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A dual purpose mission - Updated Feb 29, 2012 - adds Day 3 Photo Album

Helping Create Peace & Harmony in Europe

Part one: Creating peace & harmony among mankind; Part two: Creating peace and harmony between mankind and Mother Earth




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A dual purpose mission to help create peace and harmony in Europe

Arrival at The Hague

Walk on a beach with friends after exhausting trip

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Feb 27, 2012 - The old Cunard Cruise lines used to have a slogan, "getting there is half the fun." Well, let me assure you that such a notion definitely does not apply to modern air travel. I got to The Hague weary and bleary-eyed after two back-to-back "red eyes" over a distance of 9,000 miles.  Immediately, I was thrust in the business of the War Crimes Tribunal court, whose very helpful staff met me at the airport, drove me to my hotel and then briefed me for about an hour on various logistical and security matters.

Then right after dropping off my bags in my hotel room, I met with my good Dutch friends, Walter and Deborah, also Stewards of the Earth, who drove up all the way from Maastricht for this date.  We had coffee and drinks and a pleasant chat at my hotel which is right on the Scheveningen Beach, and then went out for a walk.  Being Sunday afternoon, it seemed as if all of The Hague was there walking on the beach, too.  There were even some surfers doing their thing in the ocean despite the frigid temperatures.

Walter & Deborah snapped a picture of an interesting road sign while driving to The Hague. I had noticed the same signs all over Amsterdam and The Hague (right).  They read "100% BOB." Walter explained that "Bob" is the term they use in Holland for a designated driver, the one who abstains from alcohol at a party so as to drive others home.  Which, I suppose, fits in my case, too, since I don't drink. So we had a good laugh over this kind of "personal" welcome to the Netherlands.

Here is now a photo album, made up mostly of the photos that Walter took (that's why he is not in any of them).  I had accidentally erased the ones I took while copying them to my computer:

Photo Album - The Hague, Days 1-2

View of Scheveningen Beach from my hotel room

Sunday afternoon sailboat race

Deborah and Bob with my hotel in background

Pier that reminded me of Santa Monica, California

Kurhaus - a resort spa and casino in background

Sunset at Scheveningen beach

Boar in drydock in front of my hotel

Nightfall at Scheveningen beach

Nightfall at my hotel

And now, fast-forwarding to Feb 28, my Day 3 at The Hague, check out these photos...

Photo Album - The Hague, Day 3

My work at the War Crimes Tribunal is progressing at a slow pace.  Under the terms of my undertaking as a witness, I am not allowed to talk about it publicly in any detail.  As for when the actually testimony will take place, that's still up in the air.  Which has forced me to cancel or put on hold all my previous travel arrangements, such as my trips to London and to the Austrian-Italian Alps for a special healing ceremony.

Meanwhile, here are some photos taken today that you might find of interest.  The picture of fog using a flash is particularly amazing.

The following day, Feb 29, I went to the World Court/Peace Palace, where the three photos at the bottom of this album were taken.  The last time I was there was about 30 years ago.

Preparing for testimony at War Crimes Tribunal

What's that? Picture of fog!

The same scene without a flash

Two fishermen... lost in the fog.




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