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A dual purpose mission - Updated Mar 4, 2012

Helping Create Peace & Harmony in Europe

Part one: Creating peace & harmony among mankind; Part two: Creating peace and harmony between mankind and Mother Earth




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A dual purpose mission to help create peace and harmony in Europe

Alpine Healing Ceremony

Part 1: Innsbruck-to-Bolzano Ride, Otzi Museum Visit

INNSBRUCK, Austria, Mar 2, 2012 - Here's the Stewards of the Earth Despacho-Alpine Mesa as I prepared it on Friday night at my hotel in Innsbruck:

Flowers to go with the Despacho.

Despacho in various phases of preparation... and the finished one in the right shot.


INNSBRUCK, Italy, Mar 3 - Here is the initial trip and ceremony digest I filed from Innsbruck the evening of this auspicious day - 3-3-12 - the day of triple three's and of miracles in the Alps:

--------- email message ----------
From: Bob Altzar <>
Date: Sat, Mar 3, 2012 at 11:23 AM (HST)
Subject: Alpine healing and Despacho ceremony - digest (Mar 3)

Hello everybody. First of all, I want to personally thank all of you, fellow-Stewards of the Earth, who participated in our special Gaia-Pachamama healing ceremony today and the Despacho offering.  I am back in Innsbruck now, having returned this evening from a fabulous day in Bolzano and the High Alps.  It will take me some time to process everything that happened on this triple three's day (3-3-12), and do a proper story and a edit my videos about it.  But I don't want to keep you in suspense. So here's a digest for now by email...

My day was, well, BIG, exciting, unpredictable, full of highs but also some lows.  Like scraping the car against a guard rail while driving on the freeway while trying to take a picture, would be one of the lows.  Don't worry, I am fine. I never lost control of the car. It's just my wallet that will be hurting when I return the car tomorrow. :-)  Or getting a parking ticket in Bolzano would be another minor low. :-) (I threw it away).  Or not getting an early wake up call from the hotel.  No worries.  I was already up. Before dawn.  And I am anything but a morning person. 

I was so excited about what was about to happen today that I woke up even before sunrise. And what a beautiful dawn over Innsbruck in was...

Okay, now that I've got the lows out of the way first, the rest of my day was another fabulous experience, almost like a magical dream. But with some anxiety, too.  Like, with half an hour to go before 2PM, our agreed time for the ceremony, I was still not sure where exactly the perfect spot was.  And was starting to despair.  I knew you were all counting on me. But I was just sort of stuck high up in the Alps.  Literally.  And I was afraid I would let you down.  I could not feel anything.  Or more accurately, what I felt was that I was not at the right place.  And did not feel the energy vortex the Light Beings said was there. 

Then magic started to happen...

It will take me a while to write it all up as an interesting story.  Let's just say for now that, in the end, I accomplished everything I was hoping for and then some.  The extra part - the "then some" - was actually quite an unbelievable display of the power of Spirit.

My ceremony took place above a frozen lake (Schnals Lake) at a 6,000 ft elevation, in the middle of several running streams from the 11,800-ft mountain called Similaun.  That's where Otzi the Iceman (mummy) was found.  He lived there 5,300 years ago. I had had a private tour about it at the Bolzano Museum before heading out to the high Alps. That was really a perfect set up for what was to come.

Well, in the closing part of my lakeside ceremony, I played my flute. I swear I did not know what I was playing. I just knew I was playing a beautiful tune. I was sort of in a trans. Just going through the motions as if somebody else was pulling the string.  It was only about five minutes later, as I hummed the same tune in my head trying to figure out what it was, that I realized that it was Amazing Grace!  Amazing, huh? I was clearly guided by the Spirit to play just that melody at that sacred spot at that time on this triple three's day (3-3-12).

The Apucheta you see in the forefront (right shot) was something I hurriedly built just before starting the ceremony at 2:05PM local time. I actually worked up a sweat doing it as I was trying to make our appointed time for the ceremony  It is now our permanent marker of this sacred spot where our kullas anchor us to the Alpine energy vortex under Mt Similaun. I invite you to visit it whenever you can and feed it with your own love and prayers.

But what happened DURING my playing was even more unbelievable. I was facing North. North is the direction that ties us, Inca shamans, to the lineage of the Holy Mountains in Peru.  At one point, I thought I saw a herd of llama.  I shook my head in disbelief and stopped playing the flute, and tried to focus. Could it be possible?  Llamas in the Alps?  Or have I been transported to Peru? Are these really the Andes and not the Alps?  

Those kinds of thoughts were racing through my head.  The llamas were about half a mile away, grazing on a hill above the frozen lake.  I had a video camera taping my ceremony, so I hope the camera caught my stunned reaction. After a while, I continued playing and finished the song.

I then set the Despacho on fire, waited till it was almost finished burning, then packed up my gear and headed up the hill toward my car, trudging across snow to get to it. After I put my bags in the car, I went back to the lake and started to walk on the path toward what I thought were the llamas. When I came close, there was no doubt.  The llamas so tame and friendly that I recorded a video of them which is several minutes long. At one point, they were only three to four feet away from me.  I talked to them sweetly and I suspect they felt it.


I also took some still pictures. Just in case that some of my friends doubted what I saw and might think that I had lost my mind in the Alps on 3-3-12. :-)  Above are still clips from my video.

After I started to feel the elements around that lake and the stream, I did not really have any doubt that I did the ceremony and left our Despacho at the right spot.  I felt the power of the place.  It had everything a vortex should.  All elements participated in the ceremony as well as all cardinal directions. Even the copper in stones sparkled in the sunshine. The weather was perfect.  Inti Taiti (Father Sun) showed up on and off when I addressed him.  But that herd of llamas in the Alps topped it all.  They reconfirmed in spades that we now have a shamanic anchor at a perfect spot in the Alps. The llamas were the Spirit's way of letting me know that.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I'll stop at this mountain anecdote.  When I came back to Innsbruck the night was already falling. It was a little after 6PM.  I had no city map.  And even if I did, I couldn't see anything in the dark.  And I entered the city from a different direction.  Again, the Spirit took over.  I kept driving toward where I thought the center of the city would be, and hoped for the best.  After a while, I got to a square that looked familiar on the right side. I turned to the left.  There it was - my hotel, the Hilton. "Oh my God," I said out loud. "I can't believe what just happened."

I swear, I still have NO IDEA HOW I GOT THERE.  It was like being drawn by a magnet. I was completely stunned to find my hotel like that. When Elizabeth heard this, she reminded me of the same thing that happened to both of us last October when we were returning to London after a ceremony in York.  We found our way through London on a Saturday night and returned the rental car near the Victoria Station without a map or any other aid.  Just the Spirit guidance.

Back in Innsbruck, then I parked the car, took my stuff to the room, and rushed out to see if the place that had the red hats for Elizabeth was still open.  Sadly, it was not. Most stores around here close at 6.  But another souvenir store nearby was. So I got her three patches she wanted.

On my way back, I stopped at had dinner at the same restaurant as last night.  Different waiter, same excellent food. This time, I had Wiener Schnitzels and crepes.  Yum.  And I spoke only German to this waiter.  :-) 

Now I am back in my room recovering from the BIG DAY. I took over 70 photos and about 30 minutes of video.  "All in a Day's Work," the title of a story from my 1995 Bosnian war diary. Except this time it was today - 3-3-12.

I told Elizabeth this evening that I hoped her Saturday was as beautiful but not as exciting as mine.  I am saying "not as exciting as mine" only because I am not sure that living on the edge is everyone's cup of tea.  I told her if she had been there with me, I would have probably had to leave her in Bolzano to do some shopping while I tackled the Alps.  Or did I go to the Andes? :-)

Love and blessings to all,



Otzi Museum Visit

Marlene Pfeiffer, a guide whom the Museum Director Dr. Angelika Fleckinger assigned to give me a private tour, waited for me at the entrance when I arrived. We hit it off splendidly right from the start. She had checked out several of my web sites and had a very good idea what my mission was about and what my interests were.  Basically, I said I was especially interested in anything that has not been published about Otzi at various Internet sites, including that of the South Tyrolean Archeology Museum where we now were.

Marlene understood immediately and cut to the chase right off the bat.  Here are some of the highlights I took away from the 1.5-hr visit to the Museum.

  • The forensic analysis and scientific reconstruction of the life this 46-year resident of the Alps led over 5,300 years ago was nothing short of stunning. Rather than recount all details here, I suggest you start at the Wikipedia and the Museum's web sites and dig in as deeply as you wish.

  • Otzi died a violent death.  He had an arrow lodged in his left shoulder which accounts for a crooked position of his left arm at death. He likely bled to death from an artery punctured by the arrow.  He was found face down in the glacier, suggesting he may have fallen.  He may have broken the bone in his forehead above his right eye in such a fall.  He may have been also bludgeoned on the head, as his skull was also fractured.

  • A friend of mine from Chicago, a retired linguistics professor, sent me an article this morning in German in which medical examiners alleged that he was suffering from elevated cholesterol. I had to laugh. You have an arrow stuck in your left shoulder, somebody has bashed you on the had, and you are worried about cholesterol?  Besides, the cholesterol lowering drugs have just been bashed by an FDA warning on their side effects. Otzi was lucky.  He did not have pharmaceutical companies trying to "cure" him of something.

  • He was probably an important person judging my the articles found on and around him.  He wore a bearskin hat, for example, with leather straps. His fur coat had dark and light colored fur alternating in stripes, suggesting people even that far back had some artistic and aesthetic sense.

  • He had also received some "acupuncture"-type healings on his lower back and below his knees.  That's where there are visible marks of "tattoos."  They were vertical lines of different lengths and densities. They were made by incisions which were then filled with charcoal.  Current theory is that this was done at particular spots to facilitate healings of pains Otzi was experiencing there.  Even before Marlene finished explaining this, I uttered the word "acupuncture."  Incredible, isn't it?

  • But the most amazing part of the exhibit for me was the blade of the ax. It was made out of bronze.  Five and a half millennia ago, mankind is believed to be just entering the bronze age.  Yet this ax head was perfectly shaped.  It could have been made in the Middle Ages or even today judging by its looks.  So how did the society that ancient have the know-how and the skills to separate the bronze from the ore, melt it into pure metal, and then shape it into implements, such as this ax?  Unbelievable!

Marlene explained that there is indeed bronze even today visible in the rocks in the part of the Alps where Otzi was found.  Indeed, later this afternoon, I was to find them as well.  In fact, I now have several kullas with substantial bronze content that have been gifted to me (and to us, SOEs) by Apu Similaun, our new Alpine benefactor Apu.  Here are some photos of the bronze-filled kullas I took when I returned to Innsbruck...

I intuited from Apu Similaun that I am to share the three kullas (right shot) with my fellow-Stewards of the Earth. So when I get a chance, I will send them to Annmarie in Denmark, to Eve in Ireland, and to Walter in the Netherlands.  The bigger one is Apu Similaun's return gift to Goddess Pele for the big "exploding" Basalt rock she had had me put into our Despacho.  The ceke line between these two kullas - Hawaiian and the Alpine - will now be activated no matter where I travel.

* * *

After I was finished at the Museum, it was just before noon.  Since the weather was beautiful, I took a short walk around the center of Bolzano. At the main plaza, the Walther Square, the sounds of this old musician playing an ancient instrument attracted my attention.  It could have been 1712 rather than 2012 for the difference it seemed to make to him. :-) He was just having fun in the sun being a Kokopelli and bringing joy of music to people.

After I turned away from him, I looked down and saw a beautiful stone glistening in sunshine.  I picked it up.  I knew immediately, this is to be my Bolzano kulla.  Because it had the bronze sparkle in it.  And I had just walked out of the Museum talking about it.  But just to make sure, I looked all over this beautifully maintained square to see if there were any other loose stones anywhere.  There were none.  So here it is... (right).

Noontime Music at Bolzano's Walther Square (Mar 3)


And now, here's the photo album from the morning portion of this auspicious triple three's day:

Innsbruck-to-Bolzano Photo Album (Mar 3, morning)

Early dawn over Innsbruck

Daybreak over Innsbruck

On my way... (shortly after 8AM)

My original intended ceremony place

Had wonderful private tour of "Otzi Museum" by Marlene Pfeiffer

My friend Erich's favorite Bolzano restaurant (he is from Bolzano originally)

Main plaza - Walter Square

People were soaking in warm sunshine

Temp reached 23C in late afternoon

Leaving Bolzano, heading toward Meran in the Alps




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