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Updated Nov 17, 2011 - From Travel along Spine of Europe Clearing European Continental Chakras of Constantine's and Other Warrior Energies

Pula and Venice: A Short Respite

An Epic Shamanic Pilgrimage for Love and Peace





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Travel along Spine of Europe: Clearing European Continental Chakras of Constantine's and Other Warrior Energies


Pula and Venice: A Short Respite


From an Epic Shamanic Pilgrimage for Love and Peace

Walking Tour of Pula, Watery Tour of Venice

VENICE, Italy, Oct 6 - After two frenetic days of long distance driving and emotional ceremonies, Thursday, Oct 6, felt like a day of relative respite in our itinerary.  Still, we managed to cover 180 miles by car in over four hours driving from Pula to Venice, and then spent several hours sailing and walking all over the city of San Marco, San Giorgio and the gondolas. What was once one of the powerhouses of the Mediterranean is now a museum on water.  And a tourist trap.

After a nice breakfast at our Pula hotel, we went for a stroll around the city's harbor area, waiting for the Arena to open so we can go inside.  The Adriatic sea was so calm that it looked like a mirror...

That's when something happened whose significance did not become apparent to me until two days later, on a flight from Belgrade to Athens.  As we walked around the church you can see in above pictures toward the nearby Temple of the Augustus, Elizabeth tripped and fell.  As I was holding her hand, I was able to soften her fall somewhat.  But she still hit the stone pavement hard enough to earn a bruise on her hip. 

So what was that about?  Here's what came to me on that flight from Belgrade to Athens:

Now, changing the scene from 326AD to Oct 6, 2011 in Pula. Elizabeth and I went for a morning walk along the riva. Just as we were approaching a Roman temple (which later I found out was the Temple of the Augustus [Imperial Temple] - below right), Elizabeth stumbled and fell.  Fortunately, we were holding hands.  So I was able to soften her fall. Still, since it was a stone pavement, she hit her hip pretty hard.
When she told me on the plane today that her hip was hurting, I suddenly had an intuition that that's where she, as Fausta, told me about Crispus' alleged adulterous approach to her.  Meaning this conversation happened in Pula, and possibly at that temple. (Crispus was executed in Pula shortly after that). So she was also paying her karmic debt with that fall and the bruise (she had never fallen before like that that I know of!).  And because I had already cleared my karma for having her put to death in Trier two months later (in late July 326AD) in a ceremony at the Imperial Baths there (which we have on film), I was now acting as her supporter, holding her hand to prevent a more serious injury.

Actually, Elizabeth never told me about her bruise until much later.  So unfazed, we walked on to the nearby park which was full of Roman antiquities, just lying around like an open-air museum.  Then we walked back to the Arena.  Check out our Pula photos...

PULA Photo Album (Oct 6)

The drive from Pula to Venice was uneventful.

Watery Tour of Venice

The drive from Pula to Venice was uneventful though the traffic was quite heavy on Italian freeways.  Our biggest challenge, however, was finding the Venice Mestre train station where we were supposed to return our rental car that we got in Paris. You'd think that a train station, of all things, should be easy to find!?  Once we did get there, we found out that the car rental place was actually closed.  A two-hour lunch break!  Go figure... And those are business practices by a founding member of the European Union (started by a Treaty of Rome, signed in 1957).  Anyway, we cooled our heels for a while until the office reopened, and then boarded a local train to Venice.

It was Elizabeth's first visit to Venice.  And I have not been there in over three decades.  But the old European cities don't change much.  At least not on the outside.  Or maybe even on the inside, either.  We have both found the Venetians to be very arrogant people, a sharp contrast to the friendly smiles we have met everywhere else in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany.  Even the people who were in the tourism business behaved as if they were doing us a favor by letting us spend our money with them while visiting their city. 

So yes, Venice is beautiful.  But also, it is lacking the heart and the warmth that so many other beautiful cities offer.  That said, here's a pictorial tour of our one-day visit to Venice for you.

VENICE Photo Album (Oct 6)

At Venice Mestre train station

Riding to Venice

About to board a "boat bus" on Grand Canal

Start of watery tour of Venice

DHL delivery by boat? You do what you have to where canals are streets

Approaching Venice harbor... 4 huge cruise ships docked

The two "twin" cruise ships on the righ were taller than any Venice palace

Ready to pain? Great facades...

Elizabeth asked for a close up of this one

View of San Marcos area

San Giorgios (across the bay from San Marcos)

Back to San Marcos from San Giorgios

The heart of Venice

We have landed at San Marcos

Walking tour from now on

Coffee-tea break with Romanian Gypsy music at San Marcos square

The tallest "building" in Venice sailed by ancient palaces like a ghost gliding on water

Saling back along Grand Canal to complete the circle

Cute restaurant where we had dinner

Our "Venice portrait"

Venice is city of masks... hundreds of stores with thousands of masks






HAIKU, Maui, Sep 27, 2011 - To understand the full context of this extraordinary journey, a new reader needs to check out and contemplate the following revelations that came to be about Constantine, the first Roman Emperor to embrace Christianity and help codify it (see Nicene Creed) into a religion that we still know it today, 1700 years later.  The first revelation occurred in late June of this year, at the time of the 40th anniversary of my first wife's death (Betty, who I later intuited was also my first wife Minervina in the Constantine lifetime).

Through a combination of my own intuitions, and that of my Masters-Teachers and other important figures in Constantine's lifetime who are incarnated today, I pieced together this fascinating mosaic of stories (published at my arts and spirituality web site - ):


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