Master's #11 in Altzar's life


Master's #11: Key to Altzar's Life

SCOTTSDALE, Jan 24, 2009 - Back in December (2008), I initially received divine guidance that led me to the #56 Hoomalolo Place property in Maui (see "Maui Calling...").  As it turns out, Sylvia, the then owner and architect, is also very spiritual.  So there were things of a personal nature that I was able to help her with as a shaman. 

But I discovered that Sylvia is also an excellent mathematician.  So there were also some things I learned from her about cosmic math and numerology.  Which in turn, with the help of the spirits, helped me unravel some pretty amazing mysteries.  So this is "the rest of the story," if you will - "Maui Calling...Part 2," if you like.

Even before I put in an offer on #56, I was aware that it was a sacred number (because it adds up to #11, a Master's number.  Here's what I wrote to Sylvia in mid-December: 

As for #56, I knew that 5+6 = 11 is a sacred number.  That was one of the signs that pointed me to your property.  If you are into numerology, then you probably know that Number 11 stands for PURITY(11), which is a reference to the wholesomeness and virtuousness that we innately are.  The PURITY(11) of being that we are at birth is often over time lost as we acquire karma in the world of sensual pleasure and other self-gratification.  And that fits in perfectly with my shamanic path.  For, the first thing I have had to do is to try to shed my past and my ego.  For, only when you're pure and clear of karma can you ascend to the fourth dimension.

What I did not know back then was WHY Sylvia had picked #56 for her property.  A few days ago, she explained why:

I very cautiously choose the lot 56 = 11. 5 is my number, and the karmic number of Responsibility. 6 is the karmic number of Love. And 11, the only number in numerology which can not be added together (No Karma) - is the number of Master Achievement. Well, I thought: Perfect for my new lot.!!!!!

In math, or "chaos theory," human beings are incapable of creating Chaos. We are incapable off breaking out of the higher mathematics/or creators system, or called God in our religion, De in Zen, Chi, as Energy, Mana in Hawaiian...

That was interesting enough.  But what happened next was downright fascinating. 

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me, "and do you only live in houses whose street numbers add up to 11?"

I was startle by the question.  "What brought that on?" I was wondering. 

As it turned out, the friend had actually accidentally and erroneously arrived at that conclusion by adding up just the last two numbers in my current address - 8183.  But that "error" only added more spice to the spirit mystery story that followed.

For the question let to a revelation and enlightenment in my mind and body that struck me like a bolt of lightning.  It sent chills down my spine. Here's what flashed through my mind…

  • I was born in the 6th month of the year that ends with 5 (6+5=11)

  • I was born in Belgrade whose ZIP code is 11000 and phone area code 11

  • I was the 2nd child ( 1+1 = 2, or II in Roman numerals).

  • As a child, I lived in Serbia with my parents in an apartment building whose address was "Trg JNA 11" (1950s)

  • As a student, my address in Belgrade was "Njegoseva 11" (1964-68)

  • When I played basketball as a student my first number was 11 (1962-66)

  • As a young man in Canada, my condo's apt number was 1604 (1971-1975)

  • The area code of my phone in Canada was 416 (1970-1981)

  • My parent's 2nd apt in Serbia was No. 11 (1975-present… my sister now owns it)

  • I moved to Arizona in 1983 (8+3=11; also a "blackjack year" 1+9+8+3=21)

  • We arrived in Arizona on 6/29/1983 (6 - Christ#; 29=11; 1983 = #21 and #11)

  • My business address in Phoenix was 5110 (1990-1997)

  • My address in Western Australia was PO Box 416 (1996-2005)

  • My house number on Camelback in Phoenix was 29 (1993-2005)

  • My current house number in Scottsdale ends with 83

  • My current cell phone number ends with 11 (actually 2111, which is II I I I in Roman numerals)

  • My current home phone ends with 2999, which is 29, which is 11 numerologically

  • My potential new address in Maui was 56 (5+6=11)

  • The escrow for the deal is dated Dec 11, 2008; the escrow number has 111 (double 11) in it

  • My celestial (re)birth was 2/25/2009 (that’s a double #11: 2+25+2+9=38, which is 11; and 2009 which is also 11).

  • My departure date from Arizona was 3/18/2009 (double #11 and #21 – but in reverse order from the date of my arrival in 1983).  That will be 29 (again #11) years after I first arrived here in March 1981 and decided to move to the desert.

  • I discovered on Mar 23 that my medical insurance ID with the Blue Cross of Arizona is a quadruple #11 (!). It incorporates all three Master's numbers - #11, #22 and #33.  And the number ends in 129711, which is also a Blackjack #21.  And I've had it for years without realizing it until I had to punch it in today when calling Arizona to transfer my policy.

  • Even before they told me what my new Hawaiian phone number was, I knew it would be either #11 or #33, another Masters’ number, or some form of Blackjack #21 and those numbers.  But it turned out to be much more than just that… My new number had in it both #21 and #11, and #33, and Christ’s #6. And the Masters' #33 showed up twice!  Etc.

Getting the picture? 

Well, there's more.  I was also aware from way back that #11 represents an Ace in cards.  I am not much of a card player, but that much I knew from the time I used to play in my youth.  When I bought my Blackjack Mozart property on Maui, for example, I created the following design, placing the Ace of Spades in front of the Jack, and adorning it with musical symbols...
The musical clef key covers up the side spades of the ace in the original card, to keep with the “House of Music” theme.  

Then in early March, a friend of mine from Sedona wrote to me in connection with my birthday, and said that, according to the card reading experts, I am an Ace of Spades.  Here's what Karen wrote on Mar 5:

You’re an Ace of Spades...1/2 of ‘blackjack’’s quite the card. Most ‘keywords’ are much more mundane.

You’re going to love what it says:


Transformation, transition or rebirth, secrets, desire for work, mystical knowledge, The Order of the Magi, the knowledge of the cards.

The last line under BASIC MEANING for the Ace of Spades says: ‘Whatever the case, you will not be able to ignore the presence of this powerful card as a signal for a deep transformation in one or more areas of your life.’

Does The Order of the Magi mean anything to you? I had to Google it...this link caught my eye!

Order of the Magi on Terra (O.O.M.)

With its origin over 20000 years ago in the early days of Atlantis, The Order of the Magi is probably one of the oldest spiritual organizations that has ...

Does the order of the Magi mean anything to me?  It brought tears to my eyes when I read this and then looked at this painting...

... of the ancient Adoration scene (Magi and Jesus).  This painting also depict the Peacock Angel, which the Yezidi, the oldest tribe known on this planet (geographically based in northern Iraq today), believed was the first source of life on Earth.  I have peacocks all over my house.

As for the Atlantis connection, well, you'll have to read about it in a personal and confidential section of the web site which requires a User ID and Password.  If you don't have them and think I should give them to you, CLICK HERE let me know why.

So I wrote back to Karen in Sedona:

So in short, yes, the Magi are indeed the oldest known “wise men” on this planet, as far as I know.   You really hit the blackjack at so many levels with this card reading, Karen!
For, that fits in with both what Chandra said about my former life on Atlantis, my own mediation about it, and even something else to do with a girlfriend I had about a year and half ago who actually led me to shamanism and all this spiritual reawakening. Incredible.  And a perfect fit at the same time.

I am sure there's more I could share with you on the importance of the Masters #11 in my life, but I'll stop here.

As Sylvia put it when she saw the above #11's popping up all over my life, "there is no question in my mind that you have a special relationship with the number 11."

But there was one more important revelation that perhaps helps explain WHY I have such a relationship.  Take a look at my astrological sign...

(Yes, I am a Gemini - June 3).

Love & Light