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Updated Nov 27, 2011 - From Travel along Spine of Europe Clearing European Continental Chakras of Constantine's and Other Warrior Energies

Magic of Delphi: Making History in a Place Steeped in History

An Epic Shamanic Pilgrimage for Love and Peace




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Travel along Spine of Europe: Clearing European Continental Chakras of Constantine's and Other Warrior Energies


Magic of Delphi, Clearing Ceremonies


Stage 6 of 7 of an Epic Shamanic Pilgrimage for Love and Peace - 3,700 miles across the spine and chakras of Europe


Preamble to Our Delphi Adventure

New discovery from my Delphi lifetime in early 4th century stuns stuns chief museum archeologist

DELPHI, Greece, Oct 9, 2011 - Everything about our visit to Greece was pure magic. In a day and a half, we experienced several lifetimes. We cried and we laughed. We went from the depths of despair to jubilation and triumph.

Triumph? Yes. Because we made history. Or more accurately, added a new sentence to the already rich history of Delphi. The chief archeologist, who actually discovered the 4th century stone marker we were looking for was stunned. He had tears of his eyes when her showed me my barely legible name - Theodosius - a Delphi monk in a parallel lifetime to that as Emperor Constantine. 

Originally, we weren't even planning to go there.  But that changed after my Sep 16 channeling session with an ancient Egyptian spirit known as Ahtun Re.  And the magical journey is still continuing. 

What happened at Delphi, however, was my personal high of the entire European pilgrimage. For a journey on which we encountered probably as many highs as there are Andean peaks, that's saying Delphi was something truly special.  Magical, is probably a better word.

What you are about to read is a story of a never-ending quest and discovery.  Kind of like an ethereal Indian Jones-type exploration.  Who would think that more six weeks after our visit to Athens I would have a revelation that ties it all together - Athens, Trier, Pula, Belgrade, Delphi and Constantinople?  And that it it all started eons ago at the time of King Theseus, the founder of Athens.  His heroic and tragic story was written by Euripides and first performed on stage at the Dionysius Theater in the 5th century BC (see Ancient Greek Tragedy Being Replayed in Trier, Pula, Maui, Nov 10).  The Theseus' storyline matches up almost completely with that of Constantine almost a millennium later.  Yet the drama is still evolving and unfolding today.

By now, I have learned that my guides have taken me in this lifetime to most places that have been important in my past lives.  I just had to pay attention and reconstruct the meaning of each site.  Our visit to Athens, sudden an unplanned as was our trip to Delphi the following day, was no exception. 

It all started in Haiku, Maui on Sep 16.  Here's an excerpt from the transcript of my discussion with that ancient Egyptian spirit...


BOB: I am about to embark on a trip to Europe where I’ve had a number of significant lifetimes, as you know.  [I go on to explain my Constantine Closure Journey]

AHTUN RE: That is good.

BOB: Does that make sense to you?

AHTUN RE: Yes it does.  But do you plan to visit Delphi?

BOB: Not on this trip.  But I had been there on previous trips.  Tell me why I should, if I should go there?

AHTUN RE: Well, you see, Constantine had an aspect (of himself), a parallel life, at Delphi.

BOB: I didn’t know that.

AHTUN RE: Isn’t that interesting?

BOB: Yes.
AHTUN RE [11:25]: Now, Constantine, if he had listened to that parallel life, which is a dimension that you lived, he was in denial of the shamanic dimensions of himself.

BOB: Huh!

AHTUN RE: He felt so much (strongly?) about the civilization he was creating - you know, where he wanted to make the church and the state one entity. This is where the warrior dimension of him remained unhealed. This big miracle was the idea that victory would come to him in a critical battle... do you understand?

BOB: Yes.  At Milvian Bridge (in Rome - see Raphael's painting - right).

AHTUN RE: Yes.  Where the name of Christogram [Chi-Rho] was to appear on the shield.  He did not understand the higher level of that. If you remember, when Joseph of the cult of Canaan [unintelligble - son of Jacob and Rachel] went into Egypt, the Egyptian priests had lost their ability to properly interpret dreams. You might say, a dimension of Constantine had lost track of his ability to interpret the higher aspects of the vision: “In my name, you shall conquer.”  Do you understand?

BOB: Yes.  Yes.

AHTUN RE: It did not mean just the military victory.    

BOB: No.  I am with you.  I totally understand it.

AHTUN RE: It could have meant, “In my name, enlightenment may follow.”

BOB: Or, “In Thy name, I shall empower them” (other people).

AHTUN RE: That is fascinating, isn’t it?

BOB: Yes.

AHTUN RE: The (Delphi) Oracle dimension of himself knew that.

BOB: Now, when did this happen... the Oracle dimension?

AHTUN RE: At the same time Constantine lived.  They were parallel lives, living at the Oracle.

BOB: So it was a physical body, another incarnation?

AHTUN RE: Yes.  A personage.  That is correct.

BOB: Huh!

AHTUN RE: And you are a dimension of that consciousness.

BOB: So I had another life at Delphi?

AHTUN RE: That is correct. You see, when parallel lives are lived, the aspect of the core identity is the accumulation of each other.  One is not isolated from the other.  They may not be fully conscious of each other.  But at the soul level, it is a seamless integration.
AHTUN RE: If you visit the temple, you will find any number of names.  It was a mass incarnation.  And there are names carved in the walls of the temple.  Yours still survives there.

BOB: Huh!  And do you know what my name was?

AHTUN RE: Yes. Theodosius.

BOB: Theodosius?   [Θεοδόσιος in Greek]

[This Greek Delphi priest was a different Theodosius from the Byzantine emperor of the same name who destroyed the Delphi temple in 390A.  The Roman Theodosius was born the year before Constantine’s death.  He hails from the Iberian peninsula originally. Theodosius I (Flavius Theodosius Augustus; 11 January 347 – 17 January 395), also known as Theodosius the Great, was Roman Emperor from 379 to 395. He was the last emperor to rule over both the eastern and the western halves of the Roman Empire.  Guess I’ll have to try to change our itinerary and see for myself if I can find that name carved in a Delphi stone].  BTW - Theodosius derives from the Greek "Θεοδόσιος", God’s Gift, Bozhi-dar in Serbian].

As a result of this conversation, I canceled our planned flight from Belgrade to Istanbul, sliced a day and a half off our visit to Serbia, booked a flight to Athens the morning of Oct 8, and another one from Athens to Istanbul the evening of Oct 9.  Since the drive from Athens to Delphi was expected to take about three hours, that would leave us two-three hours in Delphi to find the Theodosius stone marker and do ceremony, before driving straight to the Athens airport for a flight to Istanbul.  That was our plan, anyway (see the map - right).

I then contacted a number of Greek guides, both in Athens and in Delphi.  I explained what I was looking for in Delphi.  I stressed that I was NOT looking for Theodosius the Great, the Byzantine emperor who actually destroyed Delphi in 390AD, half a century after Constantine's death. Several of the guides wrote back.  Some have heard of Theodosius, other had not.  Of those who have, and said that they knew where the inscription was, I selected Georgia.  First, she was from Delphi.  Second, I don't know what the second reason was.  I just liked her - without every having met her and talked to her.  Later, you will see why I felt that way... (see left photo).

Anyway, Georgia and I agreed to meet in Delphi around noon on Sunday, Oct 9.  By the time we landed in Athens on Oct 8, I had still not made any arrangements for ground transportations.  That's because I could not find any car rental agency online that would quote a daily rental rate with pick up in Athens downtown and return at the airport.  So I decided to wait and see what we can work out in person when we get to Athens.

We first tried the Athens tour guide.  But he wanted 280 euros and gave us a song and dance about how it was going to rain the next day and that it would take us four hours one way to get there.  So we said, "thanks but no thanks." 

"There is no way in the world that it is going to rain tomorrow," I told Elizabeth as we were riding through Athens.  "The storm may come and pass overnight, but I know our guides will make sure we have good weather if they want us to make it to Delphi."  We went on our merry way, touring the major sights of the Green capital.  After we check into our hotel, we walked out to look for a rental car.

As it turned out the street our hotel was on was full of car rental outfits. [Surprise, surprise... !? :-) ]  After visiting several of them, we discovered that things won't be so easy.  The reputable car rental companies would not rent us a car without an international driver's license.  Which neither of us had.  Nor have I ever been asked for one in several million miles of travel around the globe. Well, there is always the first time.

So what to do?  We decided to scale down our standards and see if we can find a "fly by night"-type car rental place that would do rent us a car anyway.  We did.  It was on the same street.  An older gentleman who could not speak English (or so he pretended) was probably the owner of the place.  A young man by the name of Panayotis, and a young woman who called herself Renata, acted as interpreters.  Both seemed to work for the older gentleman. 

At one point, as I walked into the office from the street, coming up from behind them, I saw the young man pat the girl on the butt from behind.

"Oh, so the two of you are lovebirds," I said smiling. "That's good.  Love is good."

They both smiled but did not seem embarrassed as some North Americans might have been to be "caught in the act." :-)

Meanwhile, they only had one little car which was parked on the sidewalk in front of the office. It was so small that I was not sure if our four bags would fit in it, in addition to the two of us. So we all went outside and tried to measure the space after the back seat is reclined.  The car was evidently well USED!  There were cigarette burns in the cloth of the driver's seat.  And, of course, it was stick shift, just like most cars in Europe.  You can see it in the left photo at the Athens airport, at the end of our Delphi adventure.

Well, beggars can't be choosers.  So we decided to take it.

While Panayotis was working on the copious (!) paperwork, I got a call from Georgia.  "I am afraid I've got some bad news," she said.

"Wait a minute," I said.  "Let me walk outside so we can talk privately."

I found a relatively quiet place in deserted backyard behind an office building. The street noise was still audible, but we could carry on a conversation.

"So what's the problem?" I asked.

Georgia explained that she had some minor scheduling conflict. Which meant we would have to meet at 1PM instead of noon.  Which would cut into our time at Delphi.  I explained to her that we have to start driving back to Athens by around 3PM in order to make it in time to the airport, return the car and then catch our flight to Istanbul.  That seemed to throw her.  She thought we could spend all afternoon with her.

The second problem was the bigger one.  She had been talking to the Delphi Museum archeologists and found out that they had no record of any Theodosius the Greek priest, only that of Theodosius I, or the Great, the Byzantine Emperor who destroyed Delphi (yet had had a statue of himself erected there anyway - go figure...).

My heart sank.  In one moment, the whole disaster flashed before my eyes.  Here I was, having changed our trip plan upside down just so we could make it to Delphi, only to find out at the last moment that the stone inscription we were looking for does not exist. 

"Oh my God," I said.  "That's too bad.  Maybe we should just forget the whole thing and cancel our trip to Delphi."

I asked Georgia to hold on for a moment while I walked back to the rental car office and signaled to Elizabeth and Panayotis to stop their paperwork. 

"We have a problem," I said. "We may not need the car after all."  Then I went back out to continue my conversation with Georgia.

The minute or so that passed as I walked to the office and back out was all it took to turn the whole bleak picture around. For, I realized, or more accurately my guides made me realize, that I was not going to Delphi just to find the inscription of my name.  I was going there to do the clearing ceremony of the warrior energies as well. And that, I would do anywhere at that sacred site, not just at "my" stone marker.

"Okay, Georgia," I said when I was back outside.  "I don't know how spiritual you are.  What I am about to tell you may sound very weird to you.  Because this is such an unusual story, I wasn't going to share it with you until we met in person. Well, now I have no choice.  So here you go. 

"This is no ordinary tourist visit to Delphi..."

I went on to tell her everything... about my Constantine and Theodosius parallel incarnations and how I knew that such an inscription does, in fact, exist - even if the Delphi Museum archeologists may not be aware of it.  And why I had to make a change to our European pilgrimage at the last minute to accommodate a visit to Delphi. 

By the time I was finished, I could sense that Georgia was on board for a search for a stone with 1,700-year old inscription.  The ethereal Indian Jones had just found himself an ally as well as a guide.

"I am very excited about this.  Leave it with me.  I'll go to the Museum and talk to the chief archeologist.  Then I will call you back.

I went back to the office to complete the car rental paperwork. The search and adventure wer on.  Elizabeth and I went out for a nice dinner in Plaka and turned in early.  We had to have breakfast, check out and pick up our car by 8:30.  Which is VERY EARLY by Greek standards... :-)

The Delphi Adventure

DELPHI, Greece, Oct 9 - We did pick up the car as planned, but soon realized it was a real lemon.  I will let Elizabeth tell you about it in her own words in this video interview we recorded back home on Oct 30...

Getting to Delphi and Back: Half the Adventure (Part 1 of 3, Oct 9)


About half way to Delphi, I got a call from Georgia.  She sounded excited.  "I've got some good news," she said.

"That's good," I replied.  "We could use some."

She said she had met with the chief archeologist of the Delphi Museum and explained the whole situation to him.  "He is very spiritual himself," Georgia said.  "And he knows about shamanism.  So he is also very excited to help us look for the inscription." 

She added that this man was the only Greek expert who participated in the original excavations which a team of French archeologists had done at the Delphi site. "So he knows things that nobody else does," she said.  "And he will show it all to us."

The only problem, she said, was that he has to work at the Museum till 2PM.  Which would give us only an hour for a tour and search for the "secret" inscription. 

"Well, if that's the only time our guides are giving us, then that ought to be enough for us to find it and to do a ceremony there," I philosophized.  After we hung up, I actually asked my guides to please ensure that that is, in fact, what happens.

We got to the Delphi Museum a A few minutes before Georgia.  As we moseyed around the gift shop, some young people stopped to ask me if I were a rock star.  I smiled and said I was not.  Then when we entered the museum, another woman asked me the same thing.

"What's this about?" I wondered looking at Elizabeth.

"I think it's because we are getting a private tour," she speculated.

Indeed, when we met Stathis Sidiras, the chief archeologist of the Museum, he was extremely helpful.  He spend a lot of time with us giving us a personal tour and then promised to do more outside after he got off duty.

Delphi Theater Magic

And he sure did deliver on his promise.  He took us to places at the Delphi site that are off limit to public.  And then he led me to the Delphi Theater for a truly magical experience.  Later, he said he knew of only two or three people to whom something like that had happened.  Take a look...

Delphi Theater Magic (Part 2 of 3, Oct 9)


After that, we sat out to search for the stone marker with the Theodosius inscription. Which really meant Stathis set out to search.  The rest of us had about as much chance of locating it as finding a needle in a haystack.  At one point, near the Ancient Marketplace, as Elizabeth was taking a picture of me near at the Theodosius, the Emperor, statue, we heard a shriek.  It sounded like "Eureka."  Stathis emerged on his hands and knees from behind some stones. Speaking in rapid Greek, he explained to Georgia what he had found.  She then translated it to me.

Indeed, there was a faint inscription on a stone bearing the name Theodosius (right).  Because it was faint, I had added the Greek lettering in green. Everybody got very excited upon the news.  Stathis, Georgia and I embraced.  The two of them had tears in their eyes.

"So how do you feel?" Georgia asked, probably wondering why I appeared so calm while preparing for my ceremony. "We've just made history."

"I feel fine," I said. "And I am thrilled that we found the inscription.  The reason I may not seem as emotional as you two about the discovery is that I knew it beforehand that it was here somewhere.  That's why I came here.  I just did not know the exact location.  And now we all do.  And yes, it is wonderful to be rediscovering history written 1,700 years ago."

Later on, I found it very interesting that the exact location of the Theodosius stone marker was next to the Treasury of Siktyon. a Greek city-state on the northern cost of Peloponnese, sort of facing Delphi (see the map - left).  Siktyon was known in ancient Greece as a "city of art."  Just to the east of Siktyon was the city-state of Corinth.  And it's next to the Treasury of the Corinthians that the Constantine Serpent Column was based (see the map - right).

I then did my clearing ceremony for the Sacral chakra of Europe and the 7th ray souls standing right at that newly-discovered Theodosius stone at the ancient Sacred Market of Delphi (left photo - pointing to the stone, right - the Delphi site map). 

After that, I did another musical ceremony at Kastalia Springs, a mile or so down the road from the Delphi Oracle.  The Springs are the place to which the Delphi priests and priestesses in ancient times went to purify themselves before seeking the oracle at the temples.  I played the Song of My Soul there on my flute.  Georgia, our guide, was there.  As she listened to my flute, tears rolled down her cheeks.

"You are a very special person, Bob," she said when I was finished.  "I am honored to have been a part of what happened today."

Georgia did not want to take any money even though she makes her living as a guide.  She just suggested a tip for Stathis, the archeologist who was the hero of the day.  But I insisted and paid them both. 

That's when we learned something else that was quite interesting about Georgia.  "In a few days, I will be appointed President of Delphi," she said, beaming proudly.  We congratulated her on it. Since that time, she has confirmed that indeed, she has taken office in that capacity.  It is now our turn to feel honored to have been guided on that magnificent day, Sunday, Oct 9, by such a distinguished local Delphi personage.

Oh, and by the way, remember what I said to Elizabeth in Athens the day before about the weather when our drive said it would rain?  The blue skies and crystal clear pictures speak for themselves.

Anyway, here is now the third and the final video... about two wonderful ceremonies. 

Delphi Clearing Ceremonies (Part 3 of 3, Oct 9)


Finally, here is also an album of still pictures from Delphi...

Delphi Photo Album

Driving to Delphi

Approaching Arachova, village that clings to Mt Parnassus just like Delphi

Arachova stores

View from Delphi Museum

Entering Delphi Museum

Private tour of Delphi Museum

Center of the world (there is another one at Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, one in Jerusalem and one in Cusco, Peru)

Elizabeth and Georgia

Delphi black kitten - good luck omen!

At Ancient Market - where later we found Theodosius stone

Georgia and Bob

Toward Treasury of Atheneans

Treasury of Atheneans

Treasury of Atheneans

Stathis Sidoras, chief archeologist

Stathis showing us wheren Constantine's Serpent Mound was based

View from that spot

Serpent Column I photographed 2 days later in Constantinople

Serpent Column at Hippodrome in Constantinople

Magic of Delphi Theater

Delphi Theater

At Kastalia Springs

Back in Athens, at the airport. Car's final drive? :-)





HAIKU, Maui, Sep 27, 2011 - To understand the full context of this extraordinary journey, a new reader needs to check out and contemplate the following revelations that came to be about Constantine, the first Roman Emperor to embrace Christianity and help codify it (see Nicene Creed) into a religion that we still know it today, 1700 years later.  The first revelation occurred in late June of this year, at the time of the 40th anniversary of my first wife's death (Betty, who I later intuited was also my first wife Minervina in the Constantine lifetime).

Through a combination of my own intuitions, and that of my Masters-Teachers and other important figures in Constantine's lifetime who are incarnated today, I pieced together this fascinating mosaic of stories (published at my arts and spirituality web site - ):


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