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30 Sep 2009

Updated Sep 30, 2009...

Touring Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria & Lichtenstein

Along with stops in New York on the way to and from Europe


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Leaving the U.S.:

New York (Sep 9-10)


Zurich, Day 1 (Sep 11)

Zurich, Day 2 (Sep 12)

Touring Switzerland (Sep 13)

France, Italy:

Touring France and Northern & Central Italy (Sep 14)


Touring Florence (Sep 15)

Touring Pisa (Sep 16)

Touring Rome, Day 1 (Sep 17)

Touring Rome, Day 2 (Sep 18)

Touring Central Italy, Adriatic Coast, Lago di Garda, Verona (Sep 19)

Touring the Dolomites, Austria, Lichtenstein... Back in Zurich (Sep 20)

Back in New York...

New York (Sep 21-24)

Heavenly Rainbow Welcome Home (Sep 25-30)

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