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07 Jul 2013

Updated July 6, 2013

Big Island 2013: Adventures & Beauty Galore

Hapuna Beach Sunset, South Point Magic, Bumpy Ride to Spectacular Green Beach - Jewel of Hawaiian Islands; From Makai (Beach) to Mauka (Mountain) - From Yin to Yang - Roof of the World - in same afternoon




From Rainbow Shower, Maui

Big Island 2013: Adventures & Beauty Galore

Hapuna Beach Sunset, South Point Magic, Bumpy Ride to Spectacular Green Beach - Jewel of Hawaiian Islands; Climb to Roof of the World atop Mauna Kea - all in one day of fun and adventure!

HAIKU, Maui, July 5, 2013 - In some ways, Elizabeth and I are like cats. We like to mark our territory by leaving our scent on each major Hawaiian island at least once a year. This week, it was Big Island's turn again. It was just a two-day trip at the start of the holiday week... a "weekstart" instead of a "weekend." :-)

Hapuna Beach Sunset

Here's a beauty sampler from God's art gallery which was on display the evening we arrived at our Hapuna Beach hotel. We had just returned from a walk on the beach when the sunset began in earnest. I did not plan on taking any pictures. So I went back to our hotel room to get the camera. As I returned to the beach, I was shooting the sunset pictures from various angles. And this Photo Album is a result.

Hapuna Beach Sunset (24 Facebook photos - July 1, 2013)

In a Waikoloa Beach shopping center store

South Point Magic

July 2 was a BIG DAY for us during our two-day "weekstart" on the Big Island. We started out fairly early from Hapuna Beach on the northwest side of the island (see the map - right). After brief stops at Waikoloa Beach and Kona for some shopping, we continued straight south to South Point - the southernmost point of the United States. 

We have been at this cape many times before and have seen it in a variety of weather conditions. This time around, it was quite serene. The winds were moderate as was the surf. Yet the scenery was its magical as usual. Enjoy!

South Point Magic (34 Facebook photos)

South Point Photo Album

Enroute to South Point at Captain Cook antique store


Green Beach: Bumpy Jeep Ride to Spectacular Jewel of Hawaiian Islands

We rarely plan our trips in advance to any degree of detail. We figure the Spirit will take us to places we need to see. Or as I am fond of saying, such places "will find us" (instead of us looking for them). 

Well, this time, we made an exception. Elizabeth suggested we go to Green Beach. It is a beach made of Peridot sand, created by the constant pounding of ocean waves against this beautiful green mineral (the birthstone for all you Leo's - right). The beach is about five miles (roundtrip) from the South Point. No roads. Unless you want to call the dirt ruts the previous travelers had made (left) a "road."

We had attempted to go to Green Beach over a year ago, but gave up after about a mile. The weather was too windy and the trail too dusty and the ground too hard on our flip-flops. But we resolved to come back someday properly prepared for this adventure.

(photos from March 2012) ("El Jeepo Naranjo" before start of our Green Beach drive)

So this was it.  We were going to attempt a trek to Green Beach to see for ourselves what all the shouting was about.  This time, we brought our hiking boots and proper gear for a five-mile hike. Except that on a spur of a moment, I asked the car rental agent at the Kona airport if they happen to have any 4-WD vehicles available. Turns out they did - an orange Jeep. Which I instantly named - El Jeepo Naranjo (vs. El Jeepo Blanco - white - which we drive at our Rainbow Shower home).  So instead of hiking, we thought we would try to rough-ride our way to Green Beach.

When we got to the start of the "road," there was a large sign stating that the drive was dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone except local professional drivers. I talked to one of them. He was just passing by in a red pickup truck and had offered me a ride. I said we had a 4WD Jeep.  "The road is really rough, man," he said. "But good luck to you!"

And with that warning, Elizabeth and I mounted our El Jeepo Naranjo and set out on our first big adventure of the big day on the Big Island... Here's a short video clip from the ride:

Bumpy Jeep Ride to Green Beach on Big Island, Hawaii (July 2)


In the end, it was all worth it. When we got to Green Beach, we realized why the place is a real Jewell of the Hawaiian Islands.  See for yourself from these still shots we took, starting with this panoramic view in which both Elizabeth and I are present.

Eagle-Condor Spirit Connection

What I also realized while swimming at Green Beach, is the unwitting reason we were drawn to this place. I yelled to Elizabeth who was on shore and asked her to take a picture of the rock formation you can see on the left side of this picture...

I told her afterward that it reminded me of the Temple of the Condor at Machu Picchu.  And indeed it is. Mother Nature has carved similar images of a sacred bird (Condor-Eagle) both in the Peridot stone of the Green Beach (left), and in the granite of the famous Inca capital (right).

And we know about the Arizona Desert Quest we had just returned from at the end of May during which I was guided by the Eagle spiritual energy. And, in fact, during our hike in the Sabino Canyon near Tucson in mid-April, we were also shown this image of the Eagle-Condor formation high up in the mountain above the canyon.

So there we have an Eagle spirit connection - Peru (Yang) - Hawaii (Yin) - Arizona (Yang). The road to Ascension... connecting the dots. Which one will be next?

Here's one that just came to me... literally. Green is also the color of the Heart Chakra. Which is the Chakra of the 3rd Ray souls represented by the Anahata symbol which I have carved into the sacred ground at the Rainbow Shower (,

And that Anahata-Huaca-Ahu site is the heart of the Solar Chakra of the new Blue Star Earth that began ascending on 12-21-12, along with all of us incarnated on it. 

So the journey continues...

Green Beach Photo Album

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