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A dual purpose mission - Updated Feb 28, 2012

Helping Create Peace & Harmony in Europe

Part one: Creating peace & harmony among mankind; Part two: Creating peace and harmony between mankind and Mother Earth




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A dual purpose mission to help create peace and harmony in Europe

Stuck at the Hague

Court schedule plays havoc with my schedule

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Feb 28, 2012 - Hello everybody.  This is my third day at The Hague, and the second full day of working at the War Crimes Tribunal. My work at the Court is progressing at a slow pace.  Under the terms of my undertaking as a witness, I am not allowed to talk about it publicly in any detail. All I can tell you is that I had a very productive session today with President Karadzic, the defendant at whose trial I am supposed to testify.  I can also tell you that he is being treated fairly.  Ensuring that was one of the goals of my trip here.

As for when the actually testimony will take place, that's still up in the air.  The unexpected length of the testimony by a witness who is currently in court is throwing everybody for a loop.  Which has forced me to cancel or put on hold all my previous travel arrangements, such as my trips to London and to the Austrian-Italian Alps for a special healing ceremony.  At a substantial cost to me, I might add, since the Court won't compensate me for penalties or non-refundable fees.  Anyway, it is what it is and I'll just have to wing it and make the best of it.
So once I know when and if I should be able to make it to the Alps to do the healing ceremony I will let you know so we can coordinate and synchronize our prayer actions.  There is still a remote change that it might be on Sat Mar 3, but that's looking more remote with every passing day.
Separately, I have also applied to see General Mladic who is at the Detention Center, as well as another Serb general who was the top military commander during the Kosovo War in 1999.  The powers that be of the Tribunal are now deliberating whether or not they will allow me access to the defendant.  Mladic's trial is not scheduled to start until the middle of May.  But I thought since I am here, I might as well try to kill two birds with one stone.  Seeing how the Court here works, I am starting to get the impression that efficiency and expedience are not high on its list of priorities.

Meanwhile, if you click on the link below, you can see some photos taken today that you might find of interest.  The picture of fog using a flash is particularly amazing.

Day 3 Photo Album (Feb 28)






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