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25 Jun 2010

Updated June 25, 2010

Footloose in Seattle; Breathless in Canada...

A Quick Six-day Trip to America's Northwest, Canada's Southwest



It's amazing how much territory you can cover and how much fun you can have in just six days these days.  From Maui, to Los Angeles, to Seattle, to Victoria, to Whistler, to Vancouver... and back to Maui the same way, it has been a wonderful whirlwind tour of the American Northwest and Canadian Southwest.  And it all happened on a spur of the moment.  Sort of.  Check it out...

U.S. Northwest:

Exploring Seattle on Foot; Surprise "Broadway" Show  (June 11)

Leaving Seattle, Passage to Victoria  (June 12)

Canadian Southwest:

Exploring Greater Victoria (June 13)

Victoria to Whistler Drive-Sail-Drive (June 14)

Canadian Southwest/U.S. Northwest:

Closing the Loop: Back to Seattle (June 15)

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