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15 Jul 2017

February signs: Dolphin in the Sky; Manifesting Destiny Before Living It; At Pinnacle Peak

A Love & New Home Despacho, Messages in the Sky

For the New Man, every day can be Valentine's Day; Harvesting Mountain Gifts; Epilogue...


A Love & New Home Despacho

At My McDowell Mtn Apucheto...

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 2 - On Sunday morning, Elizabeth joined me for the first time on a hike to my 2,500-ft "Apucheto" on McDowell Mtn, where we did a special ceremony.  It was the second of several through which we wanted to thank the spirits for bringing us back together in such a meaningful way.  And also for guiding me so exquisitely to our new Maui home - a divine confirmation of the righteousness of our moves.

It was a beautiful sunny day, with temperatures in the mid-70s.  As a result, a normally desolate trail was fairly busy.  We had to share it for at least a part of our four-hour hike even with horseback riders (middle right), as well as hikers and mountain bikers.

There were no clouds in the sky until we got to about a 2,100-ft level in our climb.  That's when I looked up and studied them briefly.  But nothing jumped right out at me immediately.  There was something inside of me, however, telling me that these solitary clouds were there for a reason.  So I took pictures, figuring I'd study them for signs later. 

Sure enough, there were a few.  What I saw in the left photo is a giant dragon or serpent or reptile, sprawled across the sky and pointing to the westerly direction (Hawaii, again!).  And then right next to it, where its head ended, I noticed the astrological sign for Saturn (I just rotated it later on so you could recognize it in a vertical position - middle shot). 

So what was the message?  Dragon/serpent/reptile stands for transformation. Saturn means stability and security.  So the message I got from the heavens was: If we are willing to transform ourselves and go west, we will find stability and security.

Not a trivial message, wouldn't you say?  Especially considering that the name Djurdjevic is spelled like this in Cyrillic: ђурђевић. As you can see, the Saturn sign from the sky on Sunday shows up in it three times. Now, that is something I realized right way, as soon as I saw the sign.

Furthermore, this is where we also saw a fast-moving black object that was neither a bird nor an airplane.  It crossed this cloud moving from southwest to northeast.  Elizabeth and I both saw it at the same time.  It reminded me of that "UFO" that I saw back in December.  Except that this one wasn't flopping about as much.

A little bit further on, I saw a cloud that looked like a Hummingbird, my favorite alter ego (right).  That's where and when we also first noticed a rising moon.  It was the first time that I have seen the moon and the sun together while hiking the McDowell's.

As we continued our climb to the Gateway Pass, and then on up to my "apucheto," we also stopped to say "hi" to my old palo verde (tree) friend that grew out of the rocks.  We decided to name him "palo prieda" (a "stone tree" in Spanish.


Finally at my apucheto, we were pleased to see that my bird that resembles a dove was still there.  Since I've also connoted Elizabeth as a young baby dove in a recent story, I took a picture of my two birds at the apucheto peak (left). 

The rest of the views from there are self-explanatory.  Elizabeth and I then did a beautiful ceremony to thank the Creator and the spirits for all the great things that they have guided us to in the last week or so, before continuing out hike down the mountain.  The round trip hike took about four hours.

...Love and New Home Despacho

Back home, while most of the country was watching the first half of the Superbowl game, Elizabeth and I prepared...

...a Love and New Home gratitude despacho (left).  We set it on the fire ready to burn after dinner, and went on to watch the halftime show and the second half of the Superbowl.  Later on Sunday, we did a fire ceremony during which we burned the Despacho thus sending our love and gratitude through it up to the Creator and the spirits.

And that's all she wrote from this amazing weekend of Love, Reunion and New Home gratitude - all at once!

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Dolphin in the Sky

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 4 - While I was out on an errand at the local Safeway store early this afternoon, I saw a gigantic cloud.  It took three frames of pictures to fit it in.  Take a look…

To me, it looks like a giant dolphin, though it may also seem like a bird in flight.  Assuming it is a dolphin sign, “it symbolizes spiritual guidance, intellect, mental attributes and emotional trust. Use your mind to its capacity and you will move upward in life. It also suggests that a line of communication has been established between the conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Dolphins represent your willingness and ability to explore and navigate through your emotions.” (the text in quotes is from a web site that interprets dreams and signs).

Additionally, given our upcoming move to Maui, seeing a dolphin in the sky seemed like a welcoming sign from Mama Kocha (Mother Earth's water energy) - who I felt was calling me there (see Maui Calling... and #894: The "Black Jack" Property).

Manifesting Destiny Before Living It

Later in the day, when I was riding my bike to the club, I looked up and saw two white doves in flight (in the clouds, of course), like the two love birds.  And I saw them again about an hour or so later when I biked home from the club, only in a different part of the sky. 

There was also a giant reptile in the sky above the birds.  And by now we all know that reptile means transformation. 

So the message I took from the sky today was that Elizabeth and I, the two love birds, were being transformed by divine intervention so we can fly together as a pair.  No new news, really, but a nice confirmation.  (Unfortunately, all I had on me when I was riding the bike was my cell phone camera.  So the above pictures are not very good.  But you'll get the idea).

And then I remembered something.  All day long today, when I was writing to Elizabeth, I was signing off my emails with this photo image that I had created this morning (right).  It shows two white doves in flight, and Elizabeth as the "Chiquitita baby chick."  So what I visualized in my office this morning, I was seeing in the skies over Scottsdale in clouds in late afternoon.  Twice!

That reminded me of what an older Inka master shaman told us last summer in Peru.  He said that the really evolved shamans first meditate to visualize the future. And then they live it.  That’s how some of them are able to bring about rain, for example, during droughts. 

In other words, manifesting our destiny helps shape it. 

I’ve also heard of that happening at Crop Circles.  Bert Janssen and some other people first visualized something, then the image popped up as a crop circle the next day.

I have now also experienced enough personal examples of it, of which these two white doves are just the latest, that there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the old shaman was right.  That’s why it is always good to be careful not to have any negative thoughts or doubts on anything that’s really important to us.

It is a wonderful feeling to have this two-way communication. But be aware that when it comes to God, there is no privacy.  He/she sees and hears everything, especially what's in our hearts.

I was thinking about these things as I rode my bike to my driveway.  When I looked up, I saw this image (right) in the western sky (rotated so you can recognize it more easily).  "A jaguar," I thought, the "otorongo," another Inka sacred animal. "Wonder what he is trying to tell me?"

Then I remembered. Otorongo is the master of the Middle World, the kaypacha, the three dimensional physical form in which we live. When I address the jaguar during a ceremony, always facing the west, I ask him to teach me to walk through life without leaving any tracks, and to live it without fear and with no regrets.  The jaguar is also a cleanser of the past and bad energies.  We had to dump all our negative emotions into the Jaguar Lagoon on Mt Ausengate (left), for example, before we were able to receive our Rites of Passage.

See what can come out of a simple bike ride?  A lot more than just a cardio workout.  In a way, I feel as if I am no longer in charge of my life.  Which is actually a wonderful feeling.  Because I know that the Creator is much better at running it than I.  J I've already seen plenty of examples of it...

At Pinnacle Peak

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 7 - Today was the first time Elizabeth and I hiked the Pinnacle Peak trail together.  For her, it was the first time ever.  For me, it was a second time, the first being on St. Nicholas Day 2008.

I had warned Elizabeth that the trail may look easier that it is.  It is a well beaten busy path instead of the lonely rough desert trek that the trail to my McDowell Mtn "apucheto" represents. But while being less treacherous under one's feet, the Pinnacle Peak trail is harder on one's heart and lungs.  It spans about 4 miles and 1,000 ft elevation difference between two trailheads, with constant ups and downs and switchbacks.  Still, Elizabeth made it all the way, and even smiled for the camera at the highest point of the trail (middle left). :-) On our way back, we found another tree that grew out of the rock (like the palo verde close to my McDowell Mtn apucheto - which we named "palo prieda" - see above).

Early Valentine 2009: "Everything is beautiful at the ballet"

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 14 - On Thursday night (Feb 12), Elizabeth and I gave ourselves an early Valentine's Day gift.  We went to see "Romeo & Juliet" ballet at the Phoenix Symphony Hall. 

And we dressed up for it appropriately...

... it was a cold desert night, thus a fur coat was welcome. My "Nina the Ballerina" was also appropriate in the backdrop to the rightmost shot, don't you think?  :-)

"Everything is beautiful at the ballet," as the lyrics  of a hit song from the "Chorus Line" musical say.  And it was.  It was a lovely performance of the Sergei Prokofiev's work by Ballet Arizona and the Phoenix Symphony that started a little after 8PM and ended just before 11PM.

Happy Valentine's Day 2009!

Harvesting McDowell Mountain Gifts

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 15 - The day after Valentine's Day, Elizabeth went to church and then on to her house to supervise some repairs.  And I headed back up to my Apucheto on McDowell Mtn. Before I left home, however, I looked at Elizabeth's Valentine's Day gift - the two hearts-picture frame (right). It was lovely. But I thought it needed to be on a pedestal.  I have had for some time a black Tourmaline rock, presumably from Sri Lanka, which I got as one of my birthstones (left).  It has a polished flat top surface that would make a perfect pedestal for the little two-hearts frame.  But in order for that to work, it needed a "chalice" - a base - into which to fit the Tourmaline "wedge."

Sunday was an overcast but warm day.  As I was climbing up the mountain, I was thinking, "the mountain will give it to me.  God will see to it that somewhere on this mountain or another one, perhaps in Maui, I find a perfect fit" (as a base) for that birthstone wedge.  I do not know why I thought that.  I just knew it.

On my way up to my 2,500 ft Apucheto, I picked up a few promising rocks.  But they didn't look perfect.  So I put them down.  I knew that anything that is really God-given will be perfect.  And I was in no hurry.

I did find this bench- or a shoe-shaped rock interesting, though (above). I left at our Palo Prieda tree (the tree that grew out of the rock - see above) as my calling card till the next visit.

Once I got to my Apucheto, I was pleased to see my stone dove still there (two left shots taken from two different angles).  As the Apucheto is on a narrow mountain peak, there is not much room to maneuver.  So my foot slipped on a rock.  I looked down and picked up the rock.  "Oh, my God," I exclaimed.  "It's Elizabeth's rock."  It was shaped like a dolphin.  Being a Capricorn, Elizabeth has dolphin energies (also see "Dolphin in the Sky" above), while I, a Gemini, have predominantly bird energies.

I took it as a sign that, now that we are joined together by the highest power (see "Our Valentine's Day Vows" - User ID, password required), Elizabeth needed to have her own Apucheto, with the dolphin rock on top.  Which is what I built for her right next to mine (two right shots).

I then proceeded to do my shamanic ceremony in all four directions (above) and to Pacha Mama/Mama Kocha and Father Sky/Inti Sun.  It was especially poignant given what had happened the day before (Valentine's Day 2009). 

When I opened my eyes, I saw a butterfly about 10 feet away (right).  He was completely motionless.  Yet somehow I knew he was there.  Then he fluttered away.  I called him back.  He did come back and landed again about 10 ft away.  This time, he flapped his wings gently, as if greeting me with them, while I talked to him.  He was beautiful.  Kind of like that guy on the left in a file photo.  He stayed for about a minute, and then took off.

I got up from the rock on which I was sitting and walked toward where the butterfly had landed on the ground.  Right around there, I saw an unusual rock.  It did not look like anything I have ever seen on that mountain before.  Or anywhere else, for that matter.  I picked it up.  Here it is, from all four angles...

The rock seemed like a story of the history of the world.  There was a fossilized piece of petrified wood inside, with some black marks that looked like insect fossils (left).  The stone had severe burn marks on two sides, suggesting that there was violent volcanic activity here some millions of years ago, in this now very peaceful and serene looking piece desert mountain. Another intriguing side of the rock was a crystallized layer (right) that had formed around that petrified wood. It looked like a mixture of quartz and crystals.

I felt the rock was truly a gift of God that was supposed to teach me something.  So I took it home so I could study it some more and listen to its story.  You can see it above on a crystal pedestal in my office now.  There is even a chalice-shaped indentation in it, as you can see.  Which made me think that perhaps that was the reason I was given this rock (so I could place the two-hearted frame on it).  But it was not a perfect fit, I found out when I came home. Do I discarded that reason.

On my way down the mountain from my Apucheto, I had stopped thinking about finding the pedestal with a perfect fit for my Valentine's Day gift.  "Maybe it will happen some other day on some other mountain?," I thought.  But then I saw a small rock that was calling me. 

"This is your key," I heard a voice telling me. "Pick it up."  I did.  The rock had two parallel flat surfaces and an indentation that made it look like a key (left).

"A key to what?" I wondered.  I played with the rock for a while while walking down the mountain.  I even tried to see if it might be a key to connection with the spirit world through the crown chakra. Nothing.  Hm... I was perplexed.

A short while later, another smaller rock called me to pick it up.  It had a similar shape as the first one - two flat surfaces with an indentation that made it look like a key (right).  I was now looking at both of these rocks while walking down the mountain, playing with them to see if I could make any sense out of these mountain gifts.  Then something told me to put them together.  And voila!

The two stone "keys" fitted together perfectly... one as a male (bird) symbol, the other as a female (dolphin) one.  It was truly amazing to see God's perfection in fitting together seemingly disparate pieces of rock that I picked up probably half a mile apart from each other.

And then another voice told me, "THAT's your pedestal." I could not wait to get home to see how well the two-hearted frame would fit into the gap between the two "key" rocks.  You can probably guess the answer by now.  It was another "perfect fit!" (see the middle right photo), as is that of the couple in the far right picture, taken on Valentine's Day. :-)

But God wasn't finished playing with me as yet on this Sunday, Feb 15.  On my way down the mountain another small rock spoke to me.  I picked it up.  It looked like a bench. "Maybe that's my 'chalice'," I thought. 

When I home, I tried fitting in my black Tourmaline. Bingo!  The two rocks fitted together as if they were made for each other.  The flat surface of my Sri Lanka black Tourmaline was completely level when wedged into the McDowell Mtn granite bench. Later that night, as I was telling Elizabeth about my exciting hike and the gifts that I had received from the mountain, I added, "these two rocks need a crystal on top."  And then I thought of a crystal apple that I picked up when I was in New York with my younger daughter in 1989.  And a new sculpture was born, comprising of Sri Lanka, Arizona and New York (above).

And that's all she wrote from this Sunday hike up to my McDowell Mtn Apucheto.

Epilogue to a Love Story: "La Donna e Mobile"

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 18 - Hm... that love story revival was short-lived. Remember what I wrote about Elizabeth and I last week – how good things were between us?  Well, she informed me yesterday that she is getting cold feet about moving to Maui and is breaking her vows, both to me and re. our joint move.  She said she wants to stay here near her "kids" (the youngest of whom is 27!).  With a thousand apologies, etc. etc.

Women!!!  J Or at least some “women.”  Yet, no surprise, really.  About two weeks ago (Feb 5), I wrote this to a (female) shaman friend in England:

"Before I broke up with Elizabeth back in December, while still in Hawaii, I had another musical dream.  It was an aria from the opera “Rigoletto.”  It took me a while to figure out what it was.  And when I did, I realized that its title was a warning (“La donna e mobile” - woman is shifty).  Here are the opening verses:

Woman is shifty,
Like a feather in the wind,
She changes her voice — and her mind.
Always sweet,
Pretty face,
In tears or in laughter — she is always lying.

Guess it was the spirits’ sounding an alarm and I took it as such when I broke up with her back in December.  So there’s a chance Elizabeth can still slide back toward her past.  I feel I need to stay alert to that possibility.  Once burned, twice shy, as they say.  And she has changed her mind at least three times so far."

I even sensed it coming yesterday before Elizabeth had told me.  But this time, I told her I am not taking her back even if she begged me on her hands and knees.  I also told Elizabeth I really felt sorry for her. "Just as you find happiness, you find a way to lose it.”  Guess there are some people who need to suffer in order to feel "normal"...

Meanwhile, please don’t worry… I am not feeling sorry for me.  I am relieved in a sense.  Makes my move to Maui that much simpler. 

More importantly, as a shaman, I no longer depend on other people for happiness.  My happiness comes from higher powers - within my heart.  And from serving, not taking.  Love of another human is just the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.  That’s what I have been also trying to tell Elizabeth re. her co-dependent relationships with her kids, evidently to no avail.

So onward and upward.  As Mark Twain put it: "Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth." I plan to do just that on Maui.

I was led to Maui by the spirits alone and they are still with me.  So they’ll bring another woman to me if they think I need female company on my journey.  If not, I am perfectly happy as a solo celestial traveler.  After all, we all arrive on this earth alone and we depart alone.  The stuff in between – is all about accumulating and shedding karma.  I am done with the former and working hard on the latter, so I can depart free and clear.  Make sense?

Sending you much love from a cool but sunny Arizona.

Kindi (a.k.a. the Heart Man)



Despacho is a sweet, loving message that a shaman sends to the Creator and to the Spirits to express his/her Love for the Creator seeking divine guidance and alignment with the forces of the universe. After being lovingly prepared in an elaborate ceremony (the "procedure" I learned from the Inka Shamans is four pages long), despachos are either burned or buried (I always burn them as that's a faster way for the Spirits to get the message, kind of like "air mail" delivery J).

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