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23 Jan 2011

Updated Dec 6, 2009... adds The Jaws Happening

"Jungle Art" Blossoms

New designs, sings spring up at Rainbow Shower


"Jungle Art" Blossoms

New designs, signs spring up at Rainbow Shower

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 5 - Ever since I arrived here at the Rainbow Shower back in March, even before I knew what a Rainbow Shower was, I have been guided by the signs from the land, sky, ocean and dreamtime in everything I did.  Some my music video creations, for example, attest to that.  Visual artistic expressions inspired by local flora weren't far behind, either.  It's just that, with the Greater Rainbow Shower road construction and other projects of higher priority, I haven't made the time to carry them all out as yet.  Until now...

The above design of a "Coconut Sun," for example, had been conceived in my head months ago, probably back in July-August.  That's when I started collecting the sun's "rays" - the petals of the giant African Tulip tree at the Lower Rainbow Shower which is our "King of the Jungle" (far right).  I picked up the coconut "sun" at about the same time.  I didn't have to do much to improve on God's design of it.  It already had the smiling face you are seeing above.  I just had to widen the hole that looks like its mouth and paint it the golden color.  Now, this Coconut Sun, that Elizabeth helped sew together using transparent fishing thread, hangs on a wall at the entrance to our office like a guardian sun angel.

Perhaps some of you remember my "Phrygian Dogs" sculpture that I created in early 2008, using some German scrap iron that my piano restorer saved from me? (middle right).  It was once a part of a German cannon from WW I, and then reused for my antique piano.  I have painted it now with a golden patina so reemphasize its symbolic message of  "turning cannons into pianos and war into music," along the biblical lines of "beating swords into plowshares."

(They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore. Isaiah 2:4 & Micah 4:3)

Some of you perhaps remember that bamboo sculpture I created back in May?  Everything except the base came from the our property at the Upper Rainbow Shower.  I cut the bamboo, waited a few weeks before it dried, and then applied a glossy stain to it (left shot). Well, this weekend I've added two new twists to it.  First, I painted all bamboo sticks a glossy mahogany color that blends in better with the rest of our furniture and the color of the high beams.  Second, using two bamboo sticks prepared the same way, I created a new musical "coat of arms" behind "Athena the Reader," the boat sculpture/lamp you can see in the three left pictures.

And then there is unfinished art.  When Elizabeth and I were in Bolzano, Italy, last September, we saw a wooden sculpture in the window that looked like a Christmas tree (right).  That inspired Elizabeth to say she wanted to create something like that herself.  Well, what better way to do it than using local materials, bamboo, in our case.  So, for the last two months, I have been collecting appropriate (small) size bamboos, cutting them into small pieces, and letting them dry.  This weekend, I painted them the same mahogany color as the rest of the big bamboos.  Then to get Elizabeth started, I loosely assembled them into a triangular structure you can see in the two left shots.  But Elizabeth wanted to make it looking "messier," like that Italian/Austrian creation (right).  So this morning she put together the middle right sculpture.  Which was too small for her liking.  It is at this point that we both decided to start over... and work together!  :-) Who says "too many chefs spoiled a broth" if the chefs are having fun?  :=)

New Signs

Several weeks ago, while Elizabeth and I were working at the Lower Rainbow Shower near the Palm Island, she said something about how it would be nice to have some signs explaining what the various parts of our property are.  Unbeknownst to her, I created the sign designs on my computer, then found a couple of artists from Yosemite Park in California who manually carved them out of redwood and painted them according to my designs.  When then signs arrived by mail this weekend, you should have seen the surprise on Elizabeth's face. :-) I then cut and installed the posts myself.  Take a look...

First, you can see the signs posted as you walk from the Upper Rainbow Shower to the Lower Rainbow Shower along the Orchard Road that we had built back in May.

Entering the same area from the other side of the Greater Rainbow Shower property, by Jeep in my case yesterday, you can see the other signs.  The Palm Island sign is mounted on a Teepee I had constructed a while back out of local bamboo sticks.

Finally, you get to the former jungle part of our property where we broke the Royal Palm Trail (left) along the Tulip Road (middle).  You can see that section marked on the above map in broken purple line.

The Jaws Opens Its Big Mouth on Pearl Harbor Day

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 7 - Perhaps you remember that the Jaws, a cove about four miles south of the Rainbow Shower, is where the world records of surfing was set some years ago (2001) on a 75-foot wave.  Well, the Jaws opened its big mouth again today.  And the surf was "only" 40 feet high (right).  :-)

As word got out and around Maui through various news media channels, hundreds of people flocked in to Jaws to see its opening performance of the winter season.


Some came on horseback, others in 4WD vehicles, many trekked the two-mile hike from the Hana highway on foot.  It was a real happening.  What made it special was that it happened on Pearl Harbor Day 2009.

Since we don't watch TV, and are getting ready for our tonight's flight to New York, we would have missed it all, had it not been for Elizabeth's driving into town to run some errands.  She noticed a lot of cars at the bottom of our road and Hana highway.  So she called to tell me about it.  I told her to come back.  We changed cars, jumped into our Jeep, and headed down the hill toward the Jaws shoreline using the 4WD.

Even from a distance of several hundred feet, it was formidable to see the "blue mountains" rolling in from the ocean, and then dissolving into white foam after crashing into the vertical cliffs of Maui's north shore.

"Was it worth the four-mile hike?" I asked a couple heading back up the hill before we actually reached the Jaws.

"Yes, it was," the man replied.  "It was really cool."

We agree.  What was also cool is that we were able to help out a middle-aged couple from West Maui by giving them a ride back up the hill in the back of the Jeep.  Originally from north Virginia, it was their first time at the Jaws.  And they seemed exhausted having overestimated their hiking power. So they were very grateful for the ride, bumpy as it was.

And that's all she wrote so far this month from the Rainbow Shower...

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