short walk to the shore, the scenery was so spectacular that I whipped out my camera and took some shots of my own (above).

I'll let Elizabeth's camera continue to tell the rest of the story (above)...

As we continued our drive toward the westernmost point of Maui, Elizabeth would stop occasionally to take pictures of interesting scenery.  During one such stop, she also snapped a photo of me adjusting my hat.  At that very moment, unbeknownst to her, another Mercedes had just driven by (middle right short).  What are the odds of that happening on Maui?  :-)

As we turned south along the western coast of Maui, the scenery changed again to lush green.  We were now on the exact opposite side of Puu Kukui, the "female" volcano that encompasses a lot of the rain forest areas.  As we were approaching Kapalua (middle right), we came across a bay that seems to be a snorkelers' haven (right).

That's where Elizabeth also took two of the prettiest shots on the whole drive (left).  After spending some time on the Kapalua Bay beach, we drove into Lahaina, ostensibly to get some refreshments on a hot day.  As it turned out, however, Elizabeth also ended up with a cute new outfit (which I spotted in one of the shoreline stores - two right shots), a deep-sea fishing trip (which we booked for next week), and we both got some essential oils for the house at an open air market under the huge banyan tree near the harbor.  That's where we also met some people we knew.  Small world...

And that's all she wrote from this holiday weekend.  Have a great week, back at work, or wherever you may be!

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