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23 Jan 2011

Updated Apr 4  - adds Bluebird Morphs into Blue Marlin

More Rainbows at "Rainbow Shower"

Rainbow Mushroom, Coffee, Guava, Jasmine... pickings from God's Art Gallery at Bottom of Gulch; Walk through "Enchanted Forest"


Wednesday Night at "Hana Hou"

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 1 - Haiku is anything but a tourist trap.  Residents of the arguably most beautiful part of Maui seem to pride themselves on being uniquely private and privately unique.  Which does not mean snobbish or aloof.  On the contrary.  In the two weeks I have been here, I have already made more good friends than I did in four years in North Scottsdale. 

Everybody here seems "special."  Everybody is happy to be "different."  Most people are in touch with their feelings and are happy to share them.  Most love nature and beauty.  How can you not, being surrounded by it 24/7!  Many are very creative.  All seem quite spiritual.

Put it all together, and you can see why I fit in so well.  :-)

"He is sort of crazy," the architect I am working with reportedly described me to a couple of artists who may be helping paint some of my "crazy ideas" into murals.

"You can drop the 'sort of' part," I corrected her. 

Everybody laughed.

Well, when I wanted to take out to dinner two wonderful new friends, Roger and Rose Marie, who have been very helpful to me, they suggested we go to "Hana Hou," a small restaurant in Haiku town center.  I had driven by it before on my way to the nearby Yoga and Dance Studio.  I would not have given it a second look were it not for these friends' endorsement.

Well, the place is a "happening" on Wednesday nights.  A great trio of musicians - Vince, Dorothy and Les (from left to right in the above photo) - entertain dinner guests with a music variety that ranged from soul, to country to jazz. 

"We've been doing it for about six months now," Les told me during a break.

By day, the three of them work as DJ's at a local radio station.  By night, they pour their love of music into their banjo/guitar (Vince), guitar (Dorothy) and the keyboard (Les).  And on Wednesday nights at Hana Hou, their love of ballad and blues spills over the listeners' souls like a balm over a sore spot. Take a listen...


And then, as if telepathically ordered by yours truly, now the owner of the "Rainbow Shower," Dorothy sang the song titled "Rainbow" toward the end of their 2.5-hour concert. 


Rose Marie and Roger, who knew about the story of the Rainbow Shower, looked at me with their eyebrows raised when Dorothy announced the song.  I just shrugged, pretending to be an innocent party to this. 

"Guess it's just telepathing," I said.

At the end of the evening, we all hugged the trio of musicians like old friends, promising to come back.

And that's a Haiku story you're not going to find in any tourist brochures.  As I said, Haiku residents like to keep things private.  Well, sort of... It's hard to keep good music a secret.

More Rainbows at "Rainbow Shower"

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 3 - After realizing how hard it is to get rid of "stuff" we accumulate, I have been very careful not to go right back to it when I got here.  So I am basically still camping out at the "Rainbow Shower" here, including meals of salads on paper plates, and working in the kitchen while perched on a bar stool (see First Day at My New Property, Mar 2009).

But your lower back can only take so many hours of bar stool abuse.  So after my third chiropractor visit in a week, I ordered a new office chair and a desk.  They were delivered yesterday afternoon.  Which led to two hours spent assembling them.  I was quite proud of myself when I finished.  Because I am not very patient for such detailed work that involves following exact procedures… do this before that, then turn it inside out, twist before turning, and pray that it fits together in the end… :-)

Except when I was almost finished, I realized OfficeMax had sent me a WRONG desk!  I ordered a desk with a sliding keyboard shelf.  They sent me a bigger “executive desk” with a shelf on top (see the picture on the right). 


So now I will need to assemble another desk on Tuesday – when they send the “right one,” and see if these two can work together in the same room.  What joy… more assembly work! :-)

Meanwhile, the first thing I noticed at my new "Rainbow Shower" office when I walked in this morning were a couple of rainbows on the floor (two left shots).  When I opened my emails, I found one from a friend in Canada that included two beautiful rainbows (two right shots).  No, I did not see one outside.  Today was the first day in a long time that I did not.  It was warm and it didn't rain much.  So when the Creator doesn't provide them in abundance outdoors, he/she finds a way of doing it inside the "Rainbow Shower."

Bluebird Morphs into Blue Marlin, More Blues Follow

My blue Honda Hybrid, which I have dubbed a "Bluebird" when I bought it last September, was not due to arrive here until Apr 8, according to the Matson (shipping company) web site.  Yet something made me write to my transportation broker last night, asking him to check in the morning (today) when the car would be available for pick up.

He replied this morning that the Matson's web site is showing the date as Apr 8.

"I know that," I replied. "I had seen the same thing before writing you.  But would you please CALL them and find out what the actual date may be."

You see, I had already mentally pictured myself picking it up at the harbor. 

Less than an hour later, my phone rang.  It was the Matson's office in Kahului.  "Your car is available for pick up now," a male voice said.

Yet another example of a shaman telepathing his destiny and then living it. 

On my way to the harbor, just as we were rounding the bend south of the Kahului airport, I noticed an usual cloud.  Immediately, I sensed it was a sign.  At first, I thought it was a barracuda.  Later, I realized it was a Blue Marlin, only painted white as a cloud (two left shots).  Then the penny dropped. 

It was the dolphin cloud sign in Arizona that pointed me to Maui.  It was a dolphin cloud sign that welcomed me at our new home on the first day at the "Rainbow Shower" (Mar 24). And now, it is a Blue Marlin that's welcoming Bluebird to Maui, too.  So I guess from now on, the Bluebird will morph into a Blue Marlin.  There he is, in the "Rainbow Shower's" garage, alongside its older cousin, the erstwhile Z FILLY (right).

A Walk through "Enchanted Forest"

Up until afternoon I have been so busy with various mundane and important tasks that I never made time to walk around the area, something I have always enjoyed doing, especially when living in the country.  To be sure, I have been down and around "my gulch" more times than I care to remember, already living a few drops of blood there on a couple of occasions.  But I had not expanded my roaming range to include a wider Haiku neighborhood.

Well I did it this afternoon.  And what a beautiful walk it was.  Care to join me...

Right off the bat, just as you turn left (toward the ocean) from our driveway onto E Kuiaha Rd, you enter an "Enchanted Forest" (left).  It is a line of mature eucalyptus trees whose crowns have closed over the road making it seem like a green tunnel.  Immediately to the right, there are rolling hills, around deep gulches - all dressed in a lush green coat that only tropical climates can provide (middle left).  A few hundred yards down the road, you enter an even longer "green tunnel" made up of even bigger eucalyptus trees (middle right).  I took a  close-up shot of one of them that had been cut, which confirmed what I had suspected - that they are jarrah trees, the kind that produce some of the most beautiful interiors, as well as some of the hardest natural construction materials you can find anywhere.  My entire former home in Western Australia was constructed of them (see Just Another Day in Paradise).

No more than 300 yards after "Australia," you arrive in "Africa."  Don't the two left shots look like they could have been taken from the movie "Out of Africa?"  By the way, I have no idea what kinds of trees are those, but I call them "flat tops." Not to be confused with aircraft carriers, I named them that because of their flat crowns.  And then a few hundred yards back up the hill, you arrive in "Arizona" - by way of that gorgeous lavender bougainvillea.  Finally, as your gaze pans again to a wider panorama, you realize where you really are - in a tropical paradise called Haiku, arguably the most beautiful part of Maui.

All in all, my walk spanned perhaps a couple of miles round trip in about an hour.  Not bad for traversing all those continents and crossing the Pacific twice, is it?  And all on foot, too.

Rainbow Mushroom, Coffee, Guava, Jasmine...

Pickings from God's Art Gallery at Bottom of Gulch

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 4 - This afternoon, after my yoga class, Roger, the former Rainbow Shower property owner, and I headed back down to the gulch.  We spent about an hour hacking through the jungle in a futile effort to find my two "missing" property boundary pins.  But we had a ball, feeling and acting like two Indiana Jones's.  I also found a ball... a golf ball, right at the bottom of the dried out stream, in the thickest part of the jungle.  Roger said he had hit it years ago from my back lawn.  Now he can take that shot over again... :-)

I returned from our little exploration with a few light cuts and interesting pickings...

... guava fruit, lavender jasmine flowers, beautiful rainbow mushroom, coffee beans...


... which I then assembled into this new art form directly from God's art gallery.  Actually, I just threw them on this napkin and they assembled themselves into this shape. What does this "sculpture" remind you of?  Write to me and tell me...

Meanwhile, I was amazed to find wild coffee bushes growing at the bottom of the gulch, right next to some maple trees and an African tulip.  That's like splicing together Brazil, Canada and Africa all within a few yards from each other.  Amazing! But that's Maui for you... everything grows and anything goes, as long as it is in alignment with nature.

And no, we are not planning to go into competition with Kona or Brazil or Kenya with our own "Rainbow Shower" brand of coffee.  :-)

Your Feedback...

Thank you for your feedback along with your interpretations of God's artwork above.  Very interesting observations.  Here are some of them, along with my own...

Mira from Florida thought the mushroom reminded her of a peacock and the coffee beans of the Holy Trinity.

To me, the mushroom also looked like a peacock.  Which Yzedis believed was the first living creature on this planet.  And I also thought of the coffee beans stood for the Holy Trinity.  Also, the mushroom’s hovering over the beans symbolically represented the union of heaven and earth.  Which is what a rainbow is in Inca cosmology.

Edith from Canada wrote, "my very first thought about this new artwork is an ear and "fruitful" (fulfilling, loving, nourishing) sounds entering it."

Lovely that she saw it as in the context of soothing music.

Joy from Australia said, "the lovely work of art you did reminds me of oyster half shell with pearls."

Actually, I told them all that I did NOT create this art.  So I cannot take any credit for it.  It was God's artwork.  I just threw the four pieces on a napkin.  And voila!

Finally, from me new Hawaiian friends, Roger and Rose Marie: "Life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness" - which is the Hawaiian state motto, Roger noted. 

Or "ua mau ke ea I ka'aina e ka pono," which is the Hawaiian translation of what Roger had sent you," his wife Rose Marie also filled in. 

"The collection that is displayed," she continued, "immediately struck me as a depiction of the Demi-God Maui wearing his warrior's regalia after defeating his enemy in the battle of Iao Valley.  In a more peaceful depiction, I also translated that collection as a natural resemblance of King Kamehameha. Well done, once again. Me ke aloha, Rose Marie."

Or the head of the Peruvian sacred "tumi," Inti - the Sun God, come to think of it (left).  It is on the pendent that I wear around my neck all the time as a shamanic symbol. 

"Mahalo for that, Rose Marie.  Well done, yourself!"

Thank you all for sharing your comments with me.

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