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A dual purpose mission - Updated Mar 6, 2012

Helping Create Peace & Harmony in Europe

Part one: Creating peace & harmony among mankind; Part two: Creating peace and harmony between mankind and Mother Earth




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A dual purpose mission to help create peace and harmony in Europe

Leaving Innsbruck, Arriving in London

Fog returns as I leave the Alps

INNSBRUCK, Austria, Mar 4, 2012 - The day after that fabulous Alpine ceremony was hazy and foggy in some parts of Innsbruck. Gone was that beautiful crystal clear weather that surrounded me on my journey through the Alps. I got a feeling as if the Spirit realm was drawing the curtain back over the events that took place in the last two days.

I returned the damaged car at the airport and filled out the "accident" report. Now I'll just have to wait and see how much it will cost to repair the scratch.  I have a feeling the rental car company will probably just keep my security deposit. Guess I'll just have to look at it as a toll for the privilege of gaining access to the Alpine mountain spirits. (Later, something else was to happen at The Hague that would demonstrate just how kind and generous my spirit guides are).

Anyway, here are some pictures I took at the Innsbruck airport and later during take off.  As you can see, they are a far cry from the those crisp, bright scenes that welcomed me to the Alps. But they were still much better than what awaited me in London.  As we were landing at Gatwick, the captain announced, "I am afraid the the weather is actually quite miserable right now."

He was not kidding.  It was raining and windy, with temperatures probably in the low 40s-upper 30s. Brrrr...

Innsbruck-London Flight Photo Album (Mar 4, 2012)

The picture I took from my London hotel window (the last one in the above album) makes it actually look quite cheery compared to what it felt waiting for a train on a windblown station, dragging my two cases up and down the London tube stairs, and then braving the wind to walk from the tube station to my hotel. It was the first time on this trip I was grateful for my Gore-Tex jacket which I got for similar or worse weather during my shamanic expeditions in the High Andes.

But I didn't much care. My Alpine mission was over. Successfully. And I had a nice evening with my family in London to look forward to.



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