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A dual purpose mission - Updated Mar 6, 2012

Helping Create Peace & Harmony in Europe

Part one: Creating peace & harmony among mankind; Part two: Creating peace and harmony between mankind and Mother Earth




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A dual purpose mission to help create peace and harmony in Europe

Leaving London: Albert Hall, Traffic Accident

Paying Homage to Eternal Love

LONDON, Mar 5, 2012 - For a London morning that was supposed to last only a few hours before heading out to the London City Airport, my Monday Mar 5 was surprisingly busy and quite exciting, too.  Which usually means - I was not the one running the show, only running to keep up with the Spirits' "fun and games."

There were two things I had planned to do. One was go to my favorite Kensington area store to get a hot croissant stuffed with yummy hazelnut chocolate. The second part of that intention was to then walk next door to a Starbucks and enjoy both.  It was only my second cup of Starbucks coffee on this trip, the first one being on my arrival in London four days ago.

My second intention as to find a post office so I can mail the kullas (sacred stones) that the Alpine spirits have gifted to three of my fellow-Stewards of the Earth (it was actually four, but I only had addresses of three of them at that time).  The Mailboxes Etc store had not yet opened (it was just before 8 and it opens at 8:30).  So I decided to go for a walk toward Royal Albert Hall. I don't know why. I was just moved to do so.

As I was approaching the Hall, I gradually became aware why. I was back to a place where Elizabeth and I had made some wonderful memories attending concerts and recitals in the past. More importantly, I was returning for the first time to the very spot where I had a momentous revelation last October that I (and my splits) was Prince Albert and that Elizabeth (and her splits) was Queen Victoria, something that was subsequently confirmed by Ahtun Re (see Albert & Victoria Reunited, Oct 23).

I first took pictures of the London College of Music which is housed directly opposite the Albert Hall. It was one of his many artistic projects that he sponsored.  In 1851, for example, the Great Exhibition was held in Hyde Park, London, for which the Crystal Palace was built. The exhibition was a great success and led Prince Albert, the Prince Consort, to propose that a permanent series of facilities be built in the area for the enlightenment of the public. Progress on the scheme was slow and in 1861 Prince Albert died, without having seen his ideas come to fruition. However, his wife, Queen Victoria, fulfilled her husband's dream when she opened this gorgeous structure on March 29, 1871 and named it Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences. Today, it is know as just Royal Albert Hall.

As I stood there again after since months since that revelation, I understood why the Spirit guided me back. I was here to honor the permanence of my wife's love for me.  This magnificent Hall is but one earthly symbol of it.  Elizabeth has been my wife for millennia.  As Queen Victoria, she never got over the death of her husband. She never remarried. And as Prince Albert, I finally learned the lesson that had eluded me for millennia of being a powerful ruler: That celebrating and honoring the woman as God's powerful creation, and performing services for public good, are two more important ways of serving the Divine purpose than any King Theseus, Emperor Constantine, King Phillip or Pope Julius II acts had done.

As I contemplated that, walking around the Albert Hall, the Albert Memorial, snapping pictures, I became quite emotional.  I heard the words, "love springs eternal." And now, here's a poem from whence they may have sprung:

Love Springs Eternal

By Anthony Halat

A vision of beauty, a maiden of the light, 
She enchanted his eyes, his beautiful She-
Shy in heart, still alone in the lands 
Wishing she was in his hands, 
She whispered softly, 'Love 
springs eternal...'

A visage of mystery, a master of the dark, 
He fascinated her eyes, her furry Lord-Wolf 
Sad in spirit, still alone in the lands 
Wishing life made less demands, 
He growled fiercely, 'Love springs eternal...'

A challenge of love, eyes meet and hold, 
She enchanted him, he fascinated her, 
Shyness and sadness, no longer alone in the lands. 
Bound together with shared demands, 
Felt by both, 'Love springs eternal.'

A life of bliss, spirits entwined, 
Love that is pure in spirit and mind. 
Lifemates forever, happiness found in the lands. 
Touched by Fate's tender hands, 
Love springs eternal. 



The final touch by the Spirits was that "Aida" was just playing at the Albert Hall.  It was the opera Elizabeth and I saw only a few weeks ago in Honolulu.  I sent her the pictures of the posters.   Also, check out the rest of the Albert Hall photos in the Photo Album below.

London Photo Album: Albert Hall (Mar 5, 2012)


Traffic Accident

It almost 9 by the time I got back to the Mailboxes Etc store and down to earth. As I walked back to my hotel to stuff and address the envelopes, I noticed a traffic accident had closed westbound lanes of the Cromwell Rd and Gloucester Rd. Since this is a major thoroughfare (to the Heathrow airport among other places), I figured it must have been something serious.  Otherwise I did not pay much attention.

I did notice, though, when I came back out a few minutes later to go to back the post office, that there was a body lying face down in the crosswalk that I normally use to cross Cromwell Rd.  So I turned right and crossed at Gloucester Rd instead.  When I came back, about 15 minutes later, the body was still around. This time my reporter instinct got the better of me. I pulled my pocket camera and shot this video:

London traffic accident at Kensington Forum Holiday Inn (Mar 5, 10:15AM)


I also took these still pictures...

Shortly after that, my ride arrived.  It was a new driver. His name was Abdul. He said he was from Eritrea in eastern Africa. We have a nice chat during the long ride. In view of what had just happened at Albert Hall, I was amused to see that the first bridge he took us to was "Albert Bridge."  He proceeded to drive along the left bank of the Thames.  By the time we reached the Parliament Buildings and Westminster Abbey, I joked that he was giving me a "river cruise on land." Abdula laughed heartily.   Here are some pictures I took on that ride which felt more like a sightseeing tour.

Leaving London Photo Album (Mar 5)

My departure from the London City Airport in east London was on time and uneventful.  Thank God. I had had enough excitement for one morning that was supposed to be a "quiet part" of my trip.



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