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11 Mar 2009

McDowell Apucheto Stories... updated Mar 11 - Camelback Apucheto...

Farewell to My McDowell Apucheto & Camelback One, Too

Star, my astral brother, to take over as Apucheto keeper; Mountain showers us with gifts of love


Farewell to My McDowell Apucheto


SCOTTSDALE, Mar 9 - Remember that Sarah Brightman farewell song - "Time to Say Goodbye?"  Well, that time has come for me and my McDowell Mtn Apucheto. Actually, you never say goodbye to your mountain spirits.  They are always with you.  But this Sunday, time had come for a farewell visit. 

I took with me my new astral brother, Star Rising (right) and his girlfriend Christie.  I wanted to see if the mountain would accept Star as the new keeper and custodian of my Apucheto after I leave, and if Star would feel comfortable doing it.  Chandra had already told us that it would be a memorable visit during which we would receive many gifts.  And she said to Star that he would return from the mountain a changed man.

I had picked this Sunday to do it partly because it was a double #11 day. And you know me and the importance of the #11 in my life.  Late last night, however, I realized that it was actually a triple #11 Sunday! (3+8=11; 2+9=11; 3+8+2+9=22 - another Master number, a multiple of #11).

Well, with that kind of a build up, we set off up the Gateway Pass trail just before 1PM (left).  We stopped at my palo prieda (stone tree) to pay our respects and for Star to feel its energy, too (middle left).  The tree told him its name, Star said.  The name was too long for me to remember.  Once at my 2,500-ft Apucheto, I introduced star to the Dove and the Dolphin spirits there.  I also found a note there that Elizabeth had left for me on Mar 3 (right).  It was the first time she had gone there by herself.

Then I did my usual shamanic ceremony with which Star is now starting to get familiar.  We did another fire ceremony on Wednesday at my home.  At the end, I introduced Star to the mountain and to the Apucheto and asked them to accept it as the new keeper and custodian.  I would continue to be in touch with them, of course, but no longer in physical proximity, as I have been in the last year or so. 

Star then also performed a Native American (Lakota) ceremony and accepted the honor.  After that, he placed the white quartz kulla (stone) he was gifted by the mountain as a symbol of his presence at the Apucheto (two left shots).  And I placed my three kintu (bay leaves - coca leaves in Peru; shamans blow their prayers into them). Then we all meditated quietly for a while.  Altogether, we spent about an hour at the Apucheto.

And then Christie took a shot for the ages - of the old and new Apucheto custodians.

On our way down, a rock attracted my attention because of its was cut so perfectly at a 90-degree angle.  I told Star that it reminded me of the perfect cuts that the Machu Picchu stone masons did.  Only here, it was God's masonry, not human (Guess some people can argue that the Inca who created Pachu Picchu and Saqsaywaman walls and buildings must have had divine help, too.  Their sheer size is stunning and still unexplained by modern science as to what technology they used to do it).

Anyway, back to my new discovery on the McDowell Mtn, a rock that I must have passed dozens of times, but only heard its call for the first time on the triple #11 day, Star was trying to feel its energy in the above shots.  He said that the rock was the gatekeeper of the Lower World between the Thompson and McDowell peaks.

It was at about this point that I said to Star and Christie something about how I no longer collect any rocks on the mountain.  "Not unless a rock really speaks to me in a way that I know it is something special, a gift from the spirit world, like that petrified wood rock that I was gifted right at the Apucheto two weeks ago."

Here is that petrified wood rock again as it looked last night in my living room.

From that point forward, the mountain kept showering us with gifts, as if to prove me wrong. :-)  In all my previous hikes to McDowell Mtns, I had never seen a single heart-shaped rock.  Yesterday, I must have picked half a dozen.  Star and Christie also got some.  It was a resounding sign of acceptance by the mountain of the new Apucheto custodian.

After a while, I kept giving my star rocks to Star and to Christie for Chandra, Cat, Sharon... all mutual friends who knew we'd be on the mountain on Sunday.  Or just leaving them on the mountain.  Star and Christie gave me a heart that they found (Heart 1 above).  I kept the Heart 2 as a memento of this farewell hike.

About half way down, I picked up a rock that stunned me.  It was a perfect shape of Australia. I showed Star and Christie where my property used to be on that relief map.  When I came home, I realized this stone was a shape-shifter.  You flip it around its horizontal axis, and you get the map of the U.S. (see above).  The same stone - two different messages, stitching Lemuria back together.

Then something happened that was truly extraordinary, even for someone like yours truly who has had more than his share of miracles lately...

A True Shape-shifting Rock

Close to the end of our descent, I received the most amazing gift from the mountain. As soon as I picked up this rock, I knew there was something special about it.  Even before we left the mountain, I saw at least three different images - all Inca sacred animals carrying different symbolic messages. 

When I came home and started to turn the rock in my hands, I realized it a true shape-shifting rock.  While the Australian-American rock had two shapes, this one had more than a dozen. At least I have found at least a dozen images in it. You may find even more if you look closely (do tell me what you see, will you?).  Check it out...

Pretty fascinating stuff, isn't it?  All these messages from a single rock! As I said, do tell me what you see that I may have missed.

Squaring the Circle

I placed the two mountain gifts from in the empty plates in front of my Trinity sculpture.  The night before, I was telling Star on the phone that I had a feeling I would be given something during the hike to the Apucheto that I am supposed to place in those empty plates.  And both the heart and the shape-shifting rock fit in them perfectly. 

Speaking of perfect fit, the items you are looking at were among the leftovers from the garage sale I had on Saturday.  Many much more expensive items had sold, including some that used to be on that sideboard.  But when the crowd left, I placed those items where you see them now, directed by an invisible hand.  And guess what?  The square brass base fits in perfectly into the circle of the brown plate below.  It's called "squaring the circle," believed to be the crux of the sacred geometry and the marriage of heaven and earth (you can read more about it at this link).  In 1882, it was deemed to be mathematically impossible.  And I just picked up the round plate from the piano, and the Trinity sculpture from the ledge above it, and put them together.  And voila! They fit perfectly! The circle was squared.  Amazing. 

You know what’s even more interesting that I realized it shortly afterward?  Also, look in the first picture at the simple beauty and the symmetry of my new configuration on that sideboard (two right shots). There is more sacred geometry there, too, as well as esoteric symbolism, but I'll stop here so you can go back to your three-dimensional world.

Have a great week!

Farewell to My Camelback Apucheto

SCOTTSDALE, Mar 11 - One more week in Arizona.  Next Wednesday (Mar 18), a 28-year cycle, the longest of my life, will be complete.  A longer, 39-year cycle of my life in North America will also conclude then with another overseas move, again in the westerly direction.

I leave this beautiful state not with sadness, but with joy and gratitude for the wonderful years I have spent in the desert. 

It was in that frame of my mind that I was running around town today, juggling multiple tasks and priorities, busier than a one-arm paperhanger.  But as has been the case with everything else regarding my move to Maui, in the end, everything clicked and fell into place.

After several weeks of fretting about whether or not I would be able to unload my AR-15 Colt assault rifle, a collectors item as I have had it since 1984 as an original owner, today, I just drove up to a gun shop in South Scottsdale and sold it on the spot.  Bam!  We haggled a little, but my main objective was to get rid of it.  Guns have no place in my life anymore.  They were a part of my paramilitary past in the 1980s, and of the work of a war correspondent in the 1990s.   Now as a shaman who is trying to change the world for the better with his heart and soul, guns feel like an anachronism.  So I felt a great sense of relief when I walked out of that gun shop. And joy...

I felt joyous because some weeks ago, I was guided to use the proceeds from my gun sales to help the Q'ero (Inca) children in Peru.  That's the only reason I really wanted to maximize my return on these sales.  And now that I have more than $1,000 that I can take to them when I go in June, on top of several other donations that I have already made, I feel that the universe is unfolding as it should.  Check out what I scribbled on the gun shop receipt and a copy of the check after I had cashed it this afternoon (right).

After that, I decided to climb up to my Camelback Mtn Apucheto and do a farewell ceremony to my original "home mountain" in Arizona, as I did on Sunday on McDowell Mtn with Star and Christies.  It was a beautiful day, with temperature of 78F.  My heart was full of joy, as it befits one that beats in a Rainbow Giver's chest (left). :-)

No sooner did I start my climb, my old friend Camelback began to shower me with gifts, starting with this giant heart, right at the start of the trail. Now, that's not the first time I had received that heart as a gift, but it was never as bright as today.  The first time I noticed it was when returning from my first Despacho after returning home from Peru.  Just to give you an idea of its size, that stone is about three feet in diameter. It is a really Big Heart!  Check out this brief video clip...

Bob Djurdjevic's Farewell to Camelback: Mountain Gives Me Its Big Heart  (54 secs)


As if realizing I could not very well take it with me to Maui, not more than 100 yards later, Camelback gifted me its another heart, this one a little more portable.


You can see a picture of it on my sideboard after I had brought it home (left three shots).  It was the first heart ever that I found on Camelback Mtn after more than 25 years of climbing it! 

Later, on, while walking down the mountain after my farewell ceremony, I realized this was not just a heart rock, it was another shape-shifting rock (just like the one I picked up on McDowell Mtn on Sunday.  Check out all of the different shapes and messages that it gives out.  And I am sure that's just a part of it.  Both you and I could see many more images in it if spent the time analyzing it. 

"Pretty amazing," I thought, too.  Until I realized the reason for it.  Just like Sunday was a double #11 day, so was today!  (3/11/2009).  And Master spirits are evidently particularly generous with their gifts of love to those whose Masters' #11 hold a key to his life.

Want to know something that just happened while I was writing this sentence.  I heard a knock from the kitchen.  And then another one.  I am alone in the house. So I walked over to see who was there and what the noise was about.  When I looked at the clock, the time said 11:22 (a triple Masters' #11!).  In the past, that would have given me goose bumps.  Now, I just smiled and nodded knowingly.  "Thank you," is all I said.

See what I mean?  That's how spirits communicate all the time, not by tapping you on the shoulder and saying in English, "Atta boy!."

For example, when I got to my Apucheto, which is about one-third of the way up the mountain, I first opened the sacred space with usual prayers to the four winds (above).  When I was finished, I continued with my (also usual) address to all of my Master Spirit Guides.  When I finished that, still with my eyes closed, I heard the sound of a bird chirping.  I knew it was Chandra (the multi-dimensional being I described in my February essay - see "A Divine Hummingbird Encounter & Other Stories," Mar 2009 ).  She and I have been communicating telepathically every night and sometimes several times a day since we met.  The bird stayed for a few minutes and I talked to her sweetly. Then just before I left the trail, on the way down the mountain, the bird showed up again to bid me goodbye.  That was half an hour later and about half a mile farther away from the first spot.

Hard to believe? Well, not if you KNOW rather than suspect or guess that something esoteric can be actually real.  All it takes is freeing yourself from the three-dimensional world.

Overall, it was a beautiful afternoon and a moving farewell ceremony. I told Camelback this was not goodbye, only farewell until we reconnect again from Maui. And I thanked the mountain for its love and protection it has given me and my family for nearly 30 years.

Then I went also to say my farewells to the three properties near Camelback at which I lived during the time near the mountain, as well the elementary school which my daughters attended.

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