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01 Jun 2013

Updated Feb 23, 2013 - "Post Eluvies, Arcus!" (After the Flood, Rainbow)

Great Flood of 2013: Dream Come True

From the Rainbow Shower, Maui



Lanai and aerial views of the "Rainbow Shower"

From Rainbow Shower, Maui

Great Flood of 2013: Dream Come True

My Dec 30 dream after trip to Peru played out in 3D today at the Rainbow Shower; Water - dominant element in Aquarius Era

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 21, 2013 - One could hardly say that experiencing a great flood would be a dream come true. Yet that's exactly what happened here today at the Rainbow Shower. Ever since I returned from Peru, Water seems to have been a dominant element in my life. No surprise there given that we have just entered the Aquarius Era.

It was no wonder, therefore, that on Dec 30 I also drew the Goddess of Water mystic medicine guidance card. It happened the morning after the dream in which I saw a large part of the Rainbow Shower flooded. I even created this mock image of the scene from my dream and published it in the appendix to Amantani Initiation & Ascension (Dec 29):

Today, Elizabeth and I got to see this scene from my dream replayed in 3D in real life.  It was a dream come true. Literally.

Pretty amazing stuff? Well, that's only a part of it. For the rest, watch this two-Act video and see how Water rose and became wild and woolly, destroying everything in its path:

Great Flood of 2013: Dream Come True (2-21-13)



Aftermath and Spirit Signs

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 22, 2013 - The day after. Usually, that means a calm after the storm. Not yet. Instead, we are having a storm after a storm.  To be sure, our Namaka Creek has now receded to the river bed it has carved into the slopes of Haleakala Volcano over the centuries. In its wake, lies the carnage of the Great Flood of 2013.

Meanwhile, the rain is continuing in fits and starts. And right now we are having a thunderstorm.  Thunderstorms are extremely rare in Hawaii.  So I feel the Spirit realm is continuing to communicate with us and to us its powerful messages. Some of them are evidently being heard as far away as London. Here's an excerpt from an email I have just received from my English friend Achim:

"Incredible pics from the creek as it has come alive. Actually the kulla from the creek you sent me a while ago has also come alive and it is gently vibrating as if in the bottom of the river bed, and seeing the torrent gushing through your property and down river, I now perfectly understand how its acquired its streamlined form….

I hope there won’t be much damage for you, once the flood recedes, however I could not help but admire the beauty of the element of water as it rushed through the lush green space of your gardens.

You seem to having some fun with experiencing this!? I also could not help but feel that no matter how beautiful if the AHA was being washed away or flooded, there may be a similar message to your luggage not arriving in Peru contained? Am I reading too much into this?"

No, my London friend was not reading too much into it at all. When things like this great flood happen, they are signs from the Spirit realm. So we must try to tune in to our guides and teachers and "hear" the messages they carry. That's what I did after midnight last night. And I got a clear guidance which I first shared with Elizabeth before going to sleep, and then also this morning with Achim. Here's my reply to his comment:

Thank you for your comprehensive and heartfelt comments. You are spot on with everything you said. Thank you for sharing the experience you had with your Namaka Creek kulla.  Here are my answers to your questions:
  • Yes, I was having fun while experiencing the extreme weather and the flood.  Can't help it. Guess that's the war correspondent in me. Love the danger and adrenalin rush. I did not fully realize it until you said it just now. So thanks for that illumination.
  • And yes, there was a message from the Spirit realm in all of that. Just like with the baggage in Peru, as you noted. And the message I got in meditation last night was - it was not just cleansing, as you noted. That was a part of it. The message I got was "let nature be nature."  Maybe there was too much human intervention in making the Rainbow Shower "perfect" in man's terms. Meaning looking beautiful, like a golf course, or a park. There is beauty in wilderness, too. That's what Gaia-Pachamama wanted to remind me. This was a wild and impassable gulch jungle when we moved here four years ago. Now it looks like a perfectly manicured Garden of Eden. Maybe it should go back to being a little Wilder Garden of Eden?
  • By the way, the flood's edge stopped right at the bottom of the AHA, the sacred space. The actual sanctuary remained untouched by Water. So that's a message, too. A confirmation. Even Mother Nature doesn't mess with sacred places.
  • This was also a farewell message for Elizabeth and me. Ever since I returned from Peru, I have been getting signs that I need to go back to Arizona at least for a while. Last week, I had that confirmed in a channeling session with the Light Beings. The Light Beings saw me as an Eagle (sacred animal - Apuchin in Inca cosmology) perched on a cliff and poised for a flight (to the Upper World where Ascended Masters reside, again according to the Inca teachings). I am to go into the desert, like Moses, and seek navigational instructions from the Spirit for the Eagle to soar in the right direction, at the right speed and time and elevation.  It will be an internal journey to connect with my Higher Self and the Spirit realm. I am enclosing a PDF of the excerpts from that channeling FYI. Will share it it due course with my other friends and family closer to our time of departure for Arizona (Mar 12). 
So as your intuition suggested, Achim, there were multiple layers of meanings and messages in yesterday's Great Flood of 2013. Thank you for being so astute and tuned in to the Spirit signs.

And now, here's a video I have just shot which shows the way the Rainbow Shower gulch looked the after the Great Flood of 2013:

Aftermath of Great Flood of 2013 (Feb 22)


"Post Eluvies, Arcus!" (After the Flood, Rainbow)

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 23 - "Post Nubilla, Phoebus," goes a Latin proverb. It means, "after the clouds, sunshine." Its deeper meaning is the cyclical nature of things.  Well, at the Rainbow Shower, the sun is out this morning. And so are the rainbows. So "Post Eluvies, Arcus" seems like an appropriate caption for this photo and video:


"Post Eluvies, Arcus!" (After the Flood, Rainbow) (Feb 23, 2013)


And that's all she wrote so far for the month of February from the Rainbow Shower.

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