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23 Jan 2011

Updated Dec 15, 2009...

End of the Road

Major road construction finished at Greater Rainbow Shower


End of the Road

Major road construction finished at Greater Rainbow Shower

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 15 - We returned home from New York to two miracles.  First, around midnight between Dec 13-14 (Sunday night), we were treated to a tremendous meteor shower.  Elizabeth counted 25 "shooting stars" in about 20 minutes, mostly in the northern sky.  I saw five in the eastern sky, before I stopped counting so I could enjoy the astral show.  Anybody knows what that was about?

The second miracle occurred on the Rainbow Shower grounds.  Who would have thought it possible... six straight dry and sunny days in Haiku in the middle of the rainy season!?  That rarely happens even in summertime. 

Mind you, before we left for New York last Monday, I had prayed and asked the Creator for some dry days so Charley, our native Hawaiian neighbor, friend and contractor, can finish the remaining road construction.  But it's one thing to ask, and quite another to receive miracles like this. 

So thanks to the dry summertime weather that we've had around the Rainbow Shower while we were freezing in New York, Charley did finish the road.  And today, we called it a day and declared the road finished. 

The road and clearing of the grounds around it took about 10 weeks to complete.  Now we can turn this beautiful "Garden of Eden" back to the Creator and Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) for watering, sunshine and other nourishment.  We will just take care of landscaping maintenance.

To commemorate the day, Charley posed next to the start of the first road he had built last spring, now called the Orchard Rd.  The Orchard Rd leads from the Upper to the Lower Rainbow Shower (middle right).  The Tulip Rd (right), is now a part of his new legacy at the Rainbow Shower.

Right there, where the Tulip Rd sign is posted now, is a big rock barely protruding to the road surface (two middle left shots).  That's the top of the triangle market on the map (right) while I was still in Arizona.  It was the energy of that rock that signaled to me that I should buy the land highlighted in blue to complete the original Rainbow Shower purchase as a triangle.  As it turned out, I ended up buying five additional acres around it.  This morning, I erected a marker at that spot in gratitude to my lode (guidepost) rock.

Continuing up the Tulip Rd, we come to the hairpin turn at which the second big African Tulip is based after which the road was named.  That's also the start of the Royal Palm Trail, with 35 palms acting as my guideposts when we broke the road through that former jungle.

For those of you who may not have seen what the Rainbow Shower looked like before Charley and I got started on the clearing and road construction, I offer the two photos left and right, taken in late March of this year.  You can also see how the first gulch road was built, the Orchard Road, if you click on Building of "Gulch Expressway" at "Rainbow Shower"  (Apr 2009)and Stories from the "Rainbow Shower" (Mar 2009).

Video Tour of Greater Rainbow Shower Road

And now, I invite you to join me for a video tour of the finished Greater Rainbow Shower road...

  Greater Rainbow Shower - End of the Road - Part 1/4 (Dec 15, 2009) (0:56 mins)

  Greater Rainbow Shower - End of the Road - Part 2/4 (Dec 15, 2009) (9:35 mins)

  Greater Rainbow Shower - End of the Road - Part 3/4 (Dec 15, 2009) (1:26 mins)

  Greater Rainbow Shower - End of the Road - Part 4/4 (Dec 15, 2009)  (3:30 mins)

Mele Kalikimaka!  (Merry Christmas!)

And that's all she wrote so far this month from the Rainbow Shower...

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