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Updated Dec 20, 2011 - Travel along Spine of Europe - adds York: First Ceremony

An Epic Shamanic Pilgrimage for Love and Peace

Clearing Continental Chakras of Constantine's and Other Warrior Energies




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Travel along Spine of Europe for Love and Peace

   An Epic Shamanic Pilgrimage

Clearing European Continental Chakras of Constantine's and Other Warrior Energies



HAIKU, Maui, Sep 27, 2011 - To understand the full context of this extraordinary journey, one needs to read and contemplate the following revelations that came to be about Constantine, the first Roman Emperor to embrace Christianity and help codify it (see Nicene Creed) into a religion that we still know it today, 1700 years later.  The first revelation occurred in late June of this year, at the time of the 40th anniversary of my first wife's death (Betty, who I later intuited was also my first wife Minervina in the Constantine lifetime).

Through a combination of my own intuitions, and that of my Masters-Teachers and other important figures in Constantine's lifetime who are incarnated today, I pieced together this fascinating mosaic of stories (published at my arts and spirituality web site - ):

As you can see from the last story above, my spirit guides also made me realize in late August which chakra-soul ray-music note-color was to be cleared at each of the seven key points of the 3,700-mile journey from York, England, to Constantinople (Istanbul) Turkey (see above maps):

  • YORK - 6th ray, Crown chakra, Note G (E-minor key), wear gold-purple color

  • LONDON - 5th ray, Third-eye chakra, Note A (F-major key), wear indigo color

  • TRIER - 1st ray, Throat chakra, Note B (G-major key), wear blue color

  • PULA - 3rd ray, Heart chakra, Note F (D-minor key), wear green color

  • SIRMIUM (Sremska Mitrovica) - 2nd ray, Solar plexus chakra, Note C (A-minor key), wear yellow color

  • DELPHI (Greece) -  7th ray, Sacral chakra, Note D (B-minor key), wear orange color

  • CONSTANTINOPLE (ISTANBUL) - 4th ray, Root chakra, Note E (C-major), wear red color

And they even told me how to perform each ceremony.  Since I cannot very well bring my piano or the Tibetan bowls on this trip, I am also told to learn to play the seven basic notes and the corresponding chords on my Peruvian flute, which I am to use at each ceremony.  I am also to sing these notes.  In both cases, it is my breath that will carry the message to the Creator and helped clear the particular chakra.  And I am to wear the shirts that correspond to each of the seven chakra-ray colors while doing it.

I have been practicing my Peruvian flute in the last month or so.  And just yesterday (Sep 26), when the  Constantine Creed 2011 message came to me, I understood why and how I am to use the flute on this trip.

I can also now see that it will take all of my shamanic knowledge and power to carry out this mission and my guides' wishes. I know they will be with me every step of the way. I am also grateful so so many of my friends and extended family who have also offered prayers and words of support.   I hope they will give me the strength and the wisdom to do the right thing for the benefit of one and all.

Epic European Pilgrimage 2011 - Video Highlights

Leaving the U.S.:

Farewell Letter (Sep 27)

Recap & Highlights (Oct 21-25)

LAX-London (Sep 29-30)


London Family Photos (Sep 30, private - User ID/password required)

York: First Ceremony, Crown Chakra, 6th Ray Souls (Oct 1)  (direct link to  York Video)

London: Second Ceremony, 3rd Eye Chakra, 5th Ray Souls (Oct 2)  (direct link to London Video)


Paris (Oct 3)

Leaving Paris, Crazy Bike Ride, Reims Cathedral (Oct 4)

Two Trier Ceremonies: One for the World, One for Fausta (Oct 4)

Pula Arena Ceremony: For Heart Chakra, 3rd Ray Souls, Crispus (Oct 5)

Tours of Pula, Venice (Oct 6)

Visitt to Serbia: Elizabeth's High Point of Entire Trip (Oct 7)

Sirmium. Belgrade (Zemun) Ceremonies (Oct 7)

Touring Athens, Revisiting My Own Past? (Oct 8)

Magic of Delphi: Making History in a Place Steeped in History (Oct 9)

Constantinople: Final Ceremony (Oct 10)


Epilogue: Sights and Sounds of Constantinople (Oct 11)

Recap & Highlights (Oct 21-25)

Europe 2011 TOC     Ireland/UK TOC

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