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Updated Oct 30, 2011 - VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS from Travel along Spine of Europe

An Epic Shamanic Pilgrimage for Love and Peace

An extraordinary journey to clear warrior energies





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Travel along Spine of Europe

   An Epic Shamanic Pilgrimage for Love and Peace

Clearing European Continental Chakras of Constantine's and Other Warrior Energies


VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS - in the aftermath of an extraordinary journey

HAIKU, Maui, Oct 30 - First, a big THANK YOU - for all your prayers and words of love and support during our amazing journey in Europe!

From York in the north of England, to Constantinople (or Istanbul in Turkey, as it is known today( in the southeastern corner of Europe, we covered 3,700 miles by car, train, boat, air, subway, "chunnel," van, shuttle, on foot... visiting 11 countries in 10 days. We slept in a different bed every night, once even in a moving train.  You could say we traveled as if we were on a mission. And we were. It was a pilgrimage for Love and Peace, an effort to erase warrior energies from the seven continental chakras of Europe by shamanic means and by reversing Emperor Constantine's legacy.

And then, after completing the mission, we flew from Istanbul to Ireland where we spent nine days recovering from the first 10. :-)  We completed the circle where we started - in London - spending a lovely weekend with my daughter’s family.  

Even for someone who has traveled millions of miles around the world, this was indeed the “trip of a lifetime.”  It was certainly the most complex journey I have ever undertaken. Yet everything went off almost without a glitch.  Any obstacles faded away as if swept aside by magic.  From a moment of despair, such as when I almost had to cancel our visit to Delphi, we surged to the greatest triumph, uncovering a 1700-year old secret which enriched the Delphi history a little bit.

How was that possible? Two reasons. First, that is what happens when you travel on the wings of angels who inspire and guide us on a journey.  Our spirit guides ensured smooth sailing even through rough seas. Second, we did not travel alone. We carried YOUR prayers and good wishes for the success of our mission in our hearts. They gave us the extra lift when we needed it... made us realize we were doing this for all mankind, not for ourselves.  Which is why we COULD NOT FAIL.

When Master Hilarion, the Chohan (Lord) of the 5th ray souls, later praised our service to humanity at a spiritual workshop in Ireland, he also said that in the future, we would have to work like that in groups. Well, I feel that that future is now. For, ALL OF YOU traveled with us viscerally.  We surmounted the challenges we faced on the wings of YOUR prayers. Thank you for your love and support.  And now, we want to reciprocate by sharing our experiences with you.

Trip of a Lifetime

Laughter and tears, elation and frustration, setbacks and triumph, music and dancing...  and at times just pure magic, now you will also experience in this half-hour documentary Elizabeth and I have just made.  Rather than have you wait for weeks or months till all individual stories are written, edited and posted about each stage of the trip, this weekend, Elizabeth and I made a video about the entire amazing experience. Episodes ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous will make you giggle and laugh. Some may even shed a tear.  Certainly, they will probably enlighten and educate - aesthetically, spiritually, and intellectually. 

The film starts as a "fireside chat" in our living room in which we recall the highlights of the 3,700-mile journey through 11 countries in 10 days.  We retrace our steps again with some of over 2,000 photos and more than 50 videos we had shot along the way.  We invite you to join us in this exciting experience now available on YouTube...

A short film by Bob and Elizabeth...




HAIKU, Maui, Sep 27, 2011 - To understand the full context of this extraordinary journey, a new reader needs to check out and contemplate the following revelations that came to be about Constantine, the first Roman Emperor to embrace Christianity and help codify it (see Nicene Creed) into a religion that we still know it today, 1700 years later.  The first revelation occurred in late June of this year, at the time of the 40th anniversary of my first wife's death (Betty, who I later intuited was also my first wife Minervina in the Constantine lifetime).

Through a combination of my own intuitions, and that of my Masters-Teachers and other important figures in Constantine's lifetime who are incarnated today, I pieced together this fascinating mosaic of stories (published at my arts and spirituality web site - ):


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