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A dual purpose mission - Updated Mar 1, 2012, adds Clearing London Fog

Helping Create Peace & Harmony in Europe

Part one: Creating peace & harmony among mankind; Part two: Creating peace and harmony between mankind and Mother Earth




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A dual purpose mission to help create peace and harmony in Europe

Parting Ceremony

How Spirit guided me to tower over Scheveningen Beach to do ceremony and anchor ceke lines

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Mar 1, 2012 - Just got back from a brisk walk before my ride to the airport and the flight to London.  Something made me take the flute with me.  I thought I'd go to the beach and play to the waves. Instead, the Spirit guided me to climb a little sand hill overlooking the beach which had a brick tower on it.  It is probably a leftover from German beach fortifications in WW II.  But it is the highest point around here with 360 degree views.  Here are some photos I took:

Spontaneously, I started doing a ceremony there. I finished it about 30 minutes later by playing four melodies on the flute.  It was quite beautiful to hear the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Smetana and Amazing Grace against the backdrop sounds of waves. A man walking who climbed up to the hill and his dog were the were only witnesses.  During the ceremony, I anchored this spot on Schevenigen as a beacon for setting up the ceke line connections between Ireland, Denmark, the Alps in Europe, and theHawaiian volcanoes and the Andes overseas.

Clearing London Fog

LONDON, Mar 1 - I have just arrived London after an adventurous trip. Heathrow was fogged up and closed earlier today. So when I got to the Amsterdam airport, I saw that my flight was supposed to me half an hour late.  Then it became an hour.  That's when I called on my guides and teachers and asked them to lift the fog in London so my mission can proceed.  And by golly, they did.  There were no further delays.  And when I got to London this afternoon, the weather was beautiful - sunny and warm. It was probably around 15-16C (mid-60s F).  Incredible

Another part of the adventure is that when the tube train got to Earl's Court station, the conductor announced that some signal had failed ahead, and that all trains in front of us have backed up and are holding at various other stations. So he suggested we find an alternate way to continue the journey.  Luckily, Earl's Court was only one station away from Gloucester Rd. I thought at first I'd get a cab.  But since the weather was so nice, I decided to walk. Yes, with my two bags in tow.  

I did not know exactly where I was when I first started. But I did head out the right way, then asked a couple of times to make sure I was still on the right track.  Lo and behold I emerged from the back streets right in front of the hotel. :-) So I got some exercise in the process.  Guess that was also a part of the Divine plan... :-).

By the way, I just heard from Annmarie in Denmark.  She did get the kullas on time.  I am sure that the Spirit is managing all of these synchronicities to ensure that we come together as an allyu at the right time and place. I am also copying Walter on this message who actually mailed them to her and to Eve.  So he deserves full credit for that.  

If you are planning to join us in ceremony on Saturday (Mar 3 at 2PM CET), you may want to check out my Prayer Draft at the web site, just to give you an idea what I might be doing.  But I may not stick to it, either.  I will also let the Spirit guide me.  The only thing I do plan to do with that prayer is send it to the Spirit by burning it at the end of the ceremony.




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