Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah! 

11 Dec 2011

Updated Dec 11, 2011, adds Greenwich, Full Moon over Manhattan

Dancing Holiday Windows of New York

Festive season is already under way in New York


Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah! 

Dancing Holiday Windows of New York

Festive season is already under way in New York

NEW YORK, Dec 9 - This story is intended as our "Christmas and Seasons Greeting card" for you.  It comes to you from New York, where Elizabeth and I have been spending this week.  It has been mostly business for me, but we did take a day yesterday to tour the holiday store windows. I have been in New York many times during the holiday season in the last three decades, but have never taken the trouble to admire its wonderful dancing windows.  It took my business accountant from Arizona to point us in this direction. 

"So Sue, this video is dedicated to you.  Without your comments about the beauty of the New York store windows,  it would not have happened.  Thank you for the inspiration.  And enojoy!"

And now, check out the five videos and the photo album from our yesterday's stroll through the Big Apple.  It actually starts out in Rye, where our hotel is.  When Elizabeth went into a Chipotle restaurant to get a taco, or "tacito" as she called it, hoping the Spanish diminutive would diminish its calories, too, I took a picture of that door sign.  Instead of "Wrappers Wanted," I read it as "Rappers Wanted." So when she walked out, I asked her how her audition went?  :-)

Once in Manhattan, we started our walk at Grand Central Station, walked over to Times Square, then on to Macy's at 34th St, then back up to Times Square, on to Carnegie Deli, where we had a delicious corned beef on rye dinner-sandwich (we shared one - they are HUGE!), then walked to Tiffany's, then along Fifth Ave to Rockefeller Center to see the traditional Christmas Tree, then on to Saks, where I filmed some more dancing windows, then to St. Patrick's Cathedral, where we attended a part of the evening service, then back to Times Square [are you out of breath by now?  :-)  ... we were].

We never quite made it to Bloomingdales, so we bring you here some file photos of its 2011 holiday window displays.

By the way, the cute 1920s-style hat that you're seeing Elizabeth wear is one of many that she had made herself before this trip.  She was inspired by a green one I got her in Ireland, and has since made them in many different colors, adding her own flower and feather designs to it.  If you're interested in buying one, click here to contact her directly.  You can see her in the left photo checking out the competition in the posh Greenwich, CT, stores this afternoon.

We ended our five-hour walking tour at Times Square, where we found ourselves on camera displaying live images on a giant screen-billboard which I happen to be filming at the time, unbeknownst to me that we were in the picture, too.  You can see some still shots from that in the photo album below, as well as some clips in the video.

After that, we saw a wonderful Noel Coward play, "Private Lives," which opened at the legendary Musix Box Theater on Nov 17.  It is actually a 2010 London West End production starring Kim Cattrall as Amanda (right) which was brought over to Broadway three weeks ago.  That's exactly what also happened 80 years ago, too, when the play was first performed in London (1930) and brought to New York (1931).

And now, here's my "raw" video footage from yesterday... (five videos follow).  When I get a chance, I plan to edit them all into a single "holiday video" greeting from New York, using my Christmas concert music from 2008 as background:



Dancing Holiday Windows of New York - Saks, Part 2 (Dec 8)



Holiday Lights of Times Square in New York (Dec 8)

Finally, here are also some still shots from our Big Apple stroll...

New York Christmas 2011 Photo Album

At Rye train station

At Grand Central Station

At Macy's

Inside Macy's

At Macy's - auto-portrait

Near Times Sq

At Tiffany's

At Tiffany's

At Tiffany's

Nobody ~21 entered the store while I waited for Elizabeth :-)

At Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral

Bloomingdale windows

Inside Saks

On a giant screen in Times Sq

A close-up

Old posters inside the old theater

*See the NOTE below re. the meaning of Hanukkah-Menorah

NOTE: On Maccabee and Hanukkah

This holiday season is the first one I am entering having become aware during 2011 that one of my past incarnations was that of Judah Maccabee or Judas Maccabeus, a Hebrew warrior who led the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire (167160 BC). The Jewish feast of Hanukkah ("Dedication") commemorates the restoration of Jewish worship at the temple in Jerusalem in 165 BC, after Judah Maccabee removed the pagan statuary.  Menorah ("Temple") symbolizes that eight-day holiday.  The Jews apparently found only enough ritually pure olive oil to light the Menorah for one day. But the supply lasted eight days until a new supply could be obtained. In celebration of this miracle, the Hanukkah menorah has eight branches for eight candles or oil lamps. The Hanukkah menorah has a ninth branch for an auxiliary candle, the shamash. The shamash is used to light the other candles.

Those of you who followed our European 2011 Pilgrimage to clear the warrior energies from the European chakras may recall that I also did that from my other past warrior lifetimes, including that as Maccabee.

Also, don't miss this that happened late this evening...

Greenwich, Full Moon over Manhattan

NEW YORK, Dec 10 - On our last full day in the New York area, we went to dinner and a nice evening stroll in Greenwich, Connecticut.   For those of you not familiar with the regional geography, Greenwich is New York area's version of Beverly Hill.  Only much classier and more low key as befits an "establishment" environment. 

That's where Elizabeth got a chance to check out some competition for her cute 1920s-style hats (for which she has been receiving compliments even from complete strangers during this trip).  She said that even this second-hand store was much pricier than the regular shops she had seen elsewhere in the New York area.  Guess that's what one might expect in a posh little town whose residents have deep pockets.

This morning, we had to get up at 5AM to make our early morning flight from LaGuardia to Dallas, and then on to Maui.  A bonus was a wonderful view of a full moon over Manhattan (sorry these pictures are blurry; they were taken through the dirty airport windows).  We were hoping also catch a lunar eclipse when we got home.  Alas, with the rainy weather around here, we missed it.  Oh well...

And that's all she wrote from New York this holiday season 2011.

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