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A dual purpose mission - Updated Mar 10, 2012, adds Alpine Healing Ceremony Film

Helping Create Peace & Harmony in Europe

Part one: Creating peace & harmony among mankind; Part two: Creating peace and harmony between mankind and Mother Earth




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A dual purpose mission to help create peace and harmony in Europe

Alpine Healing Ceremony

Part 2: Finding the Right Spot, Performing Healing Ceremony, Llama Magic at End

INNSBRUCK, Austria, Mar 3, 2012 - When I returned to my car in Bolzano, I found a parking ticket in the windshield. "Why am I such a magnet for parking tickets?" I wondered before throwing this one away.  But I had more pressing matters on my mind.  I had to find the perfect spot for today's ceremony.  The Light Beings have told me I would feel the energy of the land when I got there.  Well, I wasn't feeling anything.  Except perhaps some anxiety about how I was to discern that. 

When I got into the car, my intuition told me that I had to follow Otzi's trail. I felt it was no "coincidence" that Ahtun Re talked to me on Feb 3 about that lifetime I had shared as a shaman with the now famous Iceman over 5,300 years ago in the Alps.  Of course, any trail can go cold after a while.  And 5,300 years is a long while indeed, especially as a trail led up to a glacier at 10,000 ft (which is where Otzi was found).  Nevertheless, I felt strongly I should head toward Meran, and maybe then further up Schnals Valley toward Mt Similaun. 

But can I get through at this time of the year?  My very helpful Museum guide Marlene wasn't sure.  Angelika, the Museum's director, thought I might be able to make it at least to their "Archeo Center" in Schnals (Senales in Italian - see the map). So that's where I pointed my car.

As I was approaching Meran, I wanted to take a picture of the Alpine peaks on my right.  As I had done a thousand times before, I was holding the camera with my right hand while the steering the car with my left.  Then I felt the car hit something... the freeway guard rail.  I felt an odd sense of banality when it happened.  Like hitting a pot hole.  A little bump.  That's all.  Yet I was going over 100 km/hr on a freeway.  It was only afterward that it dawned on me how dangerous it could have been.  There were cars passing me on the left at that moment. Had I lost control and swerved in that direction, it could have been a big pile up. 

Yet all I was wondering about at the time was if I had actually taken that shot.  And I think I think I did.  It's the first one in the photo album below.

I continued driving without even stopping to check the damage to the car.  I had more important thing on my mind.  I was contemplating, surprisingly calmly under the circumstances, what the point of that unusual "accident" was.  I knew from the Light Beings' teachings that there are no positive or negative experiences; only lessons. So what lesson was I to draw from this?

Well, the obvious one was - don't take pictures while driving.  Duh. Even a kid would have known that.  But I have been doing just that nonetheless most of my life and have never had any "accidents" till now.  So why now?

Then it dawned on me.  Maybe it was a sign from the Spirit realm: Stay away from Meran.  So I just kept driving past this town without even bothering to take a look around.  Which was at least what I did in Sterzing, my original assumed Alpine healing hotspot.  I entered the Schnals Valley and kept pushing up the mountain to see how far I can get.

When I got to Schnals (Senales), I stopped and parked the car.  I was hoping to talk to someone and see if the Otzi Memorial is accessible and ask how to get there. But there was not a soul to be found, just a wooden crucifix (see the picture below).  But Jeshua wasn't talking to me today, either.

I walked on and saw a Kindergarten. But still nobody around.  Across the street, I finally spotted the "Archeo Park." It was closed. Nobody to talk to.

I looked at my watch. It was already 1:15.  I only had 45 minutes left to find the spot. I continued to walk around what looked like a deserted mountain village. Finally, a man drove up and parked his car.  He was wearing the typical Tyrolean costume, including a green hat with a big feather on its side.  He was rummaging through the back seat of his car. Finally he emerged with a curved trumpet, like a small French horn.

I spoke to him in German. I figured it would have been pointless to even try English in such remote villages. He said that there was no way to get to the Otzi Memorial at this time of the year, but that I could see it from "that hotel over there" (see the picture with a church steeple in it).  I thanked him and walked in that direction.

When I got to the hotel and the church, I kept looking at the mountain where the Memorial was supposed to be located. But all I could see was snow and rocks.  An old woman sauntered slowly out of a house.  I walked toward her and asked her the same question in German. She contradicted the trumpet players.  She said the Otzi Memorial was behind the mountain we were looking at. Out of sight.

Now I was getting quite anxious. I have wasted all this time and was getting nowhere fast.  It was 1:30 now.  I only had half an hour left to produce what was starting to look like a miracle.  I walked back toward the car.  There was a map in the parking lot (right). I went there and studied it.  I noticed the lake. I had been calling it Schnals Lake because of the Schnals Valley in which it lies. Now I see it is called Lake Vernago (Vernagt), the name of the nearby village.

Something told me that that's where I needed to go.  Just to make sure, I walked across the road to the coffee shop/bar which was full of men smoking and enjoying their Saturday beers.  I asked about the Otzi Memorial in English. They pointed me to the bartender who was evidently the only who spoke English. He told me to drive 5 more kilometers up the mountain and look to the left. I had no idea what it was that I would find once I got there, but I jumped in the car and started driving.

By the time I made it to the village of Vernago (Vernagt), it was 1:45.  I was starting to break out in cold sweat.  I was afraid I would let my fellow-Stewards of the Earth down and not be ready to do the ceremony at 2PM as agreed.  Vernago looked just like any other village I have seen in these remote mountain parts... deserted.  Nobody to talk to.  So I drove on past the village and up the mountain.

Then I saw the frozen lake (see right shot). And I gasped at its beauty.  I knew instantly this was it. This was the general spot.  I just had to find the exact spot now.  Conveniently, there was even a turn off an otherwise narrow road just at the perfect spot. It was as if the Spirit provided it it for me.  I veered to the right and parked the car.

As I got out, I could hear the roar of the stream cascading town the mountain that was feeding the lake. There was a little wooden bridge. I walked on it and surveyed the scene. 

"This is it, this is it," I kept either feeling or hearing the voice.  I knew that where water meets the land there are always powerful vortexes. And here we even had a cascading stream and Inti Taiti (Father Sun) looking down approvingly.  In fact, his light reflected off the stones on the ground. They sparkled.  It was the bronze in the stone. This is where I took this shot.  You can see the bridge rail shadow behind mine.

I trudged through the snow under the bridge toward the lake, hopping over rocks and several small streams into which big one split before flowing into the lake.  One big sound on the bridge became many small murmuring  creeks at their confluence with the lake. 

Then I saw a perfect spot on a ledge overlooking the lake.  When I got there, it sounded as if I were in the middle of a water orchestra.  Then I realized I was looking at and standing on the very stones that contained the bronze that Otzi and his countrymen used to make that splendid ax. That's when something told me, "build an Apucheta."  I started gathering big rocks for the foundation.  I worked up a sweat in a hurry.

I checked my altimeter: 6,000 ft elevation. I checked my watch: 1:57.  I practically ran up over the big rocks and jumped over the creek back up under the bridge to the car to get all my gear, including the Despacho.  I was quite winded by the time I got back to the Apucheta. For the sake of time, I gave up on the idea of using two cameras, and just set one up on the ground to record a video of the ceremony.  I think it was actually 2:05 by the time I started the ceremony. 

You will be able to watch it eventually on video when I get a chance to edit it.  You already know from my opening Digest what happened... the amazing story of the Amazing Grace, the herd of Llamas that showed up from out of nowhere, the miraculous trip back to my hotel in Innsbruck. So rather than recount all that, I will just refer you to Trip and Ceremony Summary in Part 1 of this day's story.

When it was all over, and I started driving back down the mountain, my heart was full of joy.  What a miraculous day this has turned out to beafter looking so grim for a long time. Until I found the perfect spot.  Or did it find me?  When I reached that cafe in Schnals where I had asked for directions, I stopped to have a cappuccino. I realized that in my rush to find the perfect spot, I had not eaten or had anything to drink all day since breakfast, except for a bottle of milk I took with me.

Let me tell you, that cappuccino in that little coffee shop/bar on this Saturday afternoon was probably the best tasting cappuccino I have ever had. I was finally starting to relax and unwind.  Up until then, I had not even realized how tense I had been during the search for the perfect spot.

And then I drove back to Bolzano where the temperature showed 23C (75F). Unbelievable for this time of the year. I thanked the Spirit realm for laying on such marvelous weather for the ceremony.  And for everything else that happened today. 

But they were not yet done helping me.  I reached Innsbruck as the night was falling.  Again, I refer you to the Trip and Ceremony Summary for some interesting experiences I had in trying to find my hotel.

As I went out and walked through the town, the church bells were ringing. It seemed as if they were celebrating with me the success of the fabulous healing ceremony that had just unfolded like magic or a dream.

On my way back to the hotel, I stopped at a local restaurant and had Wiener Schnitzels and crepes for dinner.  Yummy.

And thus ended my Big Day in the Alps. 3-3-12, the triple three's day. And now we, Stewards of the Earth, have a permanent anchor above Lake Vernago (Lake Schnals as I called it in my earlier correspondence) connecting us to Apu Similaun and other Alpine mountain spirits.

I slept like a baby that night.

Photo Album from Healing Ceremony Adventure (3-3-12)

I worked up a sweat building this in a hurry

Apucheta as seen from the road

Apucheta-Despacho close-up


Despacho + our sign/stake

View from the Apucheta-Despacho site

Still shots from video of ceremony

Calling on the Apus and other spirit guides

Playing "Amazing Grace" - that's when I spotted the llamas

Herd of Llamas - after ceremony

View Llamas could have enjoyed

View Llamas could have enjoyed

View Llamas could have enjoyed

This one was the cutest...

Returning home... back in Schnals for delicious cappuccino



On drive back to Bolzano

On drive back to Innsbruck

Back in Innsbruck... end of Big Day

Annmarie & Danish friends' Despacho

Walter;s Dutch Despacho vision

Pictures of kullas taken in my hotel room

My Mesa: 3-11-2012



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